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Wrong Semester In Uganda, Chapter 5

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It’s now evening. The Ugandan authorites send soldiers to raid the students dorms and show them who’s boss! The Briton girls get blacked on campus!

Chapter 5, part 1 — A False Sense Of Safety

The accomodation facility was an old red-brick building that had been already standing proud during WW2 when it was used as soldiers’ barracks and the place was a training base for recruits before they could be sent to reinforce occupation units in Madagascar, in line with Uganda’s opposition to the pro-Nazi Vichy government in France.

The old, legacy building was large enough to accomodate all the Briton students, in twelve rooms that had four bed each. Four of these rooms were upstairs in the second storey, which wasn’t air conditioned; the boys were given these hot and damp rooms, while the girls all slept in the air-conditioned first storey, where there was also a large living room and a fully equipped kitchen.

The girls were very tensed and worried, and greatly concerned about their three jailed classmates. Julia, Audrey and Samantha were very good girls. Julia and Samantha were vegan! The notion of these three model students being in jail was so preposterous that it was funny, except it wasn’t.

Miss Black and Bianca, their supervising teachers, had checked out of their hotel room and were coming to stay with them for the last 48 hours of their stay in Uganda. They were all flying home, and they weren’t leaving without their three missing friends. At the same time that Julia was throwing her dinner on the cell wall, the Embassy ensured Miss Black that they would be out of jail by next day evening and on their way to fly home with them.

Miss Black hung up the phone and breaked the good news to the girls…

“Karen! Yashma! Julia will be back tomorrow with Samantha and Audrey. The Embassador himself spoke with the prison’s Commander, and he even took the time and trouble to go see the girls himself during the evening. They are very well treated and given hot meals. It’s just a matter of red tape…”

Bianca, Miss Black’s assistant, stood by and nodded to every word said while looking at the students with a stupid “all’s well” smile.

“Very well treated… you bet! They’re in an Ugandan prison with all-male guards!” snarled Jillian, who stood next to Katya, her girlfriend.

“Don’t say such things, Jillian! These Ugandan policemen are very professional! Our three students are probably in better hands than if they had been jailed by white men in London! Black men are good people; it’s our white civilization that corrupts them!” said Miss Black in her usual lecturing tone.

“Life’s hard, Miss Black! It’s even harder when you’re stupid!” replied Jillian in the same sneering tone.

“Don’t say this, Jilly dear!” Katya said, before adding… “Excuse her, Miss Black! Jillian’s very edgy! We’re all happy to have you here! I feel much safer now that you’re both here with us. It’s very thoughtful of you, Miss Black!”

“You bet!” said Jillian in her snarly tone.

“I’m calling pizza for everyone!” Bianca announced.

“Pizza! Pizza! Bravo for Bianca!”

“And after, we’ll have a nice tournament of Scrabble!” Miss Black added.

“It already feels like were back in England!” said Yashma, a raven-haired girl who looked just as Pakistani as her parents, who were related to London’s current Mayor.

“It’s easy for you to say! Go sleep upstairs with us and I guarantee you that you won’t think you’re in England!” Matt told Yashma with a mocking smirk on his handsome face. “You’ll feel the African heat! Guarantee!”

“Me coming upstairs… You’d like this all too much, Matt!” Yashma smirked back at him.

“Oh, Matt’s caught red handed! Red handed!” said Robert and Philip, two nerdy boys who both only stood five foot three and looked way younger than their 18 years of age. They looked like nerds straight out of a 1980’s movie, complete with black-rimmed glasses and dorky shirts that only a certified nerd could manage to find and buy. Matt ignored them, knowing they were very nice guys who were a bit jealous of his six feet of height and good looks.

“Yes, Yashma! I’d love it… if only I was alone up there!” Matt said this while looking straight into Yashma’s brown eyes. Then, Matt quickly walked close to her, leaned into her and whispered his feelings to her ear…

“Yashma my beloved… It’s you I want! You and no one else!” Matt shook in his shoes as he whispered these sweet words. Did he really say this?! He had been wanting to tell her his feelings for so long!

Yashma looked at him in startled silence, her black cat’s eyes wide open. She was shocked! She had no idea that a boy so handsome as Matt could fall for her! She was very self-conscious of her darker skin and her Pakistani features…

Karen had seen this… Matt whispering in Yashma’s ear and looking so nervous… The bloody migrant bitch! No! Not her Matt! Everybody knew that Matt had gone to the prom with her last June! Matt was hers!

Jenny, Kim and Sungh all giggled with Yashma as Matt left. These four girls were best buddies.

“What did he tell you? What did he tell you? Kim must know! You can tell Kim the secret!” said a very cute girl with a pale golden skin and clear Asian features. Her family was Korean.

