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Uncles evil plan

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Uncle Craig has an evil plan for his barely legal niece Leah

The day was Thursday, a day in which Leah thought would be like no other. She had no idea of what was coming her way. Leah was an innocent normal girl who had just turned 18. She loved soccer, she loved reading books and she is super attractive in a weird way. Her body was slim she is 5”4, her boobs are D’s. She has a cute and perky ass. Her face is innocent as ever. Cute to say the least. She has long blonde hair, but that she would always wear in a picture my tail with her baby hairs symmetrically stringed down either side of her forehead. She’s a bit of an introvert, loves to hang out with friends but prefers her own company. She had just broken up with her boyfriend who she had been with for two years. She was still a virgin. Life was pretty good however for Leah, her parents were always around and helping her out with school and she was top of her class.

Leah had just finished practice, she was going to shower at school but the locker rooms had just been locked up 10 minutes before so she decided to go home and shower. As she was arriving home she noticed a car on the drive that she didn’t recognise. She opened the door to find her parents with her disgusting uncle Craig.

Craig was one of her dads brothers who has been living away for a couple of years, he was a good for nothing type of guy. He is 6’4, mid 50’s, overweight and stunk of B.O. He had greasy grey hair, a spotty face and a pathetic excuse for a beard.,He has no job and has been living off of Leah’s grandparents for a number of years but they had recently passed. So no doubt Leah thought Craig was coming round to ask for money or something.

Leah walked through the front door in her soccer gear, wearing tiny tight shorts and a tight top to show her great boobs. Leah’s parents greeted Leah looking suspicious. Craig turned around and his jaw instantly dropped. He couldn’t believe how much she had grown up. Leah’s parents asked her to come and take a seat.

Leah’s dad said “Leah, we’ve got to travel to Nana and Grandad’s house to sort some old bits out, and we’re going to be staying for a week over there”
Leah replied “Ah, great! I’m coming with you right?”
Leah’s mum “No Leah, you will stay here as you have your finals coming up” Leah was frustated but understood. Leah’s dad added “and uncle Craig will be here to look after you, we can’t have you being here on your own”

Leah’s understanding then changed to shock. “what?” she said.
“You will be fine, look our flight leaves in 2 hours and we need to get to the airport”.

Leah couldn’t believe it. There was no way she was staying in the house alone with her repulsing uncle. She tried protesting against it but her parents were in a rush and left in a hurry.

Craig stood there with a grin on his face as her parents left. Leah rushed upstairs and shut herself in her room. Craig sat down and devised a plan of what he was going to do with Leah…

The next day Craig left a note saying he was going to be out for the day and left before Leah woke up to get ready for school. Leah, came downstairs and the smell was horrible her uncles smell was lingering. She read the note and threw it in the bin. She proceeded with her day and went to school. Little did she know what Craig was getting up to. Craig went to the local security store and bought a spy camera, he then popped into the hardware store bought some ropes and finally went to the sex shop to buy some naughty things. He picked up some lingerie, handcuffs, a whip, blindfold, gag and nipple clamps. He was ready to go full in on his poor niece.

Craig got home before Leah would get back, and set himself up completely in the spare bedroom. He insantly went to the bathroom after and set up a spy cam so he could watch her in the shower when she got back from school… he had this evil plan ready for the whole week.

Leah again had just finished soccer practice to find the locker rooms were locked up again. She was not looking forward to going home and seeing her vile uncle. She took her time, knowing how much she didn’t want to he around her uncle. Craig became frustrated waiting for her. She finally arrived, said hello and walked straight upstairs without another thought. Craig then patiently waiting, got his laptop out and had the spycam live video feed ready. He heard Leah’s door open and she locked herself in the bathroom. Craig was rock hard and he unzipped his trousers to pull out his 10 inch dick. As he slowly rubbed it he watched Leah start to undress, Craig began to breathe heavily and he couldn’t believe he was about to see his nieces virgin body naked. She undressed and bent over in front of the camera completely unaware of what was happening. Craig drooled as he saw her tight pink pucker. She got in the shower, washing her sexy body. Her tits all soaked up, Leah began playing with her pussy. This was a bad idea as craig was recording the whole thing. Craig couldn’t last watching anymore and shot his load everywhere. He couldn’t wait to have her body for real….

The day is Saturday, Leah woke up in a better mood today but had a couple of missed calls from her parents. She called them back instantly.
“Hi mum, I missed your call. Is everything okay?” Leah started with.
“Hi sweetie, everything is fine. We were just checking to see if you were okay”
“Im fine mum, ive just been stressed about my finals and I miss you guys”
Leah’s dad replied “we miss you too, but you need to start making more of an effort with your uncle. He called to say you have been ignoring him?”
Leah was frustrated that he did this. She was happy with just staying clear of him due to his lingering odor.
“I know he isn’t the best uncle but he has come to look after you and i want you to make an effort. Now we’re not going to have much cellphone signal where we are so you won’t be able to get hold of us so be good and we will call you when we can baby”
Leah replied “fine i will, okay dad. i love you both. See you soon”

Leah hang up the phone and got ready for weekend practice. She got ready and headed downstairs to see that her uncle had made her breakfast and put on her favourite show. She was shocked. “I made some toast for you, and your favourite show is on…” Craig pretending as if he cared. “listen I want us to get along Leah, and i think we can” he grinned.
Leah was thankful. She sat down ate her breakfast and then rushed off to practice.

