my confession

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I’m 16 and love to masturbate to videos of old men having sex or sex stories about old men. I feel disgusting about it. My life is pretty normal except for that part. Recently, it’s gotten worse. My desire to fuck an old man has gotten bigger than I ever imagined. I don’t want to wait 2 years. I don’t know how I’m going to ever find an old man who would fuck me. I’m in my room all day playing games on my computer and masturbating to old men fucking girls when I’m horny. Even ditched my friends like 3 times to do it.. I don’t know why old men turn me on so much. I get wet so easily just thinking about it. I want to know what riding old man cock feels like. I also have a huge thing for humping and seeing the look on their faces when they cum. I know this obsession has to stop but I cant. Old men make me so hornyyyyy. I’d let an old man fuck my pussy if he asked but sadly I’m just a 16 yo in va:( can’t wait till I’m older tho hopefully it’ll be as hype as I think it is lol just wanted to confess thnx x

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  • Reply John ID:e5w0yxia3tf

    Just wait till you become 21 yeaes old .. Legal age … till then since you are only sweet sixteen and of course “horn” ..Pleasure Yourself .. by “Fingering” your pussy …. “humping” it is great !

    Or if you have another 16 year old girl friend .. maybe try some experimernting .. masterbating with her hump her pussy …”grind” your teen twats..a.k.a. virgin pussies … or some “dry humping” a pillow, side of a bed, counter top the washing machine ect,… maybe buy a “dildo” and satisy your pussy that way ..

  • Reply Adam ID:1drjr8got7xx

    I meet many girls your age on Reddit and they feel the same way as you do. I never hookup with them and a few have all but begged me to take their virginity. I’m in my 50s and must admit it is tempting but then the legality thing snaps me back to reality.

    • Ashley ID:1dsuiifa7tey

      how do I meet older guys on there?

    • Daddy_for_princess ID:1eg4unb9zzou

      There’s plenty of sub reddits you could follow to find people that suit your fancy. There’s also some who have shared their handle. Feel free to add me if you like. My user is the same as here

    • horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

      @ashley there is also socials apps that you can ask for user names or get them to leave and you could message them on that

  • Reply David ID:7ylren6zri

    Id love to get a chance to contact you, im not too old but experienced enough;)

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7ital44

    I think you are great and would love to offer my many years and many young lover experience at your service. I can travel which I like and love meeting new people. I promise I will be gentle and slow teaching you how to relax and enjoy the pleasures of sex. I use a three to four step process depending on the person and shyness. After each step you will gain confidence and trust in me to move forward.. I love to teach and had near 100 teaching the very same thing I will teach you.

    You can trust I will be very discrete loving yet professional in my teaching. I do not care of your age as that is just a number to me. what counts is the love, passion and trust between us. I would be proud to offer you my services teaching you the art and passion of reaching an orgasm.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0c

    Trust me girl that would be no problem finding one.
    Count me in.

    • author ID:1atbrghl

      how can I contact you?

  • Reply Aminajo ID:4cl4tdium99

    I do in home care for an elder man that’s blind in one eye, and can barely see out of the other eye. After one week of caring for him, and giving him his first shower together I had him suckling my tits in the shower. He had me switch to work the pm shift 9pm to 9am. We sleep together every night, he’s a breast man, love suckling himself to sleep. I love sucking his cock while dressing him for bed. It’s amazing bc his cock still get hard at 80 yrs old. He lets me ride his cock anytime I want. I sometime feed him while sitting across his lap humping and riding that cock. We fuck every day, and night suckling. Best job I’ve ever had.
    Black girl with white cock. Mmmmmm

    • gramps ID:bhq2cbi8i

      what a wonderful situation you are very kind to do that , I wish you could look after me to, I am 75

    • T ID:s49dg0zl

      Very lucky old man. Like to email someone like you

    • Nels ID:3zxjhzgct0j

      That is so sexy to hear I am sure the man is very happy not just because he’s having sex with a sexy young lady bit because you are also making him feel wanted

  • Reply -I’ll tell u if u pay ID:2auer15v9k

    I like older men in there 40 and up that pay to use me

    • Reaper ID:bo2qeo7d4

      How old are you and I’d totally do that 😜

    • Naughty stepdaddy ID:1dg1oq5rptev

      My step daughter got curious about my cock she would come in while I was taking a shower. I would leave the door open. She washed me jack off many times. I had her trim my mustache one day I sat on the edge of the bathtub with a towel wrapped around my self, my cock became a wrecked. It started sticking out. I open the towel so she could see my cock. I asked her if she would like to suck on it she didn’t hesitate. It didn’t take me long to shoot my load down her throat she started choking. I held her head and made her swallow. I told her spitters are quitters little girl never spit a man’s load. She let me finger bang her multiple times after her mother would leave in the morning I would rub the head of my cock on her Clit and taught her how to have an orgasm. She played with my cock for five years before she left home. I miss those days I would fuck her before my wife would come home and get a blow job from my wife. She would suck her daughters pussy juice off my cock it was so erotic. I also had my stepdaughter suck my cock after I fucked your mother.

  • Reply Reaper ID:7pql091gzl

    Hello love I’d love to chat with you and hopefully help each other out I have Instagram and discord which works best for you darlin

  • Reply Andy swift ID:7pqkuwnvqk

    For got my kik is Glicksit1

  • Reply Mike ID:58gnvnzrd

    can i contact you, I’m 52 and love young pussy, may be we could help each other out? drop me a reply

    • author ID:fyh1nnrm4

      drop your discord

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    Too good to be true

    • author ID:fyh1nnrm4

      sorry u think that way

  • Reply Undefined in VA ID:3zxjfle2k0k

    What’s your badge number?

  • Reply Trancoso ID:14s76leq6ia

    I’m taking care of an old man being his housekeeper, also being his girlfriend on the side he’s the best fuck I’ve ever had!

    • Tman ID:7zv3itaed3

      Lucky guy

    • author ID:fyh1nnrm4

      wow luckyy

    • daddy will ID:3jsldmioxij

      I would so totally make your fantasy reality

  • Reply ChingaTuMadre69 ID:5u100ta9qk

    How can I chat with you