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Head out back

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A brother, sister, and a friend get into some sexual experimentation, with their mother’s sex toy.

I know I was supposed to be watching her, but I wasn’t expecting her to get into mom’s room. Then, I heard her run down the hall, and looked out of my room, to see the master bedroom door, wide open. Then, she slammed the door.

The back door, and while I was supposed to keep her from leaving, the house, it was okay if she wanted to go out in the back yard. In the rain, with her friend Kensie jumping up, and down, excited. I couldn’t hear them giggling, but I saw them head back to the old shed.

Something behind my sister, and stuck down the back of her pants, but she had her top pulled out over it. She left the box, an old shoebox on the bed, but all is had left in it was a bottle with a pump spout. I turned it over to read [Wet] On the label. [Intimate Lubricant] but what little I saw sticking out the back of her pants clued me in.

I was thinking, no, that can’t be it. What it looks like, and there was rain coming down the window, but seeing the bottle of lube, in mom, and dad’s room, and room enough in the box for the sex toy that went with it.

“Huh!” So, I went down, and around back. Pulled my hood up, but it’s freezing out there, and it’s not like there’s much overhead on the shed. Even over the rain, I could hear her.

“Ugh guk khuh! Like that.” Her friend, Kensie, she giggled, and then she gagged.

“Rhul guh!” Coughed, “I can’t!”

“You just need more practice.”

“It’s too big!”

“Yeah, but you get used to it.”

I knocked, “Anna.”


“Come on, Anna, I know you’re in there with that. Thing, take it back, and put it away, before.”

“What? Mom’s not going to be home for hours.”

“Is that, Davy?”

“Yeah, why don’t you come in, don’t you have the sense not to stand out in the rain?”

“Well,” I had my windbreaker on, and the hood up. But before I could think of an answer, they pulled the door open. It was loud, sheet metal, and there was a lot of dirt in the track, but I was afraid that they’d be naked in there. I don’t know why, it was too cold for that, but then again, I wasn’t sure about, what they were doing in there.

Well, besides the obvious. My sister giving her friend deep throat lessons with mom’s dildo, but I didn’t even know she had one. “Uh,” let alone that big. Kensie giggled again, and looked down at my crotch. Nothing to see there, if anything I was still shriveled up from the cold.

“Okay.” Anna pulled her pants out, and tucked it in the back again, but the thought of mom using it, after where it’d been. “You better wash that before you put it back!”

“Okay, I will! God!” She ran off, and left me alone, with her friend. Kensie, I don’t know, she had to be about Anna’s age, so. 14, maybe 15? “Hey,” she just held her hands together, behind her back, and bit her lip.

“Huh, so you’re just. Practicing. For your boyfriend?” She shook her head, but stopped swinging her hips like that.

“I don’t have one, yet.”

“So, who were you practicing for?”

“No one, but. Huh, it isn’t hard yet?”

“No, it’s kinda cold, but it’s not you, it’s just.”

“I don’t mind, if you. Maybe want to kiss me, to get in the mood?”

“Oh, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea,” but then, I thought about what Anna might be doing, and I was supposed to watch her, but not doing that. Then, I shrugged, “Aw hell, why not.” I held her shoulders, and she got up, on tippies toes, to kiss her.

“Huh,” she bit her lip, and looked down. Touched the front of my pants. “Still nothing?”

“Uh,” I felt her top, her bra, and her soft bulbs of breasts. She wasn’t real busty, I don’t know, maybe A cups, but a couple of handfulls. Sure helped.

“Oh, uh hahihn!” She rubbed it through my pant leg, until I let go, to fish it out. Uncomfortable with it hanging down my pant leg, then getting stuck hard in there, she let her lip pop out, and looked up, smiling. She licked her lips, and turned back, just long enough to back up to the lawn mower, and sit down.

“Good, it’s not too big.” I swallowed back a hey! Of protest, but you know. Compared to that humungus plastic thing. She looked up, “I don’t want to deep throat, so you’re not going to try to shove it down my throat, and gag me?”

“No, I promise.”

“Good, because I don’t want to barf.”

“But you want to suck it?” I waved it, and dug around in my fly, to fish my balls out of my boxers.

“Huh, yeah.” Her eyes, well. They were wide, but then they got lost. Dreamy, feeling up my leg, and holding it. Out, pinched with 2 fingers on top, and she smelled it first.

I just took a deep breath, anticipating my first head, and of course I’d thought about her, a few times, whacking off. We’re just not supposed to have friends over, when they’re not around, and have kids. Well, we’re not kids, not any more, but as far as i know, the rules hadn’t changed, but friends of the opposite sex in our rooms, which is probably why Kensie waited out in the yard while Anna ran up to get it.

“Mh!” She kissed it first, right on the head, then she looked up, and stuck her tongue out. Looked down, and her eyes crossed, slowly teasing me with the pointed tip, almost touching the head of my cock, but she just touched it, and sucked her tongue back in, to taste it.

“Not that bad, is it?”

She shook her head, “It’s a little salty, but I like it.”

