Making the grade

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I just turned seventeen and I m in high school I have a firm body with 28 c tits. I was wearing a skirt and top with panties , I was in my last class for the day with a teacher I thought was handsome he was about thirty , the bell rang and everybody started leaving and he asked me to stay to talk to me, after everyone left he closed the door and he smiled and said my grade wasn t up to my normal in his class,I smiled and told him I had had alot going on recently and then I asked if there was an y way I could bring my grade up, he smiled as lead me to his desk and asked me what I was willing to do and I smiled and said anything he smiled and said anything I said yes, by this time nobody was in the school but us and hesmiled and said I want you to lean over my desk andslide my panties down at first I wasn t sure then I did as he wanted and took them off and he slid my skirt up exposing my ass and he had me spread my legs somethen he unziped his pants and took out his 9″ dick he was hard and he started to slide it into me slowly I wastight but not virgin soon I felt him deep inside of me as I moaned he started fucking me,it soon felt great I loved him deep inside of me, the more he fucked me the wetter I got until suddenly he pushed deep and I felt his hot sperm rushing int my cervixfilling me , after he pulled out I striaghtened up and turned we kissed,he said never talkabout his to anybody and I promised and then he smiled and told me I got an aplus. I asked if we could keep having sex that I d be his submissive from now on and he smiled and agreed to it as long as I did everything he wanted and I said yes I would

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    There’s enough problems in the world. Please don’t add to them by writing more crap.

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    I fucked a teacher at Bandcamp

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      As I look at all the failures I imagine that was the only way to pass the class😅

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    this is basically whats going on in my life rn. i am fucking two girls (13y and 15y) to make their grades better and its the best thing ever happened to me. i can give you more details if you want.

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      Yes please, email me [email protected]

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      I’m fucking a 13 yr old ,she cant get enough of my cock .We fuck most days , as I’m 21 we have to be carefull though

    • gareth ID:5es1dqb0a

      it’s great though. i am 24 and always loved girls of this age. never fucked a girl older than 15. but tbh the 13 year old is getting too obsessed and i think the is lying about contraception.

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      Join the club lol

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    Good finger fuck fantasy story.you finger your pussy to this made up fantasy.