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The extreme sex Joy enjoyed by doctor Ajay

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Dr Ajay doctor a fake doctor earned enormous money. Being a womanizer already, he matted with his clients, happily, with their consents.

Actually this story is part 2. As this is more interesting than part 1, I am releasing it giving priority.
A week after, Charu entered again, but this time, with her aunt, Daisy. Daisy was just in her 23. She got married even when she was in her 18.
Even after 5 yrs, she had no issues. Charu asked Ajay to give Daisy some medicine so that Daisy could conceive. Ajai did not know what to do. The words of Charu,” Please doctor! please give her a child,” was loudly ringing in his ears. A sudden flash of Idea appeared in his mind.
At the first sight self, Ajay was stunned seeing the body structure of Daisy. Yes, she was like the sculpture of a female god in the temple showing her rigid boobs. Every part of her body was so perfectly shaped and the colour of her body was like that of a rose.
Ajai started talking with Daisy like this,” Look Daisy, I want to talk openly using some sexy words also. Are you ready for that? Is your husband satisfying you, when he is fucking you?” When Daisy hesitated to reply for that , Charu said,” No doctor. Aunt is not at all satisfied in her sex life. This is because the penis of uncle is just 2 inches long. And the ejaculation is also too earlier. So she is dis satisfied on every night,”
” Okay Daisy, I want to do some tests in your boobs and pussy. If you are really interested in getting a child, cooperate with me. Otherwise you may go in your own way.” Daisy accepted for that.
Ajay asked Charu to be out. With a smile Charu said herself,” That’s all. Daisy aunty would be fucked by Ajay and would get her utmost sex pleasure from him.”
Ajay lifted Daisy laid her on the bed and removed her blouse and bra. Then he kneaded her boobs and pinched her nipples for 10 minutes. He then said,” Your boobs are marvelous. Looks like to apples on which two Cherry fruits or stuck with. With a magnetic power, if a man kneads, munches, and sucks them, some emotions you can feel. Are you feeling them now.?” Daisy accepted it and said,” Yes doctor, I feel some hundreds of ants running on my body and there is a wet feeling inside my pussy.” ” Ok, then, you are 50 % fit to conceive . I’ll check your pussy and tell you the results,” said Ajai.
He then removed the lowyer garments also and made her nude and saw her pussy. It was like a bun or a rose colour cake, in the shape of a heart, vertically cut in the middle and a cashew nut was fixed. His saliva was leaking out from his mouth and he was to lick and suck it. He strongly controlled himself. Then opened the lips of her pussy and inserted his middle finger, fully in and touched her womb.
He started telling her,” See Daisy! As the penis of your husband is too short, the sperm could not get inside the womb. Instead it spills out. There are two solutions for that. First one is to bring your husband here and inject his sperm inside your womb.” For that Daisy said,” doctor my husband is already having inferiority complex. If I said this to him he will either give me diverse or he will commit suicide.”
Ajay continued,’ The second idea is, if a man with a long penis, is fucking you, then there is 100% of chance to conceive.” Desi simply rejected that. Then Ajay called Charu and informed that he could do nothing.
So Charu took her to another room and advised her saying,” See aunty! If a third person gives you a child, there is a chance of black mailing you in later stage. So let us beg the doctor himself, to fuck you, by giving him a heavy amount of money.
If you don’t like that also, let us go from here,’ With great reluctance Daisy accepted.
Then Charu only returned and informed about that. Now Ajay had a double jackpot. A heavy amount of money as well as the chance of fucking his beloved Daisy. So he thanked Charu by hugging and kissing her.
Now Ajay started his sex play with Daisy. He gave her an injection to conceive. He also took a medicine to fuck for a long time. He also became nude.
He started kissing her whole body inch by inch.
With the extreme emotion the body of Daisy was shivering. He pressed his lips strongly on her nipples and sucked and bit them. Caressing her thighs gently, he bit them here and there. When he bit and sucked her pussy, Daisy lifted her hips up and down and started mourning. ” You bloody rascal don’t do it, don’t do it, please stop I can’t tolerate.” Ajay knew that , will doing sex if a girl says “no” means “yes” and “stop’ means “proceed
So he continued.
All of a sudden Daisy had her organism. She held the hair of Ajay and pressed his face on her pussy. Ajay started licking the liquid and sucked it more and more. The more he sucked the more the fluid oozed out. With full emotion Daisy started shouting,” you thief, you bloody scoundrel fuck me yaa. Please insert your long and stout penis inside my vagina and pour the entire white milk into it.”
That was what Ajay wanted. So he jumped on the table and started fucking her. In between that, he was pinching her nipples biting her ear lobs and was licking her armpits. Daisy moved her entire body like a moving snake. She was prattling like this,” Oh…ya.. ya. m..m..hum. mm my God…m..m..o my God.. I like this.. I love you da bloody bastard… you bloody beggar… fuck me…fuck me.. speedly.. fuck with utmost speed and tear my pussy into pieces…. I know.. you have cheated me … saying this and that.. you have trapped me.. but now … I love this entirely. So show me your full talent.”
After sometime she had her orgasm, but Ajay didn’t. She pulled Ajay to lean over her. At once , she joined her hands behind his back and rolled. Then she turned her body and leaned on in the 69 position. Ajay licked her pussy and she in turn sucked his penis. Ajai liked that very much. Closing his eyes, he enjoyed it immensely.
Feeling the giant size erection of the penis, Daisy turned her body and started fucking Ajay.
When Ajay was about to came, he turned her down and ejaculated the full amount of white milk inside her pussy. More over he asked her not to move at least for half an hour until the sperm get well inside her philopean tube.
Then he gave her tablets also to swallow. Those tablets would make her to sleep at least for two hours.
Then in the same naked position, he went into the room, where Charu was nakedly waiting for him.
That I’ll write in the next part.
In this way, Daisy daily came there and matted with Ajay until her conception was confirmed.
Exactly after 10 months, Daisy begot twin boys.
Both resembled exactly like Ajay. Daisy and her husband felt very happy.
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