Craig, was constantly hard thinking about his evil plan. As Leah left he went upstairs, set up the spy camera in his room ready for what he had planned. He then walked into Leah’s room to find her wash basket had all of her dirty underwear in. The smell was so fresh but sweaty from her practice. He licked them and sniffed them and wrapped them around his hard cock and rapidly began to wank. He stopped before he could cum, as he wanted to save himself. Craig grabbed all of Leah’s clothes washed and unwashed and locked them in his car. This was part of his mastermind idea.

The day had passed the sunset early and Leah had just finished practice. She made her way home to use the shower, as she opened the door she found dinner laid out on the table ready for Leah and Craig to have dinner together. Leah was again surprised by Craig’s kindness. She said “is that for me?”
Craig said “Well of course it is, unless anyone else is here”
Leah giggled and said “well i need to shower?”
Craig instantly replied “no i insist eat first and then you can get showered”
Leah followed his command and sat down. They ate dinner and chatted. Leah telling Craig about her soccer, she was so into talking about it and Craig just sat there admiring her and her tight top around her tits. Leah had no idea what was about to happen. Craig got up from his chair and poured Leah a drink, a drink that had been spiked with pills to make her pass out. She drank it instantly, all of it. Craig cleaned up the dishes and asked to Leah to come and sit down to watch a movie with him. Leah was hesistant as she knew she had to shower but she started to feel drowsy and agreed. She followed Craig into the living room and sat the other side of the room from him as she still couldn’t bare the smell. Craig switched on the movie and sat down patiently waiting for Leah to pass out. 10 mins had gone by and Leah was out cold. She had no idea what was coming her way….

Still dressed in her soccer gear, Craig picked her up and brought her up to his room. He laid her down on her front, stood back up and just admired the situation, knowing full well Leah was going to become his slave. Craig went over to Leah passed out and buried his face in her ass, he sniffed and licked it even with her light polyester shorts on. He gave it a full motorboat and just continued to do that for a good couple of minutes. He then slowly started to take off her clothes, starting with the shoes and socks he took them off again sniffing them. His cock was as hard as ever. He began molesting her feet with his tongue. while slowly reaching to pull her shorts down. Craigs heart was on cloud nine, he was so ready to fuck the life out of his niece but he knew he had to be patient. The shorts pulled all the way off, she laid there with these baby pink underwear with little bunnies on. Craig again began to motorboat her ass, licking her asshole and sniffing it. As much as he loved the underwear he had something better for her to wear, he pulls out the smallest thinnest thong ever and says “baby girl this is going to be a much better fit for that sexy ass”. He didn’t put it on yet and he wanted to see her tits. He flipped her over and grabbed some scissors and cut her top off. She had a white sports bra on, with her nipples being erect. He couldn’t wait any longer to see them so he cut the sports bra off of her beautiful sized D tits and they dropped free. Craig was drooling again, all over Leah’s tits. He began to moleste her tits, sucking her nipples, biting them and her tits. He was so aroused that his cock was so bulged up against his thing trousers that they were about to rip. He started to lick down her body, slowly carressing her tits. He got to her pussy and he pulled down her underwear exposing her hairless tight pussy. Now, he didn’t want to get too carried away with her pussy so he just began to lick it and sniff the glorious smell of an 18 year old pussy before getting up and putting that thong on her. He flipped her back over and placed her so she was in the doggy position, so she couldn’t move. He went under his bed and grabbed his tools. Craig wrapped tightly rope around both legs and arms going to all 4 corners of the bed. He placed the blindfold over her eyes, gagged her mouth and took her clothes, he then left the room. He put her clothes in his car, came back in sat down and had a beer. He rubbed his cock slowly as he waited for his innocent niece to awake.

After about an hour of watching the spy cam on his laptop . He saw her trying to move he then heard light muffled screams coming from the room. He was ready…. Craig slowly walked upstairs and saw his niece trying break free. He admired her from behind bent over and her ass jiggling as she was moving very slightly. Craig bent over and picked up a flogger whip and a horse riding whip. Leah could hear the movements and was terrified of what was to come. Craig whipped her ass repeatedly one whip after another, Leah was screaming out. Craig was in his own world now, he wanted that ass to be hurting and red. After a good five minutes he stopped and heard Leah crying. He put down his whips and went over to her. She smelt him and instantly knew what was going on. He whispered in her ear “you’re my little bitch now, you hear that. To you I’m daddy. You’re my little princess and im going to do whatever the fuck i want with you”. Leah went silent for a second. She then tried her best to break out again, there was no way she was going to do it. Craig then produced this evil laugh. He walked over to her ass, and began motorboating her cheeks. He slid the thong over to expose her pink pucker and he began licking and sucking repeatedly. Leag began to moan, and scream at the same time. She couldn’t take it. She continued to try breakout but she couldn’t, Leah was his slave now. Craig spoke “Leah your asshole tastes so good, i wish i did this sooner”. Craig began to spank her again, her ass was so red it began to bruise. He then stopped and left, Leah was confused She heard him come back up the stairs and he placed his laptop in front of her eyes. He removed the blindfold and she saw a video playing Leah in the shower playing with her pussy, it was ready to upload to facebook. Leah was trying to speak, so Craig removed her gag. “You sick fucking bastard, you disgusting creep” Leah cried out. Craig put the gag back on and said “if you don’t start enjoying it and complying. I’m going to upload this everywhere. He again removed the gag and said “the only words i want to hear from you pretty mouth are yes daddy or ill click enter. Leah fell silent she know she had no choice, she couldn’t do anything about it. She replied “Yes daddy”.

