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What Happened in Vegas

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Sometimes, it comes back around to you…

You’ve probably never heard of him, Rob Makris? Despite all his efforts to become rich, and famous, he was a bit ahead of the curve. First, he got in on the tech boom right out of college, and then created an App for Real Estate speculators in the early OOs.

Unless you’re into that, or ever used Flippr to buy, and sell homes, you probably never heard of him. I knew him in college, or I thought I did. My husband got a job at his company, and even became an executive of course, but I never liked him.

Maybe it was just the way he kept trying to seduce me, even after I was married, he would come around when my husband was at work. Knowing that he was at work, and offering to wait for him with m. Until I got pregnant, had kids, and I suppose you could say that I let myself go.

I bounced back from my first child, Donald Jr. I know, a son named Donald Jr. In the real estate business, but let me assure you, it’s just a coincidence. Neither of them are anything like that, privileged, slick, and slimy, with intentions for political power.

TBPH, Donald (Sr.) is happy. Modest, reasonably well to do, but satisfied with that. A good income, nice house, but no aspirations for more. He knew when to quit, and basically enjoyed early retirement. He still works at the company, but as it’s mostly online, he rarely has to go into the office. So, he can stay at home, with the kids, and I.

Even after I had our daughter, Edna. There were complications, I needed a C section, after they had to induce, because she took so long. She came out over 10 pounds, and my abs never recovered from the pantiline scar. He told me how much he loved the changes in my body, without resorting to anything cliche like “More to love,” but as usual, he was satisfied with what he had. He didn’t settle, for anything, he just knew when to quit.

Then, we got invited to some industry convention, in Las Vegas. Got a massive family suite from the company, tickets to watch Penn&Teller, shows, my husband wasn’t a gambler, and even if he was, he wouldn’t blow our entire savings like that, knowing when to cut his losses, or collect his winnings. He wasn’t a heavy drinker, never really got into drugs, aside from briefly smoking when he was a teenager, then quit in his 20s, when we’re dating.

I assumed that he had no vices, or was immune to the temptations of this infamous city, but then Rob came bye the suite, and made one last pass at me. He showed me a video, on his tabletphone. That’s all he used, and while he was aware of keeping all his eggs in 1 basket, he had the Cloud for backup, and also talked about the convenience of not needing a computer. In borish detail, it was a bit of an affectation, his way of showing off.

Look at me, and how hip I am, with the latest tech gizmo, and all my money. I never found that attractive, even when it was just a dream for the future, but I have to admit that he did it. Everything he swore he would do, other than being a household name. He brought wine, and said he had to show me something, but he took video.

From a whorehouse, of my husband getting a lap-dance, but this wasn’t just a hands free strip club. It was a sex club, because that sort of thing is legal in Nevada, under certain circumstances. So, he could touch her huge silicone rack, and squeeze her nipples together, so he could lick, and suck them both at once.

‘that doesn’t turn you on?’

“No, you fucking pervert, get out, and take your disgusting smut with you!” Honestly, I was ashamed, and I felt like, well. I had these friends, when I was younger. A lot younger, we were in 8th grade together, they were best friends, and they told me about this man that had picked them up. Showed them a dirty movie on the VCR, and how they played together, while he watched.

Lesbos, something lesbos. Maybe Young Lesbos, or Tiny Teen Lesbos, I don’t know. I didn’t think about it for years, but they tried to get me to play along with them, or at least watch them kissing, and start to undress each other. It made me uncomfortable, and I finally left them, to get on with it alone.

That’s how Rob made me feel. I imagine how Karla, and Lindsey should have felt, when that perverted old man approached them, but it turns out that they weren’t just best friends. They were lovers, and eventually came out as a couple. Got married, and adopted when it became legal to do so, but I’m not that kind of woman. I wasn’t that kind of girl, even as a teenager.

I only wanted a man, one good man, and I found him. Married him, and loved him, only for him to give into that temptation, in a moment of weakness. He was drunk, I felt betrayed, and thought seriously about leaving him, but then the thought of living without him was even more painful, and I was just waiting for the proper time to talk about it.

I waited too long, merely a couple days later, we’re leaving, and Edna. She’s named after my mother, it’s a tradition from my side of the family, but the name skips every other generation, so that we don’t have to worry about too much confusion.

She watched the plane empty out, quietly, and even couples kissing, which stabbed me in the heart, but then she turned to us, and asked, “Mom, what’s an open marriage?”