“Well,” I joked, “If you like it so much, why don’t you kiss it, again?” She didn’t laugh, she didn’t even smile, she just nodded, and looked down seriously. Like it was some kind of test, and okay, she’s nervous. I get that, but I’m starting to realize why guys just grab their heads, and shove it in. Down their throats, but I’m not. I’m not. Going to do that. Right?

No, she doesn’t want that, she wants to suck it, she’s just nervous, and I’m sure she doesn’t mean to tease me, but. “Mhn! Snh!”

“Huh!” Her mouth is so warm!

“Mh hm!” She looked up, but then she gets that dreamy look in her eyes, and they slowly rolled down. Shut, and she just sucked it. She didn’t move her head in and out, or anything. Then, I felt her tongue, licking it.

“Oh, huh!” All around, but then she found the little cleft in the bottom? I don’t know what that is, but you know, the head doesn’t go all the way around. There’s a little spot in the bottom, she found, and rubbed with her tongue, swallowing, and that drove me wild! “Huh, uh!” I pulled out.

“What, what’s wrong?”

I just held my balls, and shook, trying not to blow it. “Too soon.”

“Too soon for what?”

“I don’t want to finish too quick, huh. Huh, whew!” That was close.

“Why not? You know that’s what I want.”

“My jizz?”

“Yeah, in my mouth.” She pointed, and stuck her tongue out. “Not on my face, I want it all in my mouth.”

“Okay, but you mind if we take our time?”

“Really?” She tilted her head sideways. “Out here, in the cold, you’re not in any hurry to blow your wad in my mouth.”

“No, huh. If I get close, like that, and then hold back. I can do it over and over again, so when it finally cums, it’s intense. Oh, and a lot more comes out.” I lied, “Too. It’s like 2, or 3 orgasms worth, all at once.”

“Oh, huh!” She just grabbed my pants, and pulled me in. Excited, but she didn’t suck it in her mouth again, right away. She rubbed her face all over it, my balls too, and let go of my pants to reach around, and feel my butt. Squeeze it, and suck my balls, one by one. “Mh, swop! Oolowm!” Rolling the second around with her tongue, she let that slip out, and drop next to the first one, but even wet with her spit, that warmed them up enough to hang, and then she went to town on my cock.

This time, she did bob her head, in and out, but it’s funny that. That actually wasn’t as intense as her tongue. Just her tongue, rubbing that sensitive spot on the bottom. I didn’t even know that spot, was that sensitive, so how could she know, if this was really her first blow job?


“Mhn?” She cracked an eye, and looked up, but then she smiled when it started spurting. Backed up to just hold the tip in her mouth, and let out a breach, through her nose. I could feel it, hot on my wet prick, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was all I could do to keep my knees locked, so I din’t fall dawn, but it wasn’t. The most intense, orgasm I ever had, in my whole life. I told her, I wanted to save it, for an even better one, but I guess. It was okay, that she rushed ahead, to get what she wanted.

“Snh, smuip!” She let it slip out, and flop down, so I pulled out my boxers, and stuffed everything back in my fly. “Mhn!” She wipe her mouth, and looked back. Leaned up with her arm on the bar, in the middle of the lawn mower handle, and rubbed her crotch. Through her pants, but then I turned to go, and saw Anna standing there.

“Uh, Anna! How long have you been watching?”

She laughed, and went out. “We better go, and leave her alone.”

“Why? I want to watch this.”

“What for? You got what you wanted,” She shoved the side of the door, so it screeched shut.

“Well, maybe if I stuck around, and watched her, I could get it up for another round.”

“Well, dad called, their on their way home early.”

“Oh, well you better go fix their room.”

“I already did. How come it took so long to suck you off, anyway?”

“Because that’s how I like it. I don’t want a quicky, especially not my first time.”

“Really? That was your first blowjob?”

“Well, where did you learn to suck dick, and deep throat like a pro, then?”

“Uh? None of your business!”

“Exactly.” Of course, she lied. They hadn’t called, and they came home long after Kensie finished, and left.

“Well, if you want to watch a girl play with herself so bad.” She laread had her pants down, and her panties around her ankles.


“What? Come on, you know I’m horny after all that, and it’s your fault for cockblocking, and you owe me for the blow job.”

“Yeah, but mom, and dad might be home any minute.”

She laughed, “No they won’t.”

“But.” she said.. “You lied?”


“Why, because you’re jealous of me, and Kensie?”

“No? She just doesn’t want to go all the way with you. Yet, that’s what you’re thinking right? You’d watch her finger herself like this, and get hard again, like that, and then you could stick it in here, like this, and fuck her, huh!”

“No?” Well, maybe, if she wanted to, but. “I wasn’t thinking that.”

“Huh!” She sat up, and pulled off her top. “You know how to unhook a bra?”

“No, of course not.”

“well, now’s your chance to figure it out.”

“You really like, to deep throat?”

“I don’t know. I mean, yeah, sure, a dildo, but that was just in case some boy wanted me to. I don’t really like it.”

“Well, how do you know, you won’t like it, if you don’t try it, on the real thing?”

She grinned, and shook her head. “Uh ah ahn!” She waved her fingers, back and forth. “You’re supposed to watch me, remember?”

“Uh huh?”

“Well, get it out. They didn’t say I couldn’t watch you too.”

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