Craig then spat on her face, saying “that’s a good little slut”. Leah began to cry, as craig put the gag back on her. He got back up and went back to molesting her soaking wet asshole while rubbing her tight virgin clit. He removed the ropes from her and put a collar and a leash around Leah’s neck. He told her to get up and start crawling on all fours, she obeyed his orders. She crawled around the bedroom while craig rubbed his rock hard dick. She crawled towards Craig as he asked. He said “drop my trousers”. Leah was shocked. She started to refuse, he then said “okay fine”. He walked over to the laptop. Leah screamed through the gag. He paused, and waved his finger for Leah to crawl towards him. He was sweating through his grey top and stunk. He said “drop my fucking trousers”, she began to do so. She saw his 10 inch cock sprout right in her direction. A tear rolled down her eye. Craig removed the gag. “Sniff my dick” Craig said menacingly. Leah began to do so, she was disgusted. She wanted to run away but she saw the door had been locked. He said “down lick my foreskin, until I say stop” He then grabbed her head and pull her towards his dick. She had no choice, she began to do so. She gagged constantly. Without being able to do anything about it, Craig shoved his dick down Leah’s throat and began to skull fuck his niece. He ordered her to look at him “show me those pretty eyes”. Saliva fell down Leah’s face and body and she started to look at her disgusting old uncle. She wanted to close them but was afraid of her being exposed. He stopped every now and then to let her breathe, but continued to do this for about five or so minutes. After he was satisfied, he threw her on to the bed and got on top of her. He said “hold your tits together now, or I’ll press enter” she followed his order. He placed his dick in between her tits and had the tit fuck of his life. Until he was ready to cum. Grabbed the leash and pulled her back up, shoved his dick down her throat and came. Leah was gagging, it seemed to be going on forever. There was so much cum. He said “you better fucking swallow that”. He made her open up her mouth and prove she had. Craig grabbed the leash, made her crawl to the bathroom. He picked her up and put her in the bath, he made sure she sat on her knees and looked at him… he stood in there with her. After a minute, Craig began to piss all of his niece, all over her tits and face. Leah was absolutely disgusted, she had no idea what to do, her uncle who she avoided for years due to his ugly disgusting looks and ways has her as a slave. She was mortified of what he would do next, afraid of him taking her virginity or worse sticking it her monster cock in her asshole. Leah stayed silent, she was in shock as her uncle finishes pissing on her. He is pulls her up to her feet, turns the shower on and says “now, how about we finally get you showered”. He turns the taps onto freezing cold and puts her under the water and removes his sweaty top. Leah’s nipples were full erect. Craig walks up to little Leah, she puts her head down. He grabs her hair back and orders her to open her mouth. She tried to refuse but Craig snaps at her saying “you know I’ve been filming everything you little slut and I’ll make sure that everyone knows you begged me to do it”. Leah felt she could do no more, so unwillingly she accepted his request an opened her mouth. Craig with his smelly breath stuck his tongue down Leah’s throat, he was kissing her while she stood there and did nothing. He grabbed the soap, and started to rub it all over her body, grabbing her tits and her ass occasionally rubbing his finger over her tight asshole. He didn’t bother washing himself, he just made sure she was clean. He put his down to her pussy, Leah shouted “please no, don’t do that. I’ll do anything for you to not do that”. Craig said with anger “what’s the problem, Leah. I’m sure you’ve been with many guys? You little slut”. Leah began to weep “I’m a virgin”. Craig started to laugh out loudly, he knew this week was going to be even better than he could ever imagine. Craig said no more, he finished washing Leah’s body and dried her up using a towel. He orders her to get back on her knees and crawl back to his bedroom. He told her to get into bed and go to sleep, he locked the door so she couldn’t get out and joined her in bed. He started to spoon her and he fell asleep instantly. Leah was afraid, she couldn’t sleep. She knew she had a match tomorrow and was worried she wouldn’t be able to make it, but that was the least of her problems right now. She eventually fell asleep.

