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The lonely girl at night pt2

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Part 2 is when I start to blackmail her but she’s to easy so going for the mother too

I had been going through her emails and social media accounts and she hadn’t told anyone and it had been over 2 months so I was going to put my plan into operation .

First thing to do was contact her on her social media snap chat seemed a good one so I snapped her saying I know your secret and left it a few minutes later a reply what you mean ,me back what you done in a van a few months ago .
Nothing for a while then I don’t know what your on about I messaged back look in Facebook messenger I’ve sent you something, I had sent a photo of her naked on the van bed .
Message back how did you get this what you want .I had to think wether to go straight for it or go slow , I decided slow so messaged back because I was there , what you want came back go on facetime now I want see you.
No came back the reply, I’ve got all your contacts if you don’t all you friends and family will see the photos and videos.
She said OK and she facetimed the user I was using she looked as if in her bedroom and it looked nice clean everything was expensive I could see her long blonde hair and she had glasses on she hadn’t before .
I asked who was in she said her ,where was her mother at work she said good now I want to see all of you stand up give me a twirl she did she had on a white t shirt and a denim skirt and looked like black tights and white trainers .
Nice I replied all she could see of me was my middle no face .
What do you want She asked You I replied I want to see you do things for me you will do anything I ask or I send everything , she pleased please don’t send I will do it what do you want me do, I was going go easy at first so I just asked her take of your tshirt and sit in your bra she took her tshirt of over her head there she shouted I told her stop shouting what size bra are you 32b she said. PERFECT I replied now I want you to take off your skirt, by now I had my dick out wanking She was watching me as she stripped off she was wearing black tights so I told her take them off and slowly she took off to reveal matching panties they were white and had little hearts on my cock was hard now I had a 13 year old on my laptop in bra and panties doing what I asked I told her pull her panties to one side and finger herself whi h she did and she started to cry as she slid 2 fingers in her pussy i could see the juices on her fingers as she slid them in she was about to orgasm and I was about to shoot and did it at the same time , she fell back and collapsed on her bed her legs open the lips of her pussy red and wet .
I told her pull her panties back up I want to look at her then started asking her questions .
Q1 where her mother worked
A1 in a garage on till
Q2 is she always alone when her mother at work
A2 yes her mother works 2 shifts 6to 2 2 to 10
Q3 how old was her mother ( I had seen photos on facebook)
A3 29
Q4 why did you not tell anyone what I did
A4 because I was scared and also I liked it
Q5 if you liked it can I do again
A5 don’t know
Q6 can we meet
A6 maybe
I was getting interested or could it be a trap but I wanted to fuck her again and she’s only 13 and I would love fuck her mother I could blackmail her mother too .
Before we went off I told her same time tomorrow and wear black underwear ,she replied I havnt any ,look in your mother’s stuff but I want you in black and if your good I will give you a present that you like. what? She asked
COKE I replied
She smiled and softly said for that I will do anything anything anything and I do mean anything as I can’t afford it .
I knew I could groom her and I wanted her mother too and I knew they were living beyond there needs and I had a plan a big plan

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    Loving it

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    Keep this foi g . I would love to have a 13 year old at my disposal