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My sister-in-law Donna Revisited

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Months after Donna’s sister leaves me I get another opportunity at our company meetings.

After a few months since Kath had left me, her sister Donna finally took my call. No one had been talking to me since Kath moved out. Donna mainly asked about work and our company meeting that was coming up. She then asked if I had talked to her sister, Donna too had been trying to call and talk to Kath but she has had no luck. Donna was still upset on how this all came out about her and me. She should of said something sooner to Kath and explained what had happened rather than hide everything. Donna said that we could no longer share a room , she did not want something more to happen than what did. She let me Know that she was now involved with a guy , it was serious so she needed to be careful of how our relationship looked to everyone. We had a company meeting coming up this next week, so Donna booked her own room so that there would be no more chances of any accident happening between us. I understood what she was saying, so after talking about my nieces Megan and Paula we ended our talk with seeing you at the meeting next week.

It was a long ride with out Donna riding with me that day. I checked into the motel ,then asked if there was a Donna that check in and to my surprise she had a room close to mine. It was good seeing her at the meeting. Donna was wearing a knee length black skirt with slits on the sides, a red loose buttoned top and black high heals. My sister-in-law was always very well dressed, very professional looking, attractive and sexy. She just turned 35 , she does not look that age and I got a immediate hard on seeing her. Even though I have had little Valerie to help me get through lonely times since Kath left, my sister-in-law’s beautiful mature looks and body I greatly miss. Donna was so clueless to all those times that I just drugged her then fucked her numerous times through the night. Hell her own daughters had me fuck her after I had finished doing them that night at their home. Donna and I got to talk more during our lunch break. She told me that both her girls missed their favorite uncle and even though I was not with their aunt they still wanted to get together and have a visit during summer vacations. I would look forward to that as it has been pretty lonesome since Kath left. Donna said she was sorry about that . We then went back to our meetings.

We finished about 5 pm, then headed to the club for dinner, drinks and music entertainment. Donna and I talked all during dinner , it was just like it used to be between us. Then after we went to the lounge for drinks and listened to the music. Donna loved to dance and I could see in her face and eyes that she wanted to get on the floor. We did just that after Donna was getting loose from the old fashions. Then as I have done so many times in the past I drugged her drink with 3 ambien. After a few sips and a couple of slow dances she was in my arms and well on the way to a wonderful night with me. By the time she had finish her drink she was to out of it to drive and I got her to leave the car here and ride back with me. She agreed and by the time we got to the motel she was close to a zombie type state. I lead her to my room ,she was swaying wildly about hanging on to my arm and never new where she was being lead. Once there I pulled her next to me and we kissed . Her tongue sank into my mouth as she pressed tight against me . I responded the same sliding my hands down her back to her butt squeezing both ass cheeks I pull her tight against me.

Donna’s month hungrily ate mine as I unbuttoned the back of her skirt then unzipped it , it fell to her feet. I quickly unbuttoned her blouse, I slid it off her shoulders and it went down her arms. She had no idea that I had her there in just her bra and thongs. Donna was in a zombie like trace, her sexual urges were controlling her bodies movements. In fact her hands were rubbing my huge hard cock as in press against her. She swayed in my arms, her eyes glassy and closing as we kissed . I moved her back until she was against the bed. She plopped down on her butt swaying side to side. I slipped of my panted and shorts . My cock was throbbing with excitement. I rubbed my cock a crossed Donna’s lips and she opened her month . I pushed in and she suck on my head, I grabbed her hair and pulled her tight against me sinking more of my cock in her. I never had my sister-in-law suck me before, this was a first. I started to fuck in and out of her wet mouth until she began to gag on my size. I let go of her head and fell back against the mattress. I slipped out of the rest of my clothes then reached under her back to undo the bra and tossed it. I ran my fingers under the thong pulled sliding it out from under her ass and down her long legs. I pulled my semi conscious sister-in-law up into the bed then picked up both of her legs and rested them against my shoulders. Donna was real hot and wet. Pressing the head of my cock against her cunt lips I started to push. Donna’s eyes opened and mouth as she felt my thick head begin to open her up. I rubbed her huge thick clit with my thumb as I push. Slowly I sank filling Donna’s insides up , She let out a cry , fuck fuck fuck she yelled . I wrapped my mouth over hers and started to fuck hard in and out of her lovely tight vagina. Donna yelled and moaned , her body shook and both legs started to spasm against me. I fucked her until I explode and sprayed her inside full of my thick semen.

Donna was completely passed out when I finished coming in her . I rest a few minutes then continued fucking her another three times. God I have missed this women , I love how her insides feel and how her cunt sucks my cock. Donna woke that next morning with her arm wrap over me and leg over mine. She moved against me then started to wake as she felt our nakedness’. I moved over and kissed her . That when some realization that she was not alone in bed. Oh god not again Donna moaned , This cant have happen , Kent no this was wrong. Kathy well never understand. I shut her up with a kiss. She kissed me back and I rolled up on top of her. No, No, Kent we can’t she started to squirm under me as my cock harden and pressed against her opening. I kept kissing her , then her neck down to her breasts . I bit and suck on her nipples making both erect and hard. No Kent she moaned and she push me of and scramble off the bed. She picked up her skirt and blouse then rushed to the bath room to get them on. Then she rushed out of the room to hers .

We sat at a restaurant and had a breakfast before leaving town, Donna was still very confused to what had happened again. She made me promised to never tell anyone that this happen again. Looking at me she asked, did we fuck last night Kent . I said yes we did , it was the best night that I’ve had for a long time, I am not sad that it happened. I could tell that Donna was upset at herself and what had happen had drummed up hidden feelings that she has had for me since I was married to her sister. Donna was messed up and did not know what to do and how to react. She said good bye and left back home. I would be a few days before she would talk to me.

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    Fucking with sis in law will always be the best! I fucked my SIL so many times when she had her vacation at our house. Oh gosd i miss fucking and cuming in her so much! She was so tight and 11 yrs younger than me.