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Release From A Kind Nurse

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quick story of a real event during recovery after surgery

Few years ago i had to go to the hospital for surgery underneath my balls and they had to cut a large hole… anyways it has to be packed everyday. well one day i go in for my doctors visit after weeks of healing the nurse takes me back into the room and makes me strip down and she redresses the bandage. i was talking to her about not being able to get an erection. well she suggested i wait a couple days but saw how nervous i was she suggested i looked at adult magazines to entice myself. now let me describe this nurse shes about 5’5 110 lbs about 40 years old shoulder blonde hair and glasses she was cute like your best friends mom. well i still had been naked and all the talking of porn actually got me excited and my cock started getting hard and we tried to ignore it at first. she and i started making jokes like well i guess no problems there. but we were waiting for it to go down before putting the bandage on. well waiting just made me harder! so i got a quick thought. “ooooh it hurt my incision!” so the nurse start to almost panic to help my pain. she tried freeing my mind and nothing helped… mainly cuz i didnt want it to… i was hoping worst case i had to jack off at a hospital. then the nurse said “WE need to relieve you to take the pain away”…. then a little pause “relieve?” i said trying to sound embarrassed “Yes relieve. through a scrotal massage.” she said it as though it was a therapy they had at the hospital. “well how do i do it” i said. She replied with the best answer ever “You dont do it, I will. I believe if you do it you may injure the incision, just lay back.” so im hard as a rock as i lay down. she reaches over and grabs some KY jelly and squirted a little in her hand and rolled her stool over in front of my rod and slowly spread the jelly over my shaft. then she said “ok now im going to begin” “oh you go right on ahead” i let slip out. and so she started slowly stroking my cock up and down up and down up and down every time she come up she would kind of pinch the head and tightly squeeze on the way down. she had so soft hands it was great. after awhile she started using two hands one ontop of the other twisting both hands while she stroked up and down my hard cock. it felt so good she stroked my cock for 10 minutes before i started to feel something “oh yeah”i whispered “make me cum” i let out again. then i hear the nurse say “let me know when you are ready to ejaculate so i can aim” “Go faster, please it feels so good” was all i could say and she did with one hand she pumped me hard and fast and right as i came i let out a big moan and she let out a little “oh” and aimed my hard prick to the bottle. she was so good she kept pumping till it was all out and even whipped the tip with her fingers and cleaned me up and when i looked at her next i saw some of my cum next to her eye and i swear to god i told her and she whipped it off with her finger and sucked down her mouth. and let out a small “mmmmmmmmh” and i told her how great that felt and a huge thank you. she smiled and helped me get dressed. then walked me to the hall and said you just let me know if you have ANY more problems and gave me a BIG smile.

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