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turning my mouth into a mans personal disposal

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How my first gay encounter turned me into a submissive boy toy

This will be a short story considering there were really no words involved and it happened pretty quickly.

So I was walking home from school one day, just like every day. I had my own personal route that kept away from busy streets and solely stayed in quiet neighborhoods, my route also consisted of stretches of road but no housing, just greenery, like trees and small hedges for privacy. Basically, if you wanted to talk to neighbor across the street you would have to go to their driveway/sidewalk.

Anyway, during winter these roads would get moderately dark by the time I get into the neighborhood, I was walking my route when a black car pulled next to me with some pretty dark tints, like most kids i was taught all the rules about “stranger danger” but never actually worried about needing to resort to running or kicking and screaming, and today wasn’t any different. The man in this car wasn’t trying to be suspicious or lay low either, he simply pulled up to the curb beside me and rolled down his window, he was in the driver seat and i was standing on the sidewalk, by his passenger seat. I looked at the man as he started to smile, not much to him, he seemed like an actually pretty handsome guy.
He was wearing a tucked in blue button up and dark khaki pants, it seemed like he worked in the city, he was white and had brown eyes and dark brown hair that was slightly combed over his forehead, but you could still tell he had a sharp yet relaxed bone structure. The longer I looked at him the more I liked him.
He started by asking me how I’m doing and i responded with “fine” and kept eye contact with him.
(Keep in mind I was already pretty experienced and had an idea with what this guy wanted)
He did that thing where hed kinda slowly look me up and down and smirk, so i knew what he was looking for, I was just surprised he didn’t fit into the stereotype of a pervert.

As he talked to me a little more, asking me where Im coming from and where im going, and asking how old I was, to which I told him my real age, 15. His eyes got darker, his gaze definitely changed and I was actually getting pretty excited, i felt a bulge in my pants but chose to hide it by stepping closer to his car, to which he responded my pressing unlock. I thought about it for a second, I already had pretty intense fantasies at my age, like being gangraped by a group of men with large cocks, tearing my asshole. i was just uncertain whether or not this man wanted to fuck or kill me, or both. i stood there for about five seconds before shrugging and entering his car. i could tell he was surprised, I bet he thought I was stupid, i didn’t mind. He started trying to make small talk and move his hands in ways he thought i wouldn’t notice were gradually getting closer to my shoulder or thigh. At this point I asked him to find an empty road, he turned, smiled, and started the car.

After a minute of driving, the sun was pretty much out of sight and the tints weren’t even needed to block out someones vision, we parked and I took off his and my seatbelts. i reached over to his shirt and untucked it from his kackis, than unbuttoned them. I looked up at him, and he was biting on his knuckle and looking around, locking eyes with me, he asked “is this really happening?”
‘You can do whatever the fuck you want with me” I said, i knew he liked that, he lowered his gaze again and regained every ounce of his confidence it seemed like. He grabbed me by the back of my neck and told me to finish taking off his pants, which I giddily smiled and complied. I pulled his boxers down and there it was, his seven inch cock bulging in my hand, I still remember how hard I smiled. He wasted no time, he basically spat in my face telling me to open my mouth and keep it open, He pushed my head down with both hands and bucked his hips, forcing me to struggle and choke on his cock. He face fucked me like this for what seemed like hours, but it was the most fun ive ever had, his balls slapping against my cheek and being forced to suck on them while the spit on his cock covered my face. The taste of his precum, and not being able to resist him at all. Being forever cemented as nothing but a cum-dumpster for older men when he pumped his entire load on my tongue and down my throat.

He was kind enough to drive me home after that, and I gave him my backup snap, so we can keep in touch.

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  • Reply Bigun ID:4o7s3end2

    Good start but needs more detail about the sex.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1db4n0gtlbll

    Such a beautiful story. I so enjoyed

  • Reply matt ID:y1x5rgfxpyi

    i would have liked being you, butt i need to be fucked too

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    You’re my dream boy and remind me of when I was your age and got into strangers cars without a second thought! Tell me, do you like sniffing and licking hairy, smelly asscracks too?

  • Reply Pervy rob ID:2e08ka68rd

    Such a good little boy sucking that grown man’s cock what age did you first get your ass fucked and who by