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Christmas morning

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I wake up suddenly on Christmas morning when my daughter Emily jumps onto the bed. Climbs on top of me and starts shaking me. “Santa came , daddy! Santa came. Wake up and come downstairs. I’ve been waiting for you forever!” Groggy and still half asleep, I respond “ ok sweetheart, I’ll be down in a minute “ Emily impatiently yelling “ now daddy, come now” jumping off the bed she grabs my covers and ya is them off of me. Trying not to make my morning wood to obvious. I try to adjust it as I stand up quickly. Wearing only grey boxer briefs. I move towards my dresser to grab some pajama pants and a t shirt. Emily standing in the room with a huge smile super excited to open her Christmas presents. She giggles at me while I get pants on. She is in her little cotton Nightgown that she wears almost every night since she got it last Christmas. She definitely was outgrowing it . When she got it , it went almost to her knees and now it barely covers her ass. she turns and runs out of the bedroom . I take my time to get ready and then make my way downstairs.

I come down the stairs to the sight of my daughters ass, on her knees , on the floor , leaning down reading names on gifts under our Christmas tree . The entire living room flooded with gifts, most for Emily. My wife Sarah sitting in the lounge chair in her short robe and slippers.

Sarah and I make eye contact. Sarah smiles at me letting me know she saw the first thing that I stared at for a long time as I came down was our daughters pantie covered ass and little cunt from behind. It had become something Sarah and I joked about and commented about how our daughter constantly was flashing us. We Thought as she got older she would cover her body more at home but it definitely went the opposite way. Outgrowing most of her clothes , ever her panties are too small for her. her body on display every night. Sarah knew it drove me crazy. She knew I liked it. She would play with my cock on the couch under blanket with Emily around . She started stealing Emilys panties that we saw her in and wearing them to bed. Where we do dirty daddy daughter role play nightly.

I head to the kitchen to make pancakes and eggs. We force Emily to be patient and wait until after breakfast to open all her gifts. But we let her go through her stalking while I cook. She pulls out a lot of makeup and candy but one item stands out. A little battery powered “ back massager” . Me and Sarah thought she might be able to figure out a better way to used on her own.

We finish breakfast and Emily ask “ can we open presents yet!” I smile, ok sweetheart let’s go. Emily runs and slides on the floor almost running into the tree. Sarah and I walk behind her and sit together on the couch. We drink coffee and watch Emily open her gifts. Tons of new clothes. I can’t say we didn’t purposely buy her outfits we wanted to see Her in, and tons of cute shear panties in all cunts and still a little small for her. She got so excited at all the adult panties and cute clothes she ran out of the room at one point. Tearing her cloth off on her way out of the room. Coming back wearing a new nightie and new panties Santa just got her. I have to hold a pillow over my crotch all morning. My morning wood never got taken care of and the sights this morning have been amazing. Sarah keeps reaching over and feeling my cock throughout the morning.

It’s takes an hour to open all the gifts and by the end Emily is crashing from all the sugar this morning and is sitting in the lounge chair texting her friends about all her gifts. Me and Sarah’s cuddle on the couch. Sarah is straight up stroking my cock under a blanket. I push her legs apart and run my hand up to her leg to find she has not been wearing panties under her robe all morning. My 2 fingers slide into her soaking wet cunt. We try to stay quiet both of us looking at our sexy little daughter in her new nightie.

Then Sarah says to Emily “sweetheart are you ready to give daddy his Christmas gift. “ she answers with an eager smile “ Now?”
Sarah quickly replies “ yes sweetheart right now. “ Emily walks over and stands in front of me. “ mommy says for Christmas you want me daddy” she lifts her nightie and sticks a bow right to her panties. I look up and her stunned . Her face beat red. Nervous. Sarah chimes in l go ahead hunny open your gift. I reach out and pull off the bow. Emily smiles at me. I run my hands up and down her hips and down her legs and back up stopping with both hands on her ass. Sarah pulls away the blanket that was over me. I pull Emily forward and kiss her over her panties right on her slit. She giggles. I look up at her and we make eye contact. Her with a huge smile on her face. I pull her ass to me again. This time kissing and running my tongue over her slit over her panties. Squeezing her ass and pulling to into me.

