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Reading my wife’s diary. Book 2 and more

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My oldest daughter doesn’t want me to read my mom’s diaries. She even asked me to burn them. After reading her 1st one I now know I have to read more.

Having read my wife’s 1st diary learning that her older brother raped her over and over again, I had to fight not to go over to her brother’s to rip him apart. I’m not reading these behind my wife’s back. She passed away and one of the last things she said to me was, for me to read her diaries. My oldest daughter was very upset when she seen me reading the 1st one. She begged me to burn the diaries, saying that if I read them that I wouldn’t want her anymore or love my wife anymore either. Which made no sense at all to me. I would do anything for my girls, and I did everything I could for my wife, but it wasn’t enough to keep her live and with us.

That night I pulled out the second book and began reading of her school things, like the teachers she liked or didn’t like plus, how every second or third day her brother would be forcing her to do something. He would force her to suck him off and swallow his cum, or fuck her either in her ass, or her pussy depending if he got his hands on a condom or not. My hatred of him grows with every time she writes about what he made her do. When summer came he made her drink a glass full of his piss, and if that wasn’t bad enough he didn’t it in front of his friends. I grabbed my keys and turned for the door, before I stopped thinking if I killed him my girls would end up with some strangers. I sat back down and began reading some more of my wife’s childhood diary.

It was on a Wednesday before school was to start that her brother forced his sister to not only suck him off but, two of his friends as well. He first made her strip naked for his buddies before forcing her to suck them all off. She wrote how they pushed their fingers inside of her as her brother pulled her face down on his cock making her take him in her throat. After it was over she wrote how she thought about killing herself. This went on and on until he forced her to spread her legs wide one afternoon when their parents were gone for the day. He forced her to let his buddy fuck her without a condom. She wrote how scared she was that he had got her pregnant, as she cried every night until her next period started. She wrote how she hated having periods but how that one was a blessing.

I opened book 3 hoping things had got maybe a little better for her, but her brother was getting worse. Her parents both had jobs and didn’t get home until 6 or later which give her brother time to do what he wanted to her, and even forced her to fuck his friends either in her pussy or ass. He decided that it would be fun for her to do him and his two buddies at the same time. She wrote how after everyone was in bed she went to the bathroom looking for pills to take to end it. She wrote that if there was something more than baby aspirin she would’ve likely taken them.

I may be a large man but I was having a real hard time reading her diaries. I found I was crying so much at what had happened to her, at the hands of her brother that I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing. I started skimming through her diaries hoping to find where something that had more joy than pain to her life. The first I found was when she was 16, and for the first time had a relationship with a person that wasn’t forced upon her. It was with a girl who she had become friends with. She wrote how she would have a thrill when she was close to this girl who was her age. She described how on a sleep over at her friends place, her friend kissed her on the lips. She said how at first she was in shock that her friend would do such a thing, but also how soft her lips felt on her own lips. She said how when her friend pulled back that they locked eyes, before she went in for the next kiss. She went to say how they let their hands touch each other as they stripped each other. Her friend was having her period so she kept her panties on, but her friend after kissing her way down from her nipples to her pussy. And how she was shocked when she put her face between her legs kissing her there before she began to lick her.

She said she felt so loved, not just being used like with her brother and his friends. She said her friend began sucking and licking her in one little area, driving her crazy just before she had a feeling of things like little bursts through out her body. She went to say how she had never felt anything so wonderful cause, for the most part all she felt was pain and embarrassment with her brother and his friends.

I was so happy that she finally found out what love can be, even if it was with her girlfriend. She spent as much time as she could with her so her brother couldn’t make her do things she didn’t want to do. She wrote how her life crashed and burned, cause her girlfriend’s family was moving halfway across the country. She said how she tried to get a new girlfriend but got shot down. Her brother had his own girlfriend now so his forcing her had slowed down to maybe once or twice a week, but there was his buddies, would still come around making her do things she didn’t want to do.

When her brother turned 19 he joined the navy and was gone from her life which was such a relief. She wrote how this guy who she thought was so hot looking asked her to go to a school dance. She almost said no to him due to what had happened with her brother but, thought that not all males could be like that so she went. You could almost see the joy she was feeling in her writings. She wrote what happened that night, and how he didn’t try to force her to do anything. She said it was so funny how she was the one to kiss him goodnight at the end of the night.

She dated him for a few months before they decided they weren’t right for each other. She wrote how when they made love how she had to be the one to get things moving, and had to tell him what she wanted. In her diary she wrote about getting her driving license and crashing her dads car which made me laugh, cause she had to be the worse driver I had ever seen with her car always in the body shop for something, she had hit. Nothing major just minor dents and scratches, it’s the reason I never bought her a new car.

She then wrote on how she met me. She wrote how when she saw me standing across the room, how her belly did a back flip. She said it was the first time she had ever felt like that, at first sight. She said she walked pass me many times hoping I would ask her her name, or even smile at her, but I didn’t seem to even notice her. She wrote how much she wanted to get to know me, and asked her friends if they knew anything about me, or where I worked. At the time I was working for a family friend who was teaching me how to be a plumber. She asked around to find out what company I worked for and then put a bunch of paper towels in the toilet to plug it. She called my company asking for me by name to come fix her toilet.

When I got there she had water on the floor making a real mess. I fixed the problem quickly, and cleaned the floor up with her almost on top of me the whole time. She was talking a mile a minute which I didn’t mind cause she was very, I mean VERY sweet looking lady. Once I was done I remember telling her that the flooring was discolored due to the water, and should be replaced. She looked upset at that so I offer to come back that weekend and put new flooring down her. Her smile melted my heart and I was hooked.

I read her diaries on our dating which we did for 17 months, before she walked down that aisle in the church, and became my wife. I read on and there was only problems with finding our first house, and small things, but I could tell by what she wrote how happy she was to be my wife. She had a part time job sell woman’s clothes which she really liked. We had started talking that maybe it was time to start a family of our own. She went off birth control and everything was looking so good for us, when my boss came to me saying he had put a bid in on a job a good 12 hour drive away, and had got it. He offered me almost double my wages if I would go do the job with him, and one other guy. Well that extra money would really help us out, plus we still haven’t had our honeymoon either, so we could maybe go on a cruise or something.

I read how disappointed she was that I would be gone for 5 weeks but, she also thought the extra money would be a great help as well. Just as I was about to leave I remember her telling me her brother who I had never met, was getting out of the navy in a couple weeks and how she hoped I like him, when we finally met. She had give me little hints that he wasn’t to nice to her when she was younger. I had no idea he had done what he had done to her, and if I did know I would’ve killed him on sight.

Things seemed ok in her diaries until the day her brother showed up. She wrote how he walked in the house finding out she was alone, forced her down the hallway to our bedroom. She wrote how he forced her to her knees, taking his cock out telling her to suck him off. She wrote how she tried to say no but, he grabbed her ear and twisted until she was screaming for him to stop. She said she would do whatever he wanted. She wrote how he was already hard and, how the moment she opened her mouth he push his length down her throat. She went on saying how he pulled out saying it was time for his little cum slut to fuck. She wrote how she begged him not to cause, she was married and that we were trying to start a family, to which he lifted her up throwing her on the bed ripping her clothes off and raped her. She wrote how she asked him over and over not to do this, and when that failed she began to ask him to put a condom on. She wrote on how he told her she was going to have his kids not me her fucking asshole husband. She went on writing how for the next 3 days, he wouldn’t let her get dressed and as soon as he could get hard again, raped her all over again.

I had to put her diary down cause if I didn’t my brother in-law wasn’t going to see the sun come up, and my girls would lose their dad for a long LONG time.

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