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Little Filipino Girlie

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I’m a dirty old man who loves little girlies. Maybe I love them a bit too much.

Being 53 years old doesn’t mean my cock isn’t still able to get stiff at the sight of a pretty female.

I’m a dirty old fart who preys on weak, vulnerable, gullible, kind hearted girlies.

I’ve got hundreds of stories I could you but let me tell you about this little Filipino cutie I broke in last month, she was 12 years old, dressed in her school uniform, grey blazer, white shirt, black and red tie, little grey pleated skirt, dark blue leggings, she had long straight black hair that hung down to her elbows, she couldn’t have been more than 4 foot tall, a beautiful little darling she was.

I was walking passed the park with a heavy bag of shopping, my walking stick slipped off the curb and sent me tumbling to the ground, I had a bad knee so needed to use a stick to move about, I dropped to the floor and my shopping bag split open and my food went everywhere.

This Filipino girl was sitting on a bench inside the park and she saw me fall, she rushed around and helped me to my feet, what a lovely polite young girl she was, a true credit to her parents, she helped pick up my shopping and place it in to the bag, but the bag had partly split so we couldn’t fit everything back in and she was standing in front of me with her arms full of my groceries wondering what to do.

I couldn’t carry it all by myself, not with my bad knee, so I asked if she’d help me carry them back to my house, “I don’t live far. Just around the corner there.”, she looked a little concerned at first, probably been told by her parents of stranger danger, but with me being a crippled old fart I guess she didn’t see me as much of a threat, so she agreed to help me and we walked slowly back towards my house.

We talked as we walked and that’s how I found out how old she was and her name, Bayani, “My friends call me Bay.”, it was late afternoon and she was sitting in the park because when she got home from school she realised she had forgotten to take her house key with her and as her mother was working late at the hospital, she was a nurse, she would have to wait for her mother to get home to let her in.

“Here we are.” I unlocked my front door and placed my shopping bag in the hallway, “Do you want to come inside?”

“Uhm – No, thank you.” She replied to me, looking a little sheepish.

But I wasn’t having any of it, “At least let me get you a drink or something. Just to say thank you…”, she still looked unsure, “…I could use a hand taking all this shopping in to the kitchen.” I said.

She had a kind heart and agreed to help me, she went inside first, I had a quick look around to check none of my nosey neighbours saw her enter my house, then I went inside and closed the door.

We put the shopping away and I convinced her to have a glass of juice, but my motives were far from innocent, as I got the juice out of the fridge I pretended my knee had started to hurt badly, she asked me what was wrong, “Just my knee. Could you do me a favour and nip in to the front room and get my painkillers, there on the coffee table.”, so off she went and as soon as she left the room I took some sedatives out of the kitchen drawer and dissolved them in her glass of juice.

She returned with the pills, “Thanks love.”, I took a couple and we sat in the kitchen having our glasses of juice, the sedatives were quite strong and took only minutes to kick in, “I don’t – I don’t feel so good.” her eyes began to slowly close, her coordination went and her body began to go limp until finally she passed out and laid her head on the table, completely dosed.

As soon as she was out I threw my walking stick on the floor, I did genuinely have a bad knee but it wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be, I picked her up, she was as light as a fluffy pillow, and I took her upstairs and laid her on my bed, I closed the bedroom door and rubbed my hands together like an evil villain, I couldn’t wait to sample her goodies.

First I removed all of my clothes before getting on the bed, I laid her flat on her back with her arms to her side, bless her, she looked so beautiful, I lifted the front of her skirt and could see her white panties through her dark blue leggings, I quickly but gently took off her blazer, then her tie and her shirt, her prepubescent breasts were like Ping-Pong balls, 100% home grown too.

After licking each of her nipples with the tip of my tongue I moved down and took off her shoes and then I reached under her skirt and rolled off her leggings, I unbuttoned her skirt and took it away, leaving her laying on the bed in only her white panties, I brushed my hand through her soft black hair and admired her body, she had beautiful caramel coloured skin.

I picked up her hand, I placed my hard cock in her palm and then closed her fingers around it and motioned her hand to jerk me off, her fingers we so small and delicate, perfect for jerking a cock, I rubbed her chest and then moved around her, I kissed her and then rubbed the tip of my cock against her moist red lips, I nudged her jaw open and slipped my cock in to her small mouth, even unconscious she gave good head, her warm silky tongue cushioned my cock and stimulated my tip intensely.

I ejaculated inside her mouth, poor thing almost choked on my spunk, she coughed and gagged a couple of times and then settled.

After spending about half an hour touching, rubbing, and examining her hot little body, I got hard again, this time I went for the prize, I pulled off her panties, revealing her hairless Filipino pussy, and it was already wet, prepped and ready to go.

Pushing her legs apart and raising her knees, I lay myself between them on top of her, I forced my finger in her crack and popped her little cherry, her grunted briefly, a natural body reflex to the pain of being penetrated for the first time, when she was open I pressed my cock in her crack and then pushed it through her hole.

Her body reacted, she groaned loudly and arched her back, reacting to my cock stretching out her insides, “It’s alright. It’s alright. Shush little one.” I whispered to her, stroking her hair as I fucked her slowly.

I couldn’t get over how small she was compared to me, it was a bit like I was fucking a child’s doll, but she was super cute and an amazing fuck, I could only fit 5 of my 8 inches inside her, her pussy was so small it wouldn’t accommodate my entire length, but I wasn’t stopping, I made the most of it and really tried ramming it in.