“That’s none of my business, but it smells like romance to me, or my name’s not Jenny!” said a bookish-looking girl with black-rimmed glasses and a spotless pretty face. She was herself in love with Philip, the short nerdy boy who had no idea a girl this beautiful was fancying him. He kept missing the hints she kept throwing at him; Jenny fapped every night over him!

“Yashma’s in love! Yashma’s in love! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” cracked Sungh, another pretty-faced Korean-looking girl with raven hair; she was actually Kim’s cousin. Her father was a top-end lawyer.

“What?! Yashma?! In love?! Now that’s a scoop! And who’s the lucky fella?!” asked Bridget with her smiling nubile face. The petite girl hadn’t been told that 19 years old is a bit late to be wearing pigtails; not only that, but her braided pigtails were adorned with pink orchids that added a girly, almost childish zest to her chocolate-brown hair.

Karen Montgomery gazed at Yashma and her friends with jealous rage in her eyes, oblivious of the two teen boys who were gazing at her cleavage, perfectly displayed since she was wearing a white shirt two buttons down and she had just undone the third one hoping Matt would look her way.

Now, where was Matt? She ought to win him back! Karen was a rich dad’s girl who was used to getting all she wanted. She wasn’t even sure whether she really loved Matt, but she couldn’t bear to lose him, especially not to a Paki migrant girl! She never had had full-blown sex with Matt; perhaps now would be a good time! She went upstairs to look for Matt.

Amid her friends’ gossiping, Yashma smiled quietly while modestly looking down; her heart was filled with happiness. Matt… Matt loved her! He had just told her so, and she believed him. Matt was a honest guy. Oh, she was such a lucky girl! Would she be good enough for him? And her parents… This would be complicated… They were going to freak out when they’d learn she was with a non-Muslim guy! But she wanted Matt; it would be him or no one! Oh… She was so happy! And there was pizza for dinner!

Three hours later, Yashma was wearing her red pajamas, eating potato chips and watching some 1990’s Jacky Chan movie with Kim and Sungh laughing like crazy as they saw all the racial stereotypes, while Miss Black was outraged at the politically uncorrect movie.

Bianca was upstairs, alone in a room with Robert and Philip after pretending she had a problem with her iPhone; Robert was having his dick sucked for the very first time in his life, while Philip — the other nerdy guy — was kneeling behind Bianca and kissing her butt while finishing to strip her naked as she had requested. Poor Jenny! She would have been very sad to see this!

In the next room, which was locked, Matt and Karen were busy kissing and making out.

Everybody else was downstairs playing Scrabble or watching that old Jacky Chan movie.


No one had noticed the military jeep that had just stopped and parked near their brick building.

“So, that’s the place, Irumba?”

“Yep Major! All the hens are in the barn, ready to get foxxed! And believe me, these hens are sweet little turtledoves!” Mr. Mbabazi replied.

“All right! And you have the keys to the place, right? The men are on their way. We’re storming them at 21:30,” said Major Nabwire.

“In ten minutes! We’re going to have a hell of a fuck party! And the two cute teachers are with them… More fun for us!”

Chapter 5, part 2 — Let The Party Begin!

On the large, legacy kitchen table, Jenny was playing a fierce game of Scrabble with Miss Black, Kim and Jillian, with Katya standing over Jillian and gently caressing her girlfriend’s purple-dyed hair, which she wore rather short in a bob style that made her look a bit tomboyish, although her milky-pale skin and her delicate mouth and chin were clearly feminine.

Deep down, the politically-correct Miss Black didn’t like same-sex couples. Jillian sensed this; she always looked back at her with her strong nose and unflinching gaze in a clear “don’t bullshit me” expression. She was a nightmare for stupid people in a position of authority.

It was Jenny’s turn. Smiling in her usual easy-going mood, the pretty intello girl emptied all her seven letters, forming a word that connected with a stray “G” to form a surprising word coming from the hands of such a nice-looking girl…


“I don’t think this is acceptabe, Jenny!” Miss Black snapped. “You know the rules! Your word must be recorded as one word in the dictionary, and these are two words forming the name for something I’d rather not…”

“It’s good!” Kim said, her nose in the Merriam-Websters. “Gangbang is recorded as a one-word verb. Jenny’s word is allowable!”

“Did you ever try it?” Jillian said to Miss Black in a jesting tone.

“Jillian! Why must I remind you that you must not speak to me like this! I certainly have not and I never will!”

The round clock on the wall above them was two minutes away from 9:30 PM.

Jillian got up from her seat and asked Katya to play in her place while she was going to the loo. She quickly kissed her red-haired girlfriend under Miss Black’s dark gaze and went off past the two dozen students who were massed in the living room and watching that old Jacky Chan movie.

