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Drugged step daughter

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For this stories sake we’ll call alyssa 10 yrs old.

I have the cutest little step daughter named Alyssa. She has always had the cutest round little baby butt. I was watching her alone one night while her mother worked. It was about 9pm and I was quite a few beers into the night, when little lyssa asked me for a bed time snack.

She was just wearing her little panties and her little ass looked fantastic in them as usual. Tonight I was going to fulfill my lust desires I thought . I crushed up 2mg of Xanax and stirred into her yogurt cup. Perfect now just another 15 minutes and she will be out. And she was.

My big white cock was rock hard as I carried her into her bedroom. I gently laid her down into the bed. I could not help but to pull those panties off of her and to stick them in my face and smell her sweet scent. She didn’t budge. She was out like a light.

After her panties were off her sweet round little bubble butt presented itself to me. I immediately spread her little ass cheeks and began to clean her dirty little asshole with my tongue. As she had just learned to be potty trained and didn’t wipe the best. Her ass tasted amazing and I began to fuck it with my tongue.

Stroking my cock I began to slide my wet pinky finger into her ultra tight little asshole. This only made me hornier and I rolled her over and began to eat her bald smooth little slit. Sliding my tongue inside of her little pussy. She tasted so good. I will never forget it.

Eventually I mounted her and began to rub cock up and her sweet little vulva. I was about to cum so I got up and stuck my cock into her mouth and exploded. She swallowed every drop of it while sleeping.

Not quite done yet I looked around her room and found a little round sucker which fit perfectly into her little asshole as I rolled her back over. I couldn’t help but to bend her legs up and smell and suck on her her dirty little kid feet. My cock was quickly between her smelly feet as I began to get the perfect foot job from this little girl. Once again ready to cum I dropped her legs . Spread her little ass apart and got the head of my cock up to her little asshole. Try as I may I could just barely get the tip in.

The sucker had opened her sexy little ass just enough. I tried thrusting and spreading her ass cheeks wide open. Slowly but surely I began to make my way in her sexy little asshole. It felt amazing. I didn’t want to hurt her so I only stuck the first few inches in which was still enough.

I came inside that sweet little baby butt like I had never came before. I pulled her little panties back up. Rolled her back over and began to stick my cock still hard into her mouth. I gently face fucked her until I fed her another load. Before cleaning her up.

I will never forget that night or her taste. Watching her grow up she still has an amazing ass and tits now.

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  • Reply John Ray. ID:blf5nmql

    If I was there she would have a very sore ass and pussy in the morning when she woke up.

  • Reply Daddy ID:duxviuxib

    Come on. 10 years old and only just potty trained, total BS story

  • Reply Ffffffff ID:145e2sploi9

    Little girls are meant to be raped….

    • Daddts slave 11 ID:barm7udv27r

      We are daddy!


    • Younghole ID:14s7e6rmk0b

      And fucked deep in the ass

  • Reply Ffffffff ID:145e2sploi9

    Fucking amazing!

  • Reply Unknown ID:1a912bhj

    Just curious, how old was she really?

    • Ffffffff ID:145e2sploi9

      Like touching my 4yr old niece at bath time…

    • p3d0girl19 ID:1d7kht0fa47o

      ffffffff mmm so hot i bet youd love to shove your cock in her little cunt and make her your toy

  • Reply Pervo ID:l74jty334ek

    Brilliant little story. I’d love that to have been my niece and my cock!

  • Reply Looking 4 Like-minded Chats ID:45xyquer8r9

    I’d be way to scared of getting caught, but the idea of sticking my cock in the mouth of someone sleeping is hot…


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    • John ID:2qkz4kdv1

      Yeah you have kik?

    • Horny Father ID:2bgp3mka8j

      I’m with you, but not only her mouth but every hole.

  • Reply The Hammer ID:5unv2a7d9j

    Knowing you fucked her when she was tiny and seeing her now and she don’t even know what happened…fucking glorious! I’d try to tap it again before she gets too old.