Sister in law

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I was at a party me and my wife and her sister it was a great night music was fantastic it was my friend 60 birthday after the party we went back to his place for a few drinks my wife was so drunken I had to bring her home I left my sister in law at the party I told her that it she’s wanted to stay the night in our place she was more than welcome so before I left the party I gave her my wife keys when I got home my wife went to bed so I watched some tv then I hear the front door opening in walk my sister in law I asked her would she like something to drink she’s say that she would like a drink so I gave her a drink she’s said she had a good night and she’s enjoyed her night she’s set down near me she’s ask me is my wife gone to bed I told her that she was gone to sleep she’s said no sex for you tonight I just laugh she’s put her arm around me I told her she’s look wonderful tonight she’s start singing Erick clapping song wonderful tonight I put my hand on her leg and started to rub it she’s opening her legs I put my hand up a bit more than she said are you sure she’s asleep I that she’s was out of it she’s laugh I put my hand on her pussy rubbing it she’s opening her legs more she’s pull her skirt up I said like your sexy knicker she said you don’t see my pussy yet so pull her knickers off her and put my finger in her pussy she’s start to kiss me and I put two fingers up her her pussy got so wet I said to her you so wet she said why don’t you lick it so I went down and start to lick her she’s pull my head down and come in my mount I could feel her cum I put my head up and she’s start to kiss me I put my hand up her jumper feeling her little tits her nipped was so hard I told her I wanted to fuck her she asked me do I have a condom i told no she’s said I didn’t fuck with out one so she’s said I give you a blow job or a wank I say how about both she’s just laugh so I pull out my my pick she’s took off her jumper and asked me do I like little tits I said I love all tits that size didn’t matter to me she’s pull my cock between her bra and tits I push my cock between them I told her that this was the first tityfuck I did she’s ask me do I want to cum over them I said I would love to she’s pull my cock from her tits and put it in hep mouth after about five minutes I told her I was coming so she just put it between her tits I came all over her tits and bra she’s told that the next time we do it again she’s give me a golden shower still waiting

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    Poor writing

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    Not long enough