“Hey! What’s going on outside?!” Jillian cried in surprise as her eyes chanced through the front window and she spotted at least three large vehicles, the last one still moving and coming to a stop with its headlights off. She spotted many men around these dark lorries—men in uniform… Soldiers! And they were looking her way!

“We need to barricade the door and call the Embassy! There are soldiers outside and they’re here for us! Quick! Help me with some furniture!”

No one moved. They all looked at Jillian as if she were mental. Only Katya rose from her seat to give her a hand.

“Don’t you see?” Jillian added. “There was a big student protest this morning; now the authorities are making a big crackdown. They’re attacking the students’ dorms! They mean to strike terror and fear!”

“Calm down! Calm down, Jillian…” Miss Black replied in the condescending tone she always used whenever she was speaking to Jillian.

She rose from her Scrabble game and started walking to the front door.
“I’ll see what this is about. This is probably nothing…”

“We need to barricade the door and call help, you stupid cunt!”

The teacher looked at Jillian with rage. Everybody was shocked to hear Jillian using such a language toward Miss Black.

“Jillian Andrews! Now you’ve crossed the line! I’ve had enough of you! When we get back, rest assured that…”

“My cellphone’s dead, Miss Black!” said Jenny with surprise and alarm in her pretty voice.

“Mine too! What the f..” Kim added, but she didn’t finish her sentence. Loud cheering voices startled her, then froze her in complete terror as masses of khaki-uniformed men came pouring in through the front door!

“Who left the front door unlocked!” Miss Black barked in her final act of authority before a pair of Ugandan soldiers tackled her like American football linemen and the entire place erupted in shrill screams of panic as the girls each got grabbed by soldierly hands!

The seven male students present were quickly punched and hit into bloody submission with nightsticks, then hancuffed where they would helplessly watch the ensuing orgy of rapes. The soldiers knew they wouldn’t need rifles for this mission. The program director even gave them keys to the front door… Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Miss Black was grabbed and bent over the large table where she had been playing Scrabble only two minutes before. One soldier roughly pressed her face down on the table, right next to the Scrabble board, making her yelp with pain as a few letter tiles imprinted themselves into her tender cheek from the brutal pressure this Ugandan soldier was applying to pin her down!

As she heard the girls shrieking their shrill panic all around her, Miss Black caught sight of the letters on the game board, where “GANGBANG” was written in fake-wood capital letters.

“Noooooooo! Don’t! Stop this! You’re good people!” Miss Black squealed as she felt a hand urgently pulling her skirt down before roughly yanking her panties away to hell! It then occurred to her that she was about to be gang-raped by these black soldiers!

“Noooooooooooooo! You can’t do this! You’re good people! You’re good people! NOOOOOOO… AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Miss Black squealed in searing pain as the anonymous Ugandan soldier pushed his black cock against and into her dry cunt! He then raped her in silent fury! As her head slid on the table top, she felt added pain as the letter tiles indented themselves deeper as she got savagely banged.

Like in a demented nightmare, in her wildly moving field of vision, Miss Black saw two soldiers grabbing Kim, who looked at their coal-black faces in silent terror. One man grabbed her little arms while the other grabbed her tiny ankles. A third man tossed everything off the table, and the two men shoved little Kim ass-first on the cleared table right next to where Miss Black was groaning and being raped doggy style with strong hands pinning her down.

Kim had her arms outstretched above her head while being herself outstretched in horizontal position exactly where the gameboard had been instants before. One man savagely pulled her black skirt down her pale legs and feet while the third man ripped her white top off her teenage-petite torso and made short work of her bra.

Kim remained silenced by her stupor, looking at the men’s black faces in disbelief. These men could rape! Her overwhelmed senses told her so as she felt the air directly on her suddenly naked breasts, soon pressed and cupped by a pair of black hands while she felt other hands ripping her panties off before her legs were brutally forced open and a man of ebony flesh wedged himself between the petite Asian girl’s legs!

The Ugandan Corporal, tall and well-built and wearing glasses, said he had never fucked a chink girl before he asked “What’s your name, pretty? I love your legs!” at the exact same time he had Kim screaming in agonizing pain as his cock began forcing her virgin cunt open! “She doesn’t shave her cunt! That’s a good girl!” The man said while straining to fit his large dick inside Kim!

In her savagely moving field of vision, Miss Black watched Kim getting violated by the tall Corporal who banged her with triumphant grunts; Kim’s small breasts and Asian-brown nipples jiggled under the men’s lust-filled gazes as her petite body was utterly shaken under the unbridled fury of her forced defloration! The Corporal told her she was going to love this! Raping this little chink student was going to be quite a fuck!