The day is Sunday, Craig was already awake. Watching Leah as she slept. He pulled her leash and said “time to get up princess”. Leah was hoping this was all just a terrible nightmare but there he stood towering over her. “What should we do with you today” Craig laughed.
Leah replied “please I have a soccer match today, I need to go to it. Please let me go to it”.
Craig looked angry but then smiled and agreed “fine but I’m taking you to it and bringing you home. Also you are to wear no underwear to this match, whatsoever”. Leah was shocked “but”. Craig snapped back “but but but, no. You listen to me I am your daddy”. He got Leah up and got her unwashed soccer gear from the car and made her put it on. After she put her gear on, he asked her to to come back to bed. He laid down on his back and ordered her to come and sit on his face. He wanted to sniff her pussy and ass in her football gear again. She followed his instruction as she knew she had to go to the soccer game. He was rock solid again. After having sniffing her untouched pussy. He then made her breakfast, she didn’t want to eat it. But he made her eat, saying she had no choice. They then got into the car and drove to her football game, she looked out of it. She was not herself but her team mates just presumed she just had a rough night sleep. Craig sat there and enjoyed watching her run around with her braless tits bouncing around and he sexy ass jiggling. He knew he was going to get a good sniff of her teen pussy and ass again later on. He had a fetish to say the least. Leah took her time to come back to the car after the game had finished, she dragged it out for a good hour. Craig became proper frustrated, he started to become very angry with his niece. He got out of the car and said “come on princess it’s time to go”. In front of her whole team. They laughed at her, as she walked towards him having no idea what was going on. They got back in the car as he lost it at her “what the fuck was taking you so long, the punishment tonight is going to be much worse than yesterday”. Leah bowed her head down in silence. Craig continued “when I call you princess, you must call me daddy”. Leah replied “yes daddy” disgusted when saying it.

They arrived back home, Leah go back into the house and Craig ordered her to get back on her hands and knees. She was ordered to crawl to the sofa and get into the doggy position. With her ass facing him. He then began to ram his face into her ass, sniffing and motor boating her cheeks. He then slowly pulled down her shorts and started to tongue her asshole. She began to moan, Craig loved it. After doing this he pulled her shorts back up and told her to crawl back to her dungeon (his room). She followed his orders, unaware of what was happening behind her. Craig ripped his clothes off and followed her up. As she got to the bedroom, she turned around to see a towering figure with his 10 inch cock hard as ever waiting behind her. She screeched. He picked her up and placed her on the bed. He reached under his bed and pulled out Handcuffs, nipple clamps, a paddle whip and lube. She was mortified of what was about to happen. “You’re going to like this no matter what” Craig said. He clamped the clamps onto her nipples as she screamed, he turned her around and stuck the handcuffs on tightly around her wrists. And stuck her back in the doggy position with her head faceplanting the bed. He whipped her, continuously. She screamed but it just made him ever harder. He was a sick bastard. After her ass was dark red from the spanking he turned her over. He said “you are mine princess”. He slowly approached her pussy with his mouth. She begged him to stop but he didn’t, he slowly started to lick her clit. Up and down, eventually sticking his tongue inside her pussy. She moaned so loudly. No one had ever go inside her before at all. His tongue making circular movements all around as he could feel her pussy becoming wet. “You are fucking enjoying this aren’t you”. She screamed back “No I am not”. Craig replied “your pussy tastes so good kid, I’ve been dreaming about his for years”.
Leah snapped back “you sick fuck, you fucking pervert. I know you’ve been staring at me for years. You disgusting ugly fuck”
Craig got back up and grabbed the gag and stuck it around her mouth. He got back town and went to town on her pussy, using a combination of his tongue and slowly entering his fingers into her cunt. She was soaking wet, the bed was soaking wet. He drank her juices and enjoyed every single minute of what was happening. He flipped Leah back over onto her face, back into doggy position. He started to lick her asshole again before going back up to Leah and removing the gag. He forced his dick into her mouth and she was gagging. He pulled her up, and made sure she made his dick all wet and ready….

After a couple of minutes he grabbed her hand and made her wank him off while sucking his dick. She followed his order, she seemed to be enjoying this more. It was either that or she just wanted him to cum so he didn’t stick it in her pussy. Craig couldn’t believe it, he was having the time of his life. “Who would have known you were so good at this”. He pushes her off. “But you’re not going to make me cum that way baby girl” Leah started shouting “no no no”.
Craig flipped her back over and got behind Leah, this was going to be painful. He lubed up his dick and started the to rub his dick around her clit. Leah continued to cry out, begging him not to. Craig ignored her plea and slowly started to rip into her tight pussy, stretching his wrinkly foreskin all the way back. Leah let out the loudest scream , she was trying to break away but Craig kept her there. He continued to push his cock into her tight cunt, Leah wimped and screamed. He pushed in and broke her hymen, she couldn’t take it. The feeling of her uncles 10 inch cock tearing her open was horrible. Craig was panting and groaning, he pushed started to move back and forth slowly to open her up. He then stopped and just went for it, he rammed his coco the whole way in and Leah continued to scream and cry. He started to fuck her hard and rough, watching her ass jiggle. He started to rub her asshole, he was so close to cumming. But he pulled out. He flipped her over and picked her up , she was scared of him. He wrapped her around his fat wrinkly belly, stuck his cock in her and fucked her like a doll. She couldn’t move her arms as they were trapped in the handcuffs, he felt her dripping all over his cock. Leah couldn’t take it. She was crying her eyes out. Craig started to groan louder. Leah cried “please don’t cum in me, please, please, please”. Craig ignored her and impregnated her tiny pussy. He kept her there for a good two minutes until he was all done. He didn’t want to move but he put her down and made her clean him up with her mouth. He said “I’ve been waiting for this for so long, I can’t believe i fucked your virgin pussy. This isn’t the end yet baby girl”. Leah laid down broken, knowing all of this had been filmed. She didn’t know what to do with herself. Craig took the clamps off of her nipples, and removed the handcuffs. He went into his bag and pulled out these pink panties and a short maid outfit. He made put it all on for her and said “I’ll be waiting downstairs for you princess”. Leah didn’t want to move but she got up. She could barely walk, her legs were shaking. She walked downstairs and he sat there with a beer. He said “let’s have dinner again baby, I’ve just ordered a pizza”. Leah agreed, she needed to use the loo most of all. He saw her walking towards there and stopped her. “Where do you think you’re going” he asked. “If you’re going to pee I need to watch”. Leah was disgusted, he made her go upstairs and pee in the bath tub. He watched, he made her sit down after and he licked her pussy clean. He was a complete weirdo but he needed everything from Leah. He was so attracted to her, all he thinks about is what to do next with her. They eventually had dinner and went to bed. The same way they did last night.

