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Young mid teen cheerleader PT2

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The next day after school I went to he coachs office I was wearing a short skirt and top no bra, he had another man with him and had me come in with them as he closed the door and he smiled as he introduced his friend to me and said he was going to be a special friend to me as well, his friend smiled at me and then he kissed me as he slid his hand under my skirt and felt my ass then he kissed me again as I felt his hand inside my panties I moaned a little and then the coach kissed me to and soon I was asked to get naked with them. After we were naked I got on my knees and his friend came over and put his 8″Dick up to my mouth and I started sucking it soon he was hard very hard and then I sucked the coachs dick hard I was laid across the coachs desk as his friend slid his hard dick into my wet pussy ,it slid in easy and soon I felt it in my stomach and he started fucking me my pussy was tight around him and it felt wonderful as he kept going I moaned some and begged him not tostop and then I felt him swell a little as he pushed deep inside of me and then I felt his hot sperm filling me up as I moaned and then I smiled up at him and told him how much I loved it as he pulled out. Then the coach had me bend over the desk and he slid hi dick deep into my assand held my hips as he slowly started to fuck my ass it felt wonderful to as he kept going it made me feel horny as he went and then he pushed deep and I felt his very hot sperm deep inside my stomach as well as I looked back at them, they both smiled as I stood up and they oth kissed me and soon after they both fucked me again.The coach asked me if I could visit the next day and I said ok I wanted more and I didn t care how I got it .

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  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bhm

    Please just stop writing
    This was absolute shit

  • Reply Hawk ID:5xrks72ql

    Holy shit, wish I was there wow. I’d love to hear more