“Uh,” Donny looked nervous, and my throat tried to push my tongue out of my mouth, so I’d choke on it, somehow? That’s how I felt, so I couldn’t speak, just try to breathe. “Well,” he leaned over, “Sometimes, a husband, and wife agree to see other people.” He tried to put his arm around me, but I shrugged him off, and he looked at me. Realizing that I knew, that he had cheated on me, at a whorehouse. I turned away, and cleared my throat.

“Like mommy, and Uncle Robby.” she nodded.

“No, I. Never, once slept with him.” I looked back, and forth, caught between them, but my husband got up, and wouldn’t look at me. “Donny, darling. Look at me, look me in the eye when I tell you this.” He finally looked back, but he didn’t turned around. “He tried, so many times that I lost count. He even showed me the video from the.”

Right in front of the kids, I looked over at them, and the dirty grin on my son’s face shocked me.

“Cathouse?” Edna nodded. “Mom, why do they call it that, when there’s no pussycats?”

“Uh!” I felt sick, and dizzy, but finally, my husband turned around, and squatted down in front of her.

“Where did you hear about this?”

“Uncle Robby.” I had no idea that he was this devious, or depraved, but even before she said it, I dreaded hearing the truth from her, so I held her ears, for some reason. As if that would keep her from talking, I looked around. “We better go somewhere, that we can talk about this, more privately.”

My husband looked back, at the stewardess, looking down at the counter. He shook his head, “We can take another plane, come on.” He held out his hand, but I got up, and he helped Edna up, instead.

“I’m confused,” she said. “Why do you want an open marriage?”

“We don’t.” I looked at Donny, and he looked away, ashamed as he should be. “Robert lied to you. He lied to all of us, and we better get to the bottom of,” she giggled. “Wipe that dirty grin off your face young lady, this isn’t funny.”

“In here,” my husband held the door for the smoker’s lounge. “Or out here.” He held the door.

“Honey, you quit.”

“No, not to smoke.” He had to raise his voice, over the sound of turbojets, because the windows were just painted metal screens. Too heavy for you to break through, and jump out to the tarmac below. Or push him, or any of the other violent/self destructive thoughts running through my head. “Wait out there.”

Another thing, about the smoker’s lounge was that the children were too young to go out there. 14, and 11, too young to be exposed to this. Fucked up, pardon my French, but there’s no better word to describe it, and it all came back to that, sick, creepy perverted man.

“In here.” Our son nodded, smiling wryly, but held his sister’s hand. We went in the corner, out of earshot of the smokers, and kept our voices down. “I’m sorry, I never ment to hurt you like that, but can’t you see what he’s trying to do?”

“Of course, he’s always been jealous of you and I, for 20 years now, and he tried to use that. Video to seduce me again, this weekend.”

He shook his head, “He set me up, but you’re not supposed to have recording equipment in the club. They confiscated our phones, and everything, but he had these glasses. Not his normal glasses, I’d never seen them before, but they had horn rims.” he held his hands up, on either side of his head, pointing at his temples with his thumbs, “And gems in front of the arms. I think those might have been cameras.”

I nodded, “Well it was in 3D.” I held my arms, and shivered. “Hhuh, he put some sun glasses on my, so i could see it, in 3D. It was disgusting, and.” I shook my head, but finally, just gave up. “I forgive you, can you just hold me, a moment?” Before I broke down on his shoulder, but he lowered his voice, when the airplane taxied away.

‘I didn’t know what he was doing, but he tricked me. He didn’t tell me where we’re going, he said it was a surprise, and then he payed for a woman, for a threesome, and he asked me to pick one out. I wasn’t really attracted to her, and I know that I’m a little too old for peer pressure, but.”

“He’s not your peer.” I looked up, “He owns the company, and he always lorded his wealth over you, to make you jealous of him. Like he was always jealous of you, for me loving you, instead of him. I forgive you.”

“I believe you, and even if he had, succeeded in seducing you, I know him well enough to see that he would have recorded it, just to hurt me. That’s part of his revenge, I can see that now. But what can we do about it?”

I just shook my head, and put my head down on his shoulder. He held me, until I stopped crying…


Edna (fm Sibs)

“Hoho, man!” Don clapped, and rubbed his hands together, “He’s so going to jail.”

I thought he ment dad, “What for?” Shaking my head, but mom made up with him right away, on the smoking porch. “I don’t think they send men to jail for cheating.”

“Oh no. Not dad, stupid.”

“I’m not stupid.”

“Uncle Rob.”

“What for? He didn’t do anything.”

“Didn’t he show you dad and him having sex with that whore?” I nodded, then shook my head. “Wait, how did you know they both did it?”

He laughed, “Because he showed me too, but. Well.” He thought, and then he shrugged. “I guess that’s illegal for me too, since I’m not 18 yet, but when did he show you?”