Monday, Craig woke her up and said “time for school”. Leah was totally against going, he knew he would make her wear barley any clothes. Today was different in some way. He got her an outfit laid out on the bed, breakfast in bed and even said she could shower. She got up and got ready for school, showered and came downstairs to see Craig on the phone to someone. She was confused but didn’t bat and eye lid. She was still so sore from yesterday. In some way she thought that her Uncle Craig had given up his ways with her, maybe that was enough yesterday? Anyway she went about her day and went to school as normal. She tried to act as if nothing had ever happened. Leah’s last class of the day was science with Mr Peters. Mr Peters was always known for being a complete pervert, he always was. He would always come near Leah with his disgusting breath and smell. He would touch her shoulders and be all creepy. She hated him but never thought more of it. Mr Peters was a small fat bald guy, he always had these yellow sweat stains all over his white shirts and these horrible teeth that were out of place and were nearly black. He taught the class, at the end he asked Leah to stay behind. Leah was mortified. He explained how she looked off today, “is everything okay”. Leah replied “yeah I’m fine, I need to go”. Mr Peters grabbed her arm before she could go and said “maybe I need to teach you a lesson in manners, I shall see you later”. Leah was confused, what could he have possibly meant by see me later. Leah just walked out and got ready for her after school soccer practice. Her shorts and top were still unwashed so they had a bit of smell to them, she tried to ignore it and just got on with it. She couldn’t run the same today, her pussy was still sore and felt like it was dripping. She finished the session sweating, she tried to shower but again all of the locker rooms were closed. She thought “why are they always closed recently”. She then made her way home, when she walked through the door her uncle was just sitting down on the sofa. “Grab us a beer princess, actually make it two” Craig ordered her around. He admired as he watched his niece in her dirty sports clothes he watched her ass jiggle as she walked. “Why do you want two beers for?” Leah asked. Craig snapped back “ask that question again, but remember I’m your daddy”. Leah was disgusted but obeyed his order “why did you want two beers daddy”. The doorbell suddenly rang, “I wonder who that could be” Craig grinned and giggled. Craig opened the door and Leah heard a voice “is she ready for her lesson”. Leah recognised the voice, her jaw drops as she sees Mr Peters walk through the door. Leah tried to rush upstairs but craig stepped in the way and ordered her to sit back down. “You young lady need to be taught a lesson” Mr Peters spoke with aggression. Mr Peters was already getting hard knowing he could finally live out his dream, he hadn’t seen any action in many years as he was so unattractive. Uncle Craig made Leah get down on her hands and knees and crawl over to the sofa and sit in the doggy position. Mr Peters was hard, he was licking his lips. They both sat down and cracked open their beers, watching Leah as her ass was perched up as her back was arched. Craig signalled Mr Peters to do it. Mr Peters got up and slowly brought his face to Leah’s ass. He buried his face in it, Leah yelped. He was following Craig’s footsteps, being creepy. He sniffed, he licked her shorts and motorboated her cheeks. Craig came and joined him, they took turns. Then Craig ever so slowly pulled her shorts down, to tease his mate of 40 years. Leah clenched as they revealed her tight asshole and pink pussy. Mr Peters didn’t wait a second before burying his face, sticking his tongue right in her pucker. “You’re right this does taste incredible” he said to Craig. He started to rub Leah’s pussy as he did it. “I think she’s enjoying this, she’s soaking wet”. Craig started to laugh, as he started to undress himself; letting loose his 10 inch cock. They switched positions and Craig started to tongue her asshole as Mr Peters got undressed whipping out his rock hard 5 inch cock, he had a lot of loose foreskin all wrinkled up and dirty. They both stunk of sweat and shit. Craig started sticking his finger in her asshole slowly, Leah screeched but buried her face in a pillow. She felt entirely exposed. Mr Peters was just standing there wanking himself off to the sight of it. He said “I need to see more, do you know how long I’ve waited for this”. They made Leah stand up and turn around. “Get that fucking top off, show me what’s underneath” Mr Peters ordered. Leah started to take her top off, slowly and unwillingly. Her D sized tits popped out uncovering her little pink nipples. “Craig, it’s time to teach little Leah a lesson in sex education since I’m her science teacher and all”. Craig made Leah get on her knees, they both approached her with their hard dicks. “Suck them”. Leah begged them not to do this. Craig said “call me daddy and call him uncle Jeffrey”. Leah said “no fucking way”. Craig grabbed her head and thrusted his cocky down her throat and