Her little body moved around from the agony and sexual enjoyment and she was groaning and moaning constantly, it made it so much more enjoyable, when the time came for me to ejaculate, I pinned her down, hoisted her legs up on to my shoulders and pounded her so hard my beds headboard made dents in the plaster as it banged violently against my bedroom wall.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!” I groaned with orgasmic release, I ejaculated and shot my entire load inside my little Filipino girl, oh it was glorious.

I gave her body a few minutes to cool down and then I cleaned her up, I wiped my spunk off her pussy and made sure there were no hairs or other evidence left behind on her body, then I redressed her and myself, I took her back downstairs in to the kitchen, sat her on the chair and laid her pretty little head on the table.

I went to my kitchen drawer and found my anti-sedative drugs, I mixed them in some more juice and forced her to drink it, I picked up my walking stick and then I dashed off to the toilet, I knew what I just gave her would quickly counteract the sedatives and wake her up within moments.

I stayed in the bathroom for a minute until I heard her moving, then I flushed the chain and came out and went in to the kitchen, she was awake and looked a bit groggy but becoming more alert with every passing second, “Are you alright love?” I asked, pretending to be concerned, “You look tired. You better head off home..” I said, I looked at my watch, “…It’s nearly 8 o’clock, your mother will be home soon won’t she?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She replied.

I walked her to my front door and opened it for her, “Now, you take care love.” I said.

“You too. Thank you for the juice.” She said, waving back at me as she made her way down the garden path.

“Your welcome. Come see me any time.” I shouted to her, it was nice of her to thank me for the juice, I liked to think she was talking about my come juice and not the orange juice.

She had no idea what I had just done to her.

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  • Reply Patrick ID:1etndkuswlw2

    I’m heading to the Philippines next month and am renting a house right down the street from a middle school. Guess what I have planned…

  • Reply That's rape you sick fucker ID:1dyo98pz4hcd

    That’s rape you sick fucker

  • Reply lack ID:fzq6hy2zm

    I hope you rape more kids

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    Absolutely amazing story I would’ve had difficulty not fucking her ass also

  • Reply Mendez ID:3729tgxi9

    Some guys can’t get girlfriend because of sick guys like you nasty pig your going to hell not jail

  • Reply Anonymous ID:2sza2n40

    I’ve always wanted to be raped, but awake. Anyone in Calgary ab? I’m 14

    • Abhijith V Nair ID:64skxrlhrb

      Follow me on instagram
      Let’s chat.

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      I want to be raped by a real dirty oldman so he can injoy my young asiN body.I. 19 now and I will look for a oldman that will lick and kiss me all over my body

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  • Reply HH ID:8d5fnvjdm4

    why repress a sexual orientation like homosexuality. people should accept you as you are and respect you. repressing is wrong. and we must normalize and accept that. not all of us have the same sexual orientation. #normalizesexwhitlittlegirls

  • Reply Lisa ID:5whmcboia

    I wish I could be raped. I know it sounds bad, but I want my first time, to be violent and forced.

    • Dave ID:1db7syrv12sf

      Lisa, tell me your location and I may be able to surprise you
      [email protected]

    • Olivi_308 ID:457icvko8

      Oh, Lisa! I wish for that to happen to me as well. I dream about it sometimes.

    • Deyk ID:4j4o8xvrh


    • Panama ID:fx7i9820d

      You should have lived in Orlando

  • Reply jackyboy ID:8ldl9tapm0

    yeah, good story… sound’s familiar…

  • Reply The punisher ID:28asc2boib

    We are coming for you

    • jackyboy ID:8ldl9tapm0

      and for me?

  • Reply Meganu ID:3syy75nmzr9

    I agree with Ian below! You are a seriously sick fucker!

  • Reply ian ID:2vqw7fs7499

    You deserve to be hanged by your tiny small balls, you shouldn’t rape little innocent girls who don’t deserve that, especially if you’re an “old useless disgraced fart” the world is full of nasty whores you could rape but, they would probably beat the shit out of you. However those are the ones that don’t deserve nothing but to be raped…you stole something from this little girl she won’t ever get back and I know this turns you on but I hope that she finds the courage to tell what happened to her (if you think she doesn’t have any idea, you’re wrong) anyway I hope the cops come at your door one day you pathetic cunt

    • reality-checker ID:ydkop341

      your outburst at a fictional character is very strange as most stories on here are pure fiction FAKE!!!!! ….. also the story is tagged with ‘rape’ and the characters ages are revealed very early on in the story…pretty clear that the girl was going to get raped and if you dont like that sort of thing why did you bother reading it?????? or would you have prefeered the author wrote that she was awake when he raped her…either way it was clear she was going to get raped so again i have to ask why read it if youre not interested in rape stories?????

      you also say innocent girls should not be raped but no one should ever be raped….rape is evil…rape is bad….but this is a STORY and no one got hurt…it lets people peple live out their rape fantasies without actually raping someone…read a story…beat off…good times.

    • OLD GRAMPA ID:1era0oeqmgla


  • Reply Tinker ID:ydkop341

    You can also use adult sleeping tablets which you can get from any pharmacy, they’re super strong for a child and knocks them rite out. You have about two hours where absolutely nothing would wake them up, after that it’s 50/50.

    • MAC ID:5spbi1mzk

      TINKER What is the name of them please

  • Reply MAC ID:5spbi1mzk

    What sedatives did you use I need to get some and the wake up ones I want to give my granddaughter a good fucking

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      Disgusting pedophile

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      That be awesome fir real mmmm