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Raping girl for being rude

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I (14 M) was sitting in a back lane on a broken wooden bench on a call to my friend. It was about 8 pm and it was winter so it was really dark. A girl walked past staring at me, she looked about 15. Imagine a uk chav without the fake tan (Nike pro leggings, white crop top, black fluffy jacket, brown hair with blonde highlights).

I noticed her staring at me so I looked at her. ‘Who the fuck do you think you’re looking at!’ She shouted at me. ‘Fuck off.’ I shouted back. ‘What are you going to do!’ She shouted. ‘You don’t want to know!’ I shouted standing up.

‘You aren’t going to do anything!’ She said. At that point I had enough. I ran at her and shoved her to the floor. She started screaming but nobody heard because we weren’t anywhere busy. I ripped her coat off as she shouted ‘GET OFF!’ And tried to hit me. I smacked her in the face and said ‘don’t hit me bitch.’

I pulled her leggings down and then her white panties. ‘PLEASE NO.’ She cried. I lined my cock up with her ass. ‘Next time don’t shout at people.’ I said and then thrust into her. Every thrust made a clap against her huge butt. It didn’t take long until I came in her ass.

I turned her over. She had tears rolling down her face. ‘Are you ready?’ I said. ‘PLEASE NOT MY PUSSY, I’LL DO ANYTHING!’ I rammed my dick in her pussy anyways. Her walls tightened around my cock making me go harder.

The whole time she was shouting things like ‘NO’, ‘STOP’ and ‘PLEASE DONT CUM’. I lifted up her top and fondled her massive breasts, still pounding her tight pussy. Then I felt my warm load release and fill her womb.

I stood up and she was still on the floor exhausted I took all her clothes off her and put them in my bag leaving her naked. The last thing I said to her was ‘think next time you be rude to someone.’ I then walked off.

I could hear her shouting things like ‘YOU MONSTER HOW COULD YOU CUM IN ME!’ But I just ignored her.

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  • Reply Anna ID:1ck8fqbznl7i

    I heard about this guy. The police have been looking for you. Tony Recon has been talking about you too.

    • Anna ID:5vyj28gh8r9

      Fake Anna I see. I’m the real one

    • Guy ID:i1kgr9vpvea

      XD. Has to be a fake story anyway

  • Reply Bruh ID:1ck8fqbznl7i

    You’re going to hell. Jeez, there’s other ways to deal with rude people and just so you know, the police have been tracking you down for weeks.

    • Anna ID:5vyj28gh8r9

      Who is he

    • R M S ID:2wcj1djpd3

      I’ll rape the female officers if they try to arrest me – creator of post

  • Reply Jolly ID:4rzlsmw41

    One of the best stories I have ever read. It’s so believable.

    • Uhm1tf345 ID:1ck8fqbznl7i

      You are a monster. It doesn’t even matter if she was rude to you or not, that was far, far worse.

  • Reply A ID:gzey10ixt4x

    she deserved it

  • Reply G.A ID:4rzlsmw41

    You had a good try at writing a sex story. But it’s best if you just stop now.

    • hihiniunbue ID:cttjj2boh

      You again? Stop insulting people’s stories, if you don’t like it, just don’t read it, idiot.

    • G.I save-a-hoe ID:2v2yccfyhk

      deadass if you don’t like something don’t fucking read it, just move along with your life rather than bitching about it like a massive fucking loser.

    • durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

      hahaha right

    • Fade ID:1edv5bbg5m7r

      Haha. I saw ur reply on another comment and the “you again?” Reply someone gave made Mr burst out laughing. Ur fuckin great

  • Reply Fucker ID:bqg3ej42

    Kinda my dream to fuck someone like that… Nowadays all porn on the Internet is girly, softcore

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1cnkgjmza36i

    Nicely done

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667z20k

    Great little tale! Hope the naked little chav was raped again by some testosterone filled lads with big teenage cocks!!

  • Reply Ilas ID:2y9cs5rd9a

    I really like it