said “do as I fucking say princess”. Leah obeyed after consistently gagging on his huge thick cock. “Sorry daddy and uncle Jeffrey”. Mr Peters “that’s a good little slut, now come to uncle Jeffrey and suck his cock like you mean it and then I might forgive you” Leah was disgusted his cock was smaller but it looked old and disturbing. She slowly grabbed his cock and unwillingly wrapped her lips around his shaft. She started to suck slowly, Jeffrey let out the biggest grunt and began to face fuck her. He couldn’t take it and came down her throat. Leah was appalled but she felt glad that it was out the way quickly and he wouldn’t fuck her but she was very wrong. Jeffrey sat back down on the sofa and drank his beer while Craig got his dick sucked. He lifted Leah up and flipped her over putting her into a 69 position. He slurped her juices, and buried his tongue in her cunt while Leah sucked his cock. She knew her uncle Craig was going to fuck her and in a way she was excited. As much as she found him revolting, she couldn’t wait to get her pussy destroyed again. She was pleased that she thought Jeffrey would be going nowhere near her pussy with his disgusting cock. “Bring my beer up and follow me” Craig said to Jeffrey as he brought Leah up the stairs continuing to eat her out. He brought her to his room, where he had all of his tools laid out on the floor. Jeffrey saw the camera and said “I’m going to need a copy of this” Leah moaned it distress at what he said. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be getting some POV shots too”. Leah was confused as she didn’t know what that meant as she had never watched porn. Craig threw her onto the bed like a rag doll. She saw Jeffrey pick up a whip, she moved away. “Please don’t whip me”. Jeffrey replied “no, you say please uncle Jeffrey whip my tight ass hole”. She paused. “Say it you slut”. She followed his demand “please uncle Jeffrey, whip my tight little asshole”. She bent over and he began whipping it. “Spread your cheeks” was his next demand. She again followed as he literally whipped her asshole. She moaned rather than screamed, this led to Jeffrey’s cock becoming hard again. Craig whispered to Jeffrey “let’s get that virgin asshole ready for our cocks”. She was oblivious to this. Craig’s lubed up his massive hands and started to slowly play with her hole. Rubbing it slowly, and slowly sticking his finger in there. Jeffrey got round to Leah’s front and she was mortified to see his cock was hard again. He shoved his cock in her mouth getting it wet, she screeched at the pain of her virgin asshole getting finger. She pulled away and said “please not my asshole, please it’ll hurt so much”. Jeffrey grabbed her hair and pulled her back to his cock and he rammed it down her throat. Craig then lubed up his cock, he didn’t even think for a second how big his cock was. He just looked forward to her tight hole. He started to push his cock slowly into her pucker she screamed but it wouldn’t fit. He wasn’t giving up there tho, he pushed until his head went in. Leah grabbed the bed and squeezed her body. He slowly started moving back and forth. It was so so tight. He then got more and more if his cock in her asshole. She came all over his cock and then he just rammed the whole thing in. A whole ten inch fat cock rammed in this innocent teens asshole. She couldn’t scream as she had Jeffrey’s cock in her mouth, but it was painful. She was getting spit roasted by these two ugly old men. All of her virginity’s taken by her uncle but she was a slave. Leah wanted to make Jeffrey cum again so he didn’t touch her pussy but before he nearly came he pulled out. He passed Craig the handcuffs and Craig locked her up. Craig took his cock out of Leah’s ass and picked her up. Jeffrey laid down on his back waiting for Leah to be placed on his cock, Leah was trying her hardest not too she was kicking out and kicked Jeffrey’s cock. Mr Peters slapped her and said “do as you’re told slut”. She gave up and ended up having Jeffrey adjust his cock ready to enter her pussy, he stopped. “I wanna hear you say, please Uncle Jeffrey please enter me like the good little slut I am”. Leah spat in his face, this didn’t bother him as he wiped it up and licked his hands. Craig spanked her ass, “say it now and tell daddy how much you want his cock too”. Again Leah gave in “please uncle Jeffrey please enter my tight fucking pussy, come on fuck me please”. Leah shoved his cock in her cunt. Jeffrey was sweating he started to rough fuck her, Craig was watching her get fucked and it turned him on so much. He waited for Jeffrey to stop and then he entered her asshole. 4 days ago she was a virgin, now she’s getting double penentrated by two old perverts. Leah started to enjoy it “ah fuck me, you sick fucks” she was moaning so loudly. Neither men could take it they both came in her at the same time, they kept their cocks in there for so long after and continued fucking her until they could go no more. They made Leah suck both of their cocks dry and they left to go downstairs. Leah laid there completely drained, she couldn’t move. She ended up falling asleep.