The soldier raping Miss Black delightfully felt his dark fingers sinking into the white flesh of her hips as he kept furiously pounding her against the creaking table and slamming himself against her delicious white curvy butt!

He watched the Corporal raping the cute little Asian student, with her silky thighs forced to brush against the Ugandan camouflage fatigues while her bobbing head moved along in rhythm with her rape, her dreamy raven hair resting on her outstretched arms in a disheveled display of lost innocence.

The Corporal kept savagely banging Kim, who whimpered in shocked silence as her mind failed to register the ordeal she was so suddenly being subjected to.

The soldier forcefully exploded his load of cum inside Miss Black about the same time the glass-wearing Corporal ejaculated in screaming delight inside the Korean-looking student. Other men took over. This was going to be a long night of fun!

Yashma was grabbed by several strong hands before she realized what was happening. Two short seconds before, she had been watching a fast-paced fight sequence with Jacky Chan while eating chips and deciding she was going to find some alone-time with Matt.

Now she found herself amid three or four black-faced soldiers who ripped her red pajamas open and exposed her light-bronze breasts before she even had time to rally and start resisting.

“Get off me, you bloody cunts!” Yashma finally yelled as the jeering soldiers ragingly pulled off her pajamas down her silky legs while commenting on her “nice Paki girl’s titties”.

She then felt her panties being ripped away and heard lewd comments about her nice bush of Pakistanese velvet. A man sucked her breasts for a fleeting moment; she screamed and shuddered as she felt his thick lips on her Eurasian nipples.

They had her naked and restrained by her four limbs while the first man—a burly Sergeant with an impossibly black face—stuck out his immense cock and finally managed to push it inside her after having her screaming out in pain and shame and protest for fifteen agonizing seconds!

Something broke for ever inside Yashma’s soul as she felt the Ugandan’s large cock ripping her hymen and brutally forcing itself inside her sanctum.


Yashma wailed and kept calling Matt’s name as the Ugandan Sergeant was raping her! They were taking away her virginity, depriving her from ever giving herself pure and unscathed to the man she loved.

In a beastly growl of satisfied lust, the burly Sergeant blissfully relieved himself inside the sobbing girl, who groaned in raging frustration as she felt his polluting slime flooding her destroyed virginity.

“Come on, little Paki slut! Don’t be upset! You’ll learn to love the Ugandan dick!” the next man said before plunging his own fuck pole inside her cum-drenched pussy.

Yashma was thus gang-raped by each man in the group while each of her classmates was having her pussy or ass owned by Ugandan soldiers around her and throughout the building. She heard shrill screams from upstairs! She recognized Karen’s voice; Karen was calling Matt’s name… Was she with him; even while getting brutally raped, Yashma felt a sting of jealousy… “That fucking bitch! I hope they serve her good!” she thought while being deflowered for a second time within the same ten minutes.

Yashma received another steaming load of Ugandan cum; then another man used her the same way. Then, they flipped her around and forced her down on all fours, on the floor next to the couch, where one soldier had her squealing like a lost soul when he brooke her ass-virginity, and a second man put a bowie knife near her temple and told her to open her mouth like a good girl!

Yashma was spit-roasted, forced to take the hard dick of a uniformed black man who was marvelling at her amazing olive-skin ass, his hands blissfully holding these mocha-coloured ass-cheeks of hers while even more blissfully fucking her nice little tight ass! And all this time, the huge dick that nearly blocked her windpipe kept Africanizing her Pakistanes mouth!

“My parents must never learn about this!! Never!!!” Yashma thought shortly before the man raping her face growled like a sick walrus and erupted in a massive load of African cream, the thickness and rancid taste of which imprinted itself forever into her soul as she swallowed the sludge to avoid choking.

Then the man fucking her teenage derriere suddenly pulled out as his dick spewed three big bolts of semen that majestically landed on her spotless butt and smeared her mocha-coloured smoothness. The Ugandan soldier admired the pools and rivers of his own seed on Yashma’s violated butt.

Then two fresh men replaced the spent rapists, who watched and started reloading their guns while Yashma was once again face raped and raped from behind at the same time, except the man behind her was more gently and only raped her cunt. Oh shit! The men thought! This was so fucking good!

Once again, Yashma felt the African dick twitching inside her mouth and this was followed with a new tsunami of coconut cream that tasted so disgusting! A minute later, the man raping her from behind voiced his pleasure before he screamed his complete bliss as he exploded inside her deflowered pussy!


None of the 29 female students and teachers would make it to the next day without having each of her fuckholes brutally Africanized. No less than a hundred troops would pay them a heartfelt visit. Word had gotten around about the three Briton students in prison; now the soldiers wanted to find out for themselves whether these white girls were as firm and tight as the prison guards said. Four military trucks were already parked in front of the building and more were coming!


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