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Part 2 of my young cousin and I

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Part 2 with my 10yo cousin how sucked me

I rushed to my room, I couldn’t believe my mom wasn’t mad, was she playing dumb like she didn’t see Grace sucking me… no she saw.. she had to.. and now she told me Grace was in my bad… fuck my balls were blue… I pushed the door open and saw her laying half way under the covers wearing a tshirt. My cock was already hard I started to play with it… make sure the door is closed I thought but then I thought mmmm fuck it and left it cracked. I turned off the hallway light and started to strip down.

I crawled in bed naked, moving the blanket seeing graces little ass… my one hand could cover her ass.. I started to feel her ass, touching it, rubbing it, having my finger go over her little ass hole… it was like the size of my pinky finger. My other hand was jerking my cock… it was throbbing .. I stopped and whipped off the precum and rub it on her lips like lipstick.. I spread open her legs and could see you little pussy… my god I thought.. her pussy was so tiny no way my cock would fit .. I started to rub it and Grace woke up.

What are you doing, she said , nothing seeing if you’re awake.. she said no I felt you .. and lifted the covers.. she looked at my hard throbbing 8 in cut cock.. I wiggled it back and forth and said come on do you want to lick it again. She giggled and started to move down… I pushed her head with one hand and the other held my cock.. grace started to lick my cock again… oh my god… her tiny tongue… I told her to suck on it and she did.. now I’m very verbal with my girlfriend so I starts to tell her suck my big dick grace, you like that don’t you, you like sucking dick.. mmhm and yeah is all she could mumble.. I pushed her head down till she gaged. She came up and said don’t do that.. I told her to stick her tongue out and and I began to slap it with my dick, and he side of her face… she started to laugh letting out this incredible innocent kid laugh.. omg I thought.. how hot this was… I noticed the hallway light turn on and heard foot steps. I pushed graces head back down on my dick so she stopped laughing.. I was holding my breath and I felt grace hand grab my balls and squeeze them. Oh fuck I said loudly .. she did it again…. Mmm fuck grace suck by cock baby, suck it.. how old are you I asked her with my dick in her mouth, 10 she mumbled.. what how old are you, i pulled my dick out and she laughed saying I’m 10 silly loudly, good girl suck my cock.. I noticed the hallway light turn off and heard footstep walk away..

I was about to cum, I was holding back for so long.. without warning to grace I started to cum shooting a large load in her mouth… she pulled away and I continue to cum all over face. I’m cuming I yelled.. my 10 year old cousin just made me cum so much more then I have… I noticed grace licking her lips and whipping her face.. taste it said it’s good.. grace started to eat my cum swallowing it.. she said I’m all messy now I said you did a good job I’m super happy.. but this our secret … she said ok and told me she had to go to the bathroom.. I ended up cleaning up a bit and falling asleep.. I was worn out.. and just had the best cum of my life. I remember closing my eyes wondering if my girlfriend would be mad..

When I woke up grace was out of bed, where is she I thought the door was open and I could smell breakfast.. they already ate. Grace was still in her tshirt and I looked at her to see if there was any cum left on her face.. my mom looked at me and said don’t forget I’m leaving so the house is all yours.. grace said yea we get to stay here and play and hugged me.. her head was next to my dick and for some reason I fought myself putting my hand on the back of her head.. yes we will I thought.. my mom looked at me and said I’ll call you when I’m on my way back and gave me a look.. ok I said and she left..

Now what are going to do.. I say on the couch and grace started to play with some toys, as she bent over I saw her hole ass… fuck fuck fuck I thought she still isn’t wearing underwear.. and my dick started to get hard.. grace do you want to watch a movie come here and I patted the couch. She didn’t want to at first but I found a nice kids movie and put it on… she sat next to me and I told her lay down .. I moved her head onto my lap and brought hand to my cock.. when I did this it exposed her tiny ass… I said remember this.. she said yes do you want me to lick it again she giggled.. mmm yes and I pulled my dick out… Grace didn’t hesitate, she started to lick and suck my cock… like this right? Yes.. I said as I was moving my hand down her back.. my phone rang.. it was my girlfriend.. I ignored it… grace kept sucking my snd I started to play with her ass.. moving finger by her asshole and to her tiny pussy.. I was in heaven .. I was playing with a 10 year olds pussy and she was ducking my cock… my phone rang again, it was my girlfriend again.. face time … I held it close to my head and answered it.. what’s up I said… my girlfriend was changing standing there topless.. she was upset I didn’t call her last night and what my plans were for today… getting sucked by my cousin is what I thought … nothing I said I have to baby sit I told her.. while grace was sucking me and my other hand was in her ass. I wanted to point the phone down but I didn’t I said I love you and hung up.. grace started to make fun of me.. you love her you love her she said.. I told her to keep sucking and pushed her head down.. my phone rang again… wtf I thought.. it was my mom.. hello I said .. she said how is it going… good we are watching a movie… yeah my mom said maybe watch the movie in your room there is a nanny camera over the tv.. just wanted to remind you… my eyes locked on the camera… oh fuck… how did I forget.. it was pointed right at me and grace.. grace spit my cock out but kept holding onto it.. I hung up the phone and stood up. I thought my mom didn’t say anything else… and all the sudden it hit me.. fuck it I don’t care… I took my shirt off… stood there naked.. told grace to stand up I took her shirt… I picked her up I could feel her warm pussy on my stomach and said can I show you something.. I want to show you where my dick goes she giggled and said ok.. and I carried her to my room.

* part three coming *** leave your comments below

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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0b

    Verdammt ich würde das Gefühl so gerne kennen steck deinen harten schwanz in ihr enges Arschloch und nimm ihr die Unschuld ficke sie in ihre unschuldige kleine enge fotze

    • Mike y ID:1ds9mpsjdgl4

      I want to see you anal gape her maybe fist her little holes 🤤

  • Reply Hornypervboy ID:1d23ou8ycbdt

    Part 3 is coming up… comment below if you know the feeling a tight little pussy

    • Yo2023 ID:1d8tvqtdzzgx

      Dude I’m looking forward to part 3. Please post soon

  • Reply AbsolutelyNoOne ID:3055s3lqr9

    Nice story, can’t wait for pt. 3

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Breed that 10yr old, put a baby into her belly