“When mom, and dad were out on a date, to watch the magic show.” I thought. “And you’re out driving his Audi.”

“Yeah, huh.” He rubbed his chin. “Now that you mention it, I couldn’t have gotten that lucky on my own. You think he put his driver up to it?”

“Letting you drive his car around?”

“Yeah, to get me out of the suite.” He grinned, “She jerked me off.”

“Oh!” I hadn’t thought about that. “Maureen?” I didn’t laugh, since I’d heard that joke so many times before, it was no longer funny. Because she’s a Marine, retired, but she always said, once a Marine, always a Marine, and also, she spelled it wrong, before. That was another joke, “M. O. R. O. N. Ma’Reen.”

“Hahahah. Yeah, her.” He looked up, and sighed. I never actually saw him smile, and sigh light that. Almost like a lovesick schoolgirl, I never saw any boy do that before.

“You must really love her, huh?”

“No?” he pushed my shoulder, “Come on, man.”

“Where we going?” I joked.

“Crazy, and you’re driving.” He joked back.

“Well, it’s a short drive.” I Bob Hoped. “More like a putt, really.”

He shook his head. “Huh?”

“You know, Golf?”

“I don’t get it.”

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes, “Well, if I have to explain it, it ruins the joke.”

“Well, irregardless. We’re not in love, she just, well.” He grinned. “It was a pretty good tugger, but she had her armor on. So, I couldn’t really feel her tits.”

“Huh!” I stopped rubbing my tummy, remembering the mess daddy, and uncle Robby left on that big titted dancer’s body, and felt up to my top. “Me too.”

“You what?”

“Huh,” I looked around, “We better go somewhere more private, where we can talk, and keep an eye on mom, and dad, but I can’t wait to tell you.”


I giggled, and waved him down. ‘I jerked off Uncle Robby, too.’

“Ooh, slut!” He joked, so i laughed.

“So, not any sluttier than that Maureen!” She’s really his bodyguard, but she also drives the car, since that’s what she did in the Marines. She drove an armored Hummer, though. She wasn’t wounded, or nothing, but they let her quit, on section 8. For PTSD, since she lost so many machinegunners, but I remember the photos she had in her “Office.” That’s the front seat, she always put them up on the visor, to look at. Her in uniform, and armor, standing next to the door, while her lover was up in the sun roof, with the Ma Deuce. That’s what she called it, the .50 cal.

“Huh! I think I want to join the Army. Like Aunt Maureen, but not the Marines. Maybe the Army, though. So, I can get my hands on a big .50 cal Machinegun.”

“Yeah, they let women in combat now, but be careful. So you shoot them, before they shoot you.”

“Okay, I promise.”

“I don’t want to lose you, like she lost all her boyfriends, on the machinegun.”

“Well, maybe they’ll let me drive, then. So I can jerk, and suck them off, while they’re on the machinegun.”

“She told you about that?”

“Of course. We’re girls, so we talked about girl stuff. You know, what the best sex she ever had was.”

“Oh, huh!” he nodded. “So, that’s why she likes machinegunners so much.”

“Yeah, huh.”

“Too bad she didn’t suck me off while I was driving.”

“You got a boner?”

“Yeah.” He had his jacket on, and his shirt untucked, so it hung down under his jacket, and I couldn’t tell.

“Let’s go to the bathroom, real quick. It looks like they’re going to be out there a while.” I bet it’s gonna take mommy forever to forgive him for what he and uncle Robby did with that whore. Now I get it, they don’t want to call it a whore house, so they call it a cathouse instead. If you think about it, that’ makes them the pussy-cats. “Hihmn!”

“So,” he checked the stalls first, “what’s the sexiest thing you ever done?”

“Well, uncle Robby came by the room, and he asked me if I had nobody to play with. So, he played with me. First dolls, and then dressup. He said that it’s a shame that I didn’t have any nicer underwear, like Barbie, so then we went shopping.” I pulled up my dress. “He got me these,” pretty silk lacy frilly panties, “And this bra.” I pulled it up over my head, “To match.” Not pink, but red. Deep dark red.

“What do you need a bra for, anyway?”

“To look sexy, of course.” I pulled my arms out, and handed him the dress. “Can you hang this up, on the hooks?”

“Of course,” he turned back around, but just long enough to hang it by the straps.

“So, how do I look?” I turned, all most all the way around, but stopped halfway, so I could twist my waist, and puff out my chest. Just like I practiced in the mirror, so you can see my butt, and my titties at the same time.

“Sexy, you look so sexy in that underwear.”