Sarah moves to the chair and pulls out a phone and starts filming us. I pull Emily’s panties to the side so I can run my tongue over her smooth little pussy lips. Spreading her lips with my tongue. She spreads her legs wide enjoying her licking. Sarah asks her “ you like that sweetheart “
“ mmm yes mmm mm mommy “
“Ok , now do what I told you”
“ n n n n now?”
“Yes, right now!”

With that said Emily gets down on her knees in front of me Sarah say “ sit back and relax sweetheart. Sarah moves down next to her daughter and helps her pulls off my boxers. My thick cock springs out . Emily’s eyes get wide looking at it. Sarah pushes her daughters head forward with one hand and take my cock in her other hand guiding it into her daughter’s mouth. Emily gags and coughs and her mother just keeps encouraging her. Pushing her head down. Telling her how good she is doing . I watch my daughter sober and suck my cock . I look at Sarah who just smiles and says Marry Christmas hunny .

I stand up now completely naked, and look down at my daughter. “ take your nightie off sweetie “ I say. She stands and does as she is told. “ now your panties” she pushes them down and steps out of them. I stare at her. “Turn around “ I order as she dose I move her and bend her over the side of the couch. She giggles as I push her legs abart. “ hehehe daddy” nervously. “ what are you doing” “ daddy is going to use his new toy he got for Christmas “ I say as I position my cock on her wet slit. I start to push her pussy resisting letting me in. Emily starts moans and gasps and wines . I start at get frustrated. My thick cock wants to be deep inside this tiny cunt so bad. I start pushing aggressively. Holding Emily’s hips push the head of my cock past her little opening. Emily cry’s out “DADDY” as I work more and more of my cock into her. Sarah’s videos and runs her fingers through Emily’s hair . She starts talking dirty to her daughter “ that’s a good girl, take that big cock , take all of it! Your daddy’s little cum slut now! I pick up speed finally balls deep in my little girl. Emily spasms and then goes limp. I just keep pounding. Sarah now making her daughter talk back. “ tell daddy your cunt is all his , tell him what a good cum slut you’re going to be. “ Emily tries to respond to her mother’s commands . Having a hard time catching her breath. Building toward a second orgasm.

Emily’s juices running off my balls and down my leg like a facet . I finally pull out my cock and tell her to stand up. I sit on the couch and pull her onto my lap. Immediately pulling her down on my cock. I pull her up and down. Until she starts riding like a good girl. Holding daddy’s shoulders . Bouncing on daddy’s cock. Sarah still holding the video camera. Sits down and start fingering herself yelling demands at her daughter. “ make daddy cum sweetheart, be daddy’s cum slut. You’ve been a fucking tease long enough. Make daddy fill your little cunt with cum!”

I grab Emily’s little ass and start piling her down hard and fast. My cock throbs inside her. The pressure building. I hold back as long as I can feeling her juices soak the couch cushion under me. Finally I burst . I hold her tight with my cock as deep as I can. I feel myself shooting burst after burst of cum. We stay still for a while. Emily exhausted collapses limp on my lap. Still strateling me with my cock deep inside her.

Then Sarah come over and helps her daughter off my cock and lays her on her back on the floor. “ mommy is going to clean you up before you get ready to go to grandmas. She leans down and starts licking her daughters cum filled pussy. I pick up the camera that Sarah put down and video Emily squirming around while her mother hold her ass and pulls her dirty cunt into her mouth .

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    Love the story. Made it feel so real to me as Emily is my young daughters name. Please continue with the story and show us what happens at Grandma’s house and after.

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    Nothing like breeding a nice young cunt, maybe by next Christmas Santa will have made her a mommy as well

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