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My new neighbor Diane #3

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3 weeks after drugging my neighbor I get another opportunity .

Both Bob and Kath got back home a few days after my weekend with Diane. When Diane had got together with my wife for coffee, she did not mention that she and I had spent time together at her house or that she had spent the night at ours. Diane kept looking over at me the whole time we were visiting. Then Valerie stopped and talked me into kicking the ball around in the back yard. She had her socker outfit on which showed off her shapely legs. Passing and blocking the ball let me make lots of body contact with her. Out of view form the house I tripped her up and the two of us did a tumble on to the ground with me landing against her and pinning her to the ground. She laughed at how I landed on top of her. I was slow to get up making sure that my crotch pressed into hers before I did. Once I was to my feet, I pulled Valerie up to hers and the two of us were at it again.
We continued back and forth, ending up numerous times all tangled up together on the ground. The last tumble put me between her legs, my cock started to become erect as it pressed against her crotch. I could feel her push her cunt against me. Then struggled to get up which I let her. Then we went in and joined the two ladies. After visiting for hours, I found out that Dianes husband was going out of town again and as luck had it so was Kath. Valerie had a socker game then and I was not sure of the rest of her schedule but would work around that.
That first night I invited Diane to go with me to Valeries game. Diane agreed and we watch Valerie play that first JV game then left. Valerie was going to stay for the varsity game and would be home later. Diane and I went for supper then I talked her into drinks at my house. It did not take much convincing of her, so she did. I proceeded to get her drunk, then drugged her drink before I went to pick up Valerie from her game. Diane was very lightheaded so was glad that she did not have get her daughter. Valerie was pleasantly surprised at getting picked up by me, she was ok with stopping at my house because her mom was there already. When we walked in Diane was already passed out. Valerie shook her head looking at her mom, then told me that her mom has been drinking a lot since her dad has been gone so much. I told Valerie that it was ok, I could let both her and her mom sleep in the spare room for tonight. Valerie was ok with that, but she had to clean up she was still in her socker uniform. She did not have any extra clothes along, so I gave her one of Kath’s gowns and robe for tonight.
While she was in the shower, I moved her passed out mom to my bedroom and deposited her on my bed. Soon Valerie was done and came out to where I was. I had made a pizza and invited her to sit and share it with me. I had also made her a special drink that would let her fall soundly to sleep. After about an hour Valerie was sleeping, I was able to pick her up and move her to the spare bedroom. It was so tempting to play with this sweet thing as I laid her down. Her fresh smell, her slender sexy legs exposed as her robe parted. Yes, she was one cute girl buck I would have to train and have her all to myself for a longer time. I took off to my bedroom and got undressed, then took Diane’s shoes and socks off. Her jeans then followed with next her sweater. I crawled up by her then pulled her up to unhook her bra. I tossed it over the side as both her breasts sprang free. Her dark brown nipples became erect, her skin covered with goosebumps from the cool air. I hooked her bikinis with my fingers and slowly tugged them down under her hips, then her legs, and off. Diane had shaved most of her pubic hair off except for a narrow strip just above her thick clit.
I hungerly dove in spreading her thighs wide apart, my mouth lapped and sucked Diane’s hot cunt. She had a great taste as I licked then started to finger fuck her wet pussy. Diane moaned, her breathing became faster and faster. My mouth found her and hungerly kissed and sucked hers. I scooped up her legs then positioned myself between and lowered down until my cock felt the wet hot heat of her vagina. I thrusted and sank a good half of my cock deep inside her. Diane let out a cry feeling it pressure her wide open. I pulled back and thrusted again driving myself deeper. Diane ‘s legs started to shake against me. Her moans becoming louder and louder as her little cunt stretches to accommodate my size. I begin to hammer her driving all 9 inches into her, my heavy full balls wrap hard against her ass as I fuck her. The head of my cock is slamming against her hard cervix . Diane trembles and shakes. I can feel her vagina gripping my cock as it goes in and out. Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, Diane cries out then I explode and shoot thick loads of my sperm deep inside Dianes vagina. I don’t stop and keep fucking until I come again spraying more of my seed into her sloppy wet sucking cunt. I finally collapsed down on her and rest to catch my breath.
I soon recover and fuck Diane again. She is unknowingly becoming a willing partner as I fill her full of my creamy seed. I try to keep this up the whole night that is until…….the next story…

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  • Reply nitecaptain ID:44oefqglqra

    Diane #4 is coming soon. Because my neighbor is so close and handy to get at, things are progressing quite fast. Diane has been counting and leaning on me for a lot since her husband has been so unavailable lately. Kathy my wife has been traveling a lot more for business and our own sex life has been laxed.

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    This is a hot story , keep it going until you get into Valerie’s tight virgin hole .

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    5 I hope

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    How old?

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      Hi how old are u huh

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      Hey wassup beautiful