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15 year old confusion

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teen girl: 5’2 36d breasts, fantasies: gangrape/rape/somno/incest

hi my name is lexi, i’m 15 years old. i love attention of old perverted men. what i love most is how they can overpower me so easily. i just want them to rape me. whenever i’m out in public i try to act all innocent so someone could just kidnap me and rape me. i go on sites to add old men on and i love how they talk down on me. one man said he would get his friends to also take turns with me. for my first time ( i’m still a virgin ) i want to be gangraped by multiple men. when i’m home alone with my brother i wear no pants just undies so he could get a hint. i want someone to tie me up and put me in my place. but i can’t tell people this because people my age think it’s weird. i don’t care, i want an older man to take me and use me as a sexdoll. i hope someone’s fantasies align with mine. bye <3

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Horny daddy ID:fzq6riehl

    Do you have a way for me to contact lexi I would love to chat with you

  • Reply ExquisiteDolphin ID:8n9y1no0hj

    I’m 15 too so if you would like to talk to me email me here: [email protected]

  • Reply Jos ID:1dhb1dz6k7c1

    Damn Lexi what my 10 inch cock would do to your virgin little oussy I’d love to force it in n out of you making you choke on ur own moans as you try rk beg me to stop but can’t get even a single word out ur mouth from how fast my thrusts and hard they keep hitting you. Add my SC: moonlightpuma

  • Reply Jk ID:1e0hscfeqygy

    Horny cunt

  • Reply admirer ID:1m5l2udqrd

    wow….. some lad will be so lucky [email protected]

  • Reply Barry ID:1dvicn6p7uop

    I’d love to rape you

  • Reply X ID:3zxjp0lg499

    Best way to get ahold of you?

    • Lovelexi ID:60ab7x6zj

      Lexi add me trickytrizzo1

    • RockHard ID:5jpd8wd4

      Hey Lex what do you think of having sex with a soon to be 17 year-old?

  • Reply 305 ID:1dwd92uy7uwf

    I would love to have a teen sex slave to be the life of the party and to get pregnant so we can start a incest family

    • Avenger ID:g0zwlg8rc

      Instead it’s just wanking your small soft dick