A couple of hours later, Craig came upstairs and woke her up. He gave her some food, “good job today kid”. He left afterwards, Leah didn’t know how to feel. She was sore, but she enjoyed being used like a slut. She got up after eating and hopped in the shower, cleaned herself up. She brushed her teeth and went into her own room to find she had no clothes in there. She thought “I really am a slave to my uncle”. She decided to sleep in her bed naked. During the night when Leah was out cold, Craig snuck into Leah’s bed and spooned her tiny body. Craig was completely naked too, he laid his up against Leah’s ass and fell asleep.

The day is Tuesday. Craig woke up and went downstairs. Jeffrey stayed on the sofa, he was already awake watching back the footage of last night on Craig’s laptop. Stroking his cock, he emailed himself the footage so he could watch it all the time and have Leah wrapped around his finger. Craig and Jeffrey were eating breakfast when leah woke up and come downstairs in her soccer gear as she had nothing else to wear. Craig had Leah’s clothes laid out on the sofa for school, there was no bra or panties there. Leah’s school uniform was a short frilly skirt, high socks, a white shirt and a tie. She was to go to school exposed. Jeffrey said to Leah, “I have to go now sweetie, but you must come to see uncle Jeffrey at lunch before your science lesson”. Jeffrey then left. Craig made Leah breakfast, they sat down together. “How’s my princess”. He asked. Leah replied “I’m sore daddy”. Craig replied “you were so good last night, I can’t stop thinking about it. Anyway uncle Jeffrey has a favour to ask when he sees you, so kindly do as he asks”. Leah was confused, she was always expecting the worst. She got on with it and said no more, she went to school. The male teachers at her school were all old and disgusting, they were all perverts but who could be surprised since it was an all girls school. They all noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra and they were all turned on by it. They were all dying to fuck a student, all 4 of them were ugly and had no wife (including Jeffrey). They teach at an all girls school hoping to fuck someone there. It got to lunchtime, instead of going to hang with her friends she made her was to Mr Peters classroom as he asked, she walked in and saw Mr Peters and the other male teachers having lunch together. She again expected the worst, Jeffrey walks up to her and says “your friend gemma?”. Leah was confused “what about her”.
“You are going to send me pictures of her butt naked, she’s so hot and if you can get one of you both together then that would be even better”. Knowing she was wrapped around Jeffrey’s and her uncles finger she felt she had no choice but she tried to stop it. “No, I don’t want my friends getting involved in any of this” Jeffrey became angry “well now I’m going to have to punish you”. Jeffrey locked the classroom door. Leah turned around to see all of the teachers looking her up and down like hungry dogs. Mr Peters grabbed her hand and walked her over to the other teachers. Jeffrey sat down and said “strip for us”. The other teachers looked confused when he asked that but they wouldn’t refuse this opportunity for anything. Leah stood still and didn’t do or say anything. “I said strip now”, Leah was frightened as all of these creepy old teachers were watching her. But she obeyed, she first removed her tie. “And do it slowly”. He barked at her. You could see the bulges grow through the trousers of these four men. She then teased them by removing her shoes, she didn’t face her ass that way as she didn’t want them looking at her bare asshole. She removed her socks and Jeffrey asked her to hand them over to him. They all began taking their turns at sniffing her socks and shoes, rubbing their cocks through their trousers. Leah then turned around and began removing her top slowly. They all whipped their cocks out and began masturbating. “Turn around and do that” old Mr Graham ordered. She turned around and saw their wrinkly old small cocks. Her uncle had a much bigger cock that all of these. She unbuttoned one by one until she got to the bottom. They were all drooling at the sight. She removed her top, her big tits fell out, they all began to masturbate faster and grunting. “Now take that fucking skirt off you slut” Mr Patel the old Indian teacher ordered. “And turn around and do it slowly while bending down”. Mr Brick ordered. She obeyed the order, she turned around bent over slowly while removing her skirt. Her asshole and pussy was exposed. They were all so close to finishing, Mr Patel got up and brought Leah closer and pushed her down to her knee’s. They all stood around her and shot their load all of Leah’s face and tits. She was completely covered in old man cum. They gave her a towel to clean herself up and gave her clothes back. She cleaned up and left while they all sat there exhausted. Leah went straight home from school, her practice was cancelled. She came home to find her uncle and Mr Peters both sitting there on the sofa, both drunk already. Leah was horny, she thought it was about time she did things her way. So she snuck upstairs and went into her uncles room and found this lingerie set under the bed and put it on. It was a black three piece set, it had a non-wired bralet which just pretty much covered her nipples, a thong which was nearly see through and showed the outlines of her pussy and a harness style suspender. It was super hot, she grabbed the handcuffs and went downstairs. She walked out in front of them and both of their jaws dropped. “It’s time for me to have my way with you, you disgusting perverts. Now remove your clothes”. They instantly followed her order. They were naked and they were hard. She made them sit down, and she handcuffed Jeffrey’s right arm to Craig’s left arm. She then started to give Craig a lap dance, “no touching” she demanded. She grinded on his cock and caressed his balls. She then moved to Jeffrey, “daddy look I’m giving uncle Jeffrey a lap dance”. She did the same to Jeffrey. She then climbed up onto the sofa. “Since you like sniffing my asshole so much, you sick perv you can do it at my request”. Jeffrey’s head laid back and Leah stuck her ass in his face. She grinded up and down, moaning. She then moved to her uncle Craig. They were enjoying this to say the least. She eventually climbed down and started to slowly do a strip tease. She shoved her panties inside of Craig’s mouth. And humiliated Jeffrey by wrapping her bralet on his head while laughing. She put lube on her hands and started to give them handjobs, she started to speed up and slow down again as they were both groaning. She climbed on top of her uncle in cowgirl and sat on his dick, not putting it in she teased him by grinding on it. She made sure Jeffrey was watching. “Such a big dick daddy”. She was loving it, she slipped his cock inside her. She said “fuck me like you mean it”. Craig started to rough fuck her as her ass bounced and jiggled. Jeffrey wanted her so badly he tried to grab her ass. “You wait your turn” she said. She continued to get fucked by her uncle until she said “now it’s your turn”. She unlocked the handcuffs and spread her cheeks while remaining on her uncles cocks. Jeffrey was so excited, he really wanted to fuck her ass. He shoved his cock straight in and started to rough fuck her ass while her uncle did the same to her pussy. She was getting the real dp experience. She said “I want you to cum all over me perverts like the little slut I am”. They both pulled out and she got on her knees. She sucked Jeffrey’s cock as she caressed her uncle Craig’s balls. They both were filled up and ready to cum. She pressed her tits together and looked up at both of them sticking her tongue out. They both drained their balls all over her. She licked it all up. She walked upstairs and said “now make me some fucking food”. She jumped in the shower and came back down. Jeffrey was gone but Craig made Leah some food. They ate, watched a movie and went to bed.