“Thanks! Then, I danced for him, like this.” Like the ladies in the cathouse, trying to be the one they wanted most. Bad enough to take back into the room, and get their dicks out. “Sit down, over here.” I had to move around, to let him get to the toilet.

“Did he touch you?”

“Not right away, but then he let me dance on his lap.” I bent over, instead of sitting down on his lap, right away. Pulled his collar out, so he unbuttoned his jacket, and I could slip it off his shoulders. His shirt felt warm, and I even felt a little muscle when he breathed. Down his tummy, puffing in, and out. I pulled up his shirt to feel under it, and straddled his knees. “Then, he started kissing my neck. Feeling my legs, and squeezing my butt.”

“Huh, you’re so hot. I mean, you’re sexy hot, but also, your neck is hot.”

“Huh, yeah.” I started humping, just to feel my panties slip up and down in his hands. “So hot for you. I want your penis inside me, but I know I can’t have it.”

“You’re my sister.”

“And I’m too young to go all the way,” no way it can fit, I already know it’s way too big, but that doesn’t stop me wanting it. “but I’ll settle for second best.”

“Second base?” he let go of my butt, and felt up to my bra.

“Huh, take it off. Take it off of me first.” I don’t even know what he did. Uncle Robby, in my panties, but I just had to get my fingers in there, and it didn’t really matter what I did with them. “Hhuh!” The straps popped out of his fingers, and then he went right back for my tits. My bare little titties, and I moved up his lap, to hump my knuckles into his belly, and let him kiss my nipples. Lick, and suck them, driving me wild. “Hhuh, I didn’t get to go this far with him. He didn’t take my underwear off, but don’t stop. Oh god, HUH?”

I held my breath, and held still. Shivering, when I heard a thump. The door, and then footsteps. My brother picked up my legs, and put them on the wall, behind the toilet. So if the man looked under the stalls, he wouldn’t see them hanging down. All the way on the end, in the handicap stall, but I just held onto him, and tried not to breathe too loud.

Then, i shivered, and closed my eyes. Listening to the deep wet sound of his piss, trickling in the urinal. I tried to imagine what it looked like. His dick, hanging out, and the clear green stream of his piss, splattering against the white porcelain of the urinal until he stopped. Flushed, and washed his hands. Then, he turned on the hair drier, so I could whisper in my brother’s ear. ‘huh, when he leaves, you’re going to have to get up, so I can pee.’

He nodded, and then we heard the door thump again. Before the hand drier even finished, but he let me up. Stood up, while I turned around, and pulled my panties down, but before I finished. He took my hands, and held them up. “You’re not wet?” He sniffed my fingers, and I shook my head.

“Well, now I am, but it’s pee. I’m not sexy wet yet.”

“Well, how long does it take?” I smelled my fingers, and they sure smelled horny enough.

“I don’t know, maybe a couple more years? I only just started my period, the other month. I can’t get soaking wet, and gush like a full grown lady yet.”

“Oh,” he hadn’t thought of that.

“Huh, I can suck your penis, to get it wet though. If you’ll stop beating around the bush, and get it out.”

“What bush?” He joked, but held his shirt up under his chin.

“Well, I’m working on it!” I wiped with toilet paper first, but then I went back with bare fingers, to get them nice, and stinky again.

“Mmhn!” I didn’t make it this far with Uncle Rob, neither. “Snh!” I love the smell of his private hair, though. “Smwock!” I liked the underside, and then one side, and the other. Just to make it swing back and forth, in front of my eyes. Like an up-side down hypnotist’s watch, or one of those tick-tock thingies piano players set up to keep the rhythm.

He felt under it, and pulled up his balls. Held them up, squeezed together so the skin stretched tight, and I could lick them, too. “Suck my balls.”

“i don’t think I can get both of them, Uh?”

Dangit! You hear stories about doing it, in public places like restrooms, but they never tell you that you keep getting interrupted. So, he had to pick my legs up again, and hold them. Standing in front of the toilet, as if he was trying to pee, but he couldn’t with someone else in there.

Just our luck, he came in, dropped his pants, and sat down a couple stalls over. Started pooting, so I held my nose, and pointed up at my dress. Shaking my head, he shrugged, and got it down for me. To put it back on, that completely ruined the mood, but also there was a good chance we had already been in there too long. So, he pulled his pants up, and I just held my breath.

It wasn’t funny, it was stinky, and the stranger kept grunting too. With disgusting plops, so the last thing I wanted to think about was a man with his pants down, to take a dump.

“Ew, gross.” I finally breathed fresh air condition air, back out in the hallway to the terminal.

“Huh, you forgot to wash your hands.” He looked over at the smoking lounge. “How long is she going to be crying for?”

“I don’t know, but I better go use the girl’s room.”

“Yeah, we’re lucky we didn’t get caught.”

“Huh, we better wait until we get home, so we can finish what we started.”

“Yeah, uh. I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

“Of course not.” I laughed.

“Well, go wash up.” I hated to leave him with blue balls like that, but he was turned off too. So, his dick drooped, and I got to see it hanging limp, too.

I guess that was good enough, for now…


Jr. (m monologue)

Wow, okay. I think I can understand dad doing that woman in the cathouse with uncle Rob a little better now. That was cheating, non mom, but then I went and did something way worse with my sister. My 11 year old sister, she’s not even in 6th grade yet, but she was so horny, and I think uncle Rob left her so unsatisfied, that’s what made her want to.

Well, suck my dick, and let me suck her nipples. You know, I like older women, which is to say that any woman would be older then her. Maybe with shaved pubes, but at least old enough to have pubes to shave.

None of that mattered, any more then her being my little sister, once it started, I couldn’t stop. Like that Maureen, she was so. I don’t even know what to call it, demanding? I guess she’s kinda like a Dominatirix that way, but she didn’t even let me pull over. She told me to head out in the desert, and even though it was dark out there. Too dark to see the desert, I thought that’s what turned her on.

Not me, I never for a second thought that was me, when she’d had men. Real men, Marines like her, and machinegunners, so they could stand up, looking so strong, and holding the handles, so the barrel pointed up, like a big steel .50 caliber penis. I guess, i don’t have a gay bone in my body, not even bi-curious, and I don’t have to prove that by trying a little sucky sucky with my friends, just to find out. Not interested, but it’s amazing how strong, and rough her fingers were. How fast she could pump it, and I finally had to pull over to let her finish, or I would have run off the road.

I finished in my pants. Right out there, across from the smoker’s lounge, and I didn’t even have to touch it. Yeah, if it comes right down to Edna asking me what the hottest sex I ever had was, I’ll probably lie, and say that it was right then. In the airport men’s room, but that would be a lie.

“Huh!” I’m not in love with Maureen, but. I could fall in love with her, if I ever thought that I could be man enough to deserve her. Now, my little sister is talking about joining the Army, and I have to think that’s not really a bad idea, for me. I bet there’s other girls, like Maureen was, who’ll join up the same time I am 18, for the same reasons. She told me, she loved the uniform. Especially the Dress Uniform, with the sword, and everything, but I don’t know what the Army one looks like.

I know what Maureen looked like, in her cadet uniform, with her hair short. Not like buzz cut, but short enough that it wouldn’t hang down to her collar, before she grew it back out. From her induction photo, she had framed along with her uniform folded up perfectly, because that’s how you do it. Now, she wore it up, in a twist over the back of her head, and how her shampoo filled the whole car when she let it down.

“Huh!” I want to think that she wanted me, or she was turned on by the desert drive, but honestly, I know better. It was Robert Makris, and he only did it so that he could get Edna alone, take her shopping for sexy underwear, molest her, and leave her that horny, so I got sucked into do it too.

But he’s going to jail, now. No question, since it happened in Vegas, we’re staying in Vegas, so we can tell the cops here, and they can arrest him. I know that she can keep her mouth shut, the secret of what we did, and I didn’t do it to her. Honestly, she called the shots almost as much as Maureen did, if not more. Actually, Maureen didn’t say anything, she just did it.

Did she, molest me? For her boss, I can’t help but feel like. Well, I’m not a little boy, but compared to her? She’s a fucking Marine, I have no qualms about admitting that she could fuck me up if she wanted to, even without the gun, baton, chemical mace, and taser she keeps stashed around her “Office.”

The front seat, glove box, center console, and pistol safe mounted under the dash, in her car. The town car, not the 4WD Audi he drives, to show off. That, fucking. I don’t even know what he is, other than a child molester.

That’s enough, more than enough to send him to jail. He molested my little sister, and even if I get the best sex of my life out of it, that’s not enough of a bribe to keep me from helping him see justice for that. “Yeah, Justice.”

Justice will be when he gets passed around by the real men in the prison, for being a rich stuck up arrogant self absorbed prick, and the sex scandal for molesting an 11 year old in Vegas. No question why mom married dad, instead of him. He’s a monster, and not even all that charming of one, but I still don’t get why he did all that, just to try and get mom. Just to hurt dad, for getting mom, instead of him, but he’s insane, I guess.

I don’t need to know any more than that.

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