The day is Wednesday. Craig was up early, and left early. There was no sign of him but Leah didn’t care. She got on with her morning, she felt all bright and better today. She got up and had breakfast. She found her pink panties with teddy bears on, even tho they were unwashed she stuck them on. She also stuck on the bralet and got her uniform on and left. She went to school, she didn’t have Mr Peters for science today so she was feeling good. She finished school without seeing him, she then went to soccer practice. Little did Leah know there was an evil plan happening in the science classroom. Mr Peters, Mr Brick, Mr Graham and Mr Patel had set up a sex dungeon. Jeffrey thought it was selfish to not let more people share Leah with them. Craig had no idea any of this was happening, he had been out buying nice things for Leah for when she got home. They had cameras all set up and everything. Leah finished practice and headed towards the locker room, they were open. She was normally the only one who showered after practice. She got in there and Mr Patel followed her in, he came up behind her and put chloroform over her face. She passed out instantly. He dragged her to the science room and they were all there drinking alcohol. They had ropes from the ceilings, whips, nipple clamps, a collar, leash, vibrators. They dragged her in and stripped her down to just her panties. They all sniffed her underwear and bit her cheeks and pussy lips through them. They tied her arms up to the ceiling, stuck clamps on her nipples, they blindfolded and gagged her. They all got naked and were all hard. They started to use a vibrator on her cunt, it took her a while before she woke up and realised. She screamed through the gag. “The slut is awake”. Meanwhile Craig was concerned that his niece wasn’t home yet, he decided to go to find her. Mr Brick and Mr Graham spanked her ass one after the other. They then got out the scissors and cut her panties so she was fully exposed. Mr Patel came round her back, he started to tongue her asshole. Jeffrey cut the ropes down and tied her hands to her feet as she was bending over. Mr Patel got too excited and stuck his 3 inch cock in her asshole. He fucked her hard for a good couple of minutes then Mr Graham came in to take his turn, he had a 5 inch cock. Mr Graham always fancied Leah, he grabbed his cellphone out and started recording him fucking her. Lastly Mr Brick, who took his turn with his 7 inch. He pulled out as he was too close to cumming. They got her up. Removed her blindfold and gag. She was horrified when she saw who was fucking her, 4 disgusting old men who have been teaching her for 7 years. “I wish we did this sooner Leah don’t you”. Mr Patel said. “I’ve only just turned 18 you sick pervert” Leah clapped back. “You 4 weirdo’s are not allowed to cut until I say so”. She pushed Mr Brick to the ground “you’ve got the biggest cock here” this intimidated the rest. She sat on his cock and bounced up and down. “You Mr Graham come fuck my asshole”. He buried his cock in her ass. She started sucking both Mr Peters and Mr Patel off at the same time. 4 cocks in her 3 holes. They were all moaning, all on the verge of cumming. She took the cocks out of her mouth, “you better not cum”. They all held on. She pulled herself off of everyone and told them all to stand up. She crawled around on all fours to tease them. They all came over her ass. “I told you not to cum didn’t I” Leah snapped. “Now lick it all up all of you”. The teachers were shocked but her wish was granted, they started to lick all the cum off of her ass. She put her soccer shorts and top back on and left. She walked home to find her uncle sitting there with bags of expensive gifts for her. Her clothes were back in her room and washed. Craig got all this money from selling the videos of him fucking his niece on the dark web. He obviously kept his own copies. She felt spoiled, she gave her uncle a big hug. “I’ll always be your little slut daddy”. Her and her uncle Craig fucked all night.

The day is Thursday, her parents arrived home. Leah was happy to see them, they came back and it was like nothing happened. They noticed the strange smell of sex lingering around the house but they didn’t take any notice. Leah hated being used but she turned into a proper slut for her uncle. Craig was packing his bags ready to leave, when Leah’s dad Clive came in the room. Craig handed Clive a memory stick and got on his way back home. Later that evening when Leah and her mom was in bed. Clive opened up his laptop and plugged the memory stick in, Clive unzipped his trousers and masturbated to the sight of his daughter getting used by his brother.

To be continued ….

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