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A Darker Path Revisted

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Jenny gets the urge to revisit one of her original fantasies.

“Can I tell you a secret?” The text from Jenny read. “Well you know you can” I reply. “You remember the night of the airport? I need that to happen again like tomorrow morning!” Jenny exclaimed! “Well once you drop the kids off it will” I replied. “But you have to give me which characters do you want this time?” I asked. “Innocent wife and a ruthless stranger.” Jenny immediately responded. “Deal. I have the perfect one just for that.” I told her. “Ok so what is it” Jenny asked quizzically. “You tell your husband you want to go check out the old hospital. He tells you no he has to work and you are forbidden to go alone because of the homeless people out there. Needless to say you figure you can go alone he will never know.” “Mmmmm I like the sound of this already!!” Jenny says excitedly. The next morning around 8 I send Jenny a message “I know you’re fixing to drop the kids off and I told you I have to work a double today. Jenny do not go to that hospital alone! It isn’t a good idea.” “I just dropped the kids off and I’m headed home I wouldn’t want you to be mad at me so I won’t go. I love you.” Jenny responds. Jenny knew which building as the only clue I would give her was “Pikachu” due to there being a large Pikachu graffitied on the outside of one of the walls. This building was like a maze one story but several small closets and cut ins in the walls to hide. It was literally the perfect building for my plan. I was waiting in the building where the windows were high enough for me to see out but with the grade of the road being so much lower she couldn’t see in as she pulled in the rough back “parking lot” area. We frequented this spot as it was somewhat secluded and traffic was forced to come from one way and nobody was supposed to be out there so with the cop car parked in view on the main stretch it was like our own person outdoor public fuck spot. It was literally perfect lol. I hear Jenny get out of the car close the door and lock it. I can see her looking around as she had no idea when I would jump out at her and she hadn’t seen my car so other than a text she didn’t even really know if I was there. Jenny had a small flashlight with her since it was a rainy day there wasn’t much light in the building. Which made it even easier to hide. The sound of the rain on the metal roof which was somewhat exposed made an echoing sound in the building which also helped hide the sounds of my foot steps as I made my way stalking her throughout the building once I decided which room I was going to grab her in I set up my phone in the corner to record it all. The door was still on this room but part of the wall behind the door had been destroyed and made the ideal spot to hide in. The door creaks open the flashlight fills the room with light as her hand comes around the edge of the door just enough I snatch the light from her hand and stick a pistol to the back of her head as I wrap my hand around her mouth. “And what exactly brings a pretty little bitch to my territory?” I growl in her ear. “Please don’t hurt me please don’t hurt me” Jenny begs. “What a stupid little bitch to come snooping around this place all alone!” I hiss at her. “I’m not alone my husband is here he went the other way please just let me go and I won’t tell him I saw you.” Jenny begs. I slap her across the face “DONT FUCKING LIE TO ME BITCH! I WATCHED YOI GET OUT OF YOUR FUCKING CAR ALONE SO I KNOW YOUR PUSSY FUCKING HUSBAND ISNT HERE!” I scream at her! “Please I’m sorry I’m scared pleaseeeeee just let me go!” Jenny pleads. “Take your fucking clothes off slut!” “Please no please don’t do this!!” Jenny screams. I shove the gun into her neck between her jaw line and her neck “I’m not going to tell you again take your god damn clothes off NOW! But leave on that wedding ring!” “Ok ok ok I’m sorry please don’t hurt me” as Jenny takes off her shirt “throw it across the room” I growl “along with everything else!” Next goes Jenny’s shorts. So all she is left in is a black lace push-up Victoria Secret bra and black lace boy shorts and a pair of sandals. “You still have clothes on slut and I’m not a patient man!” I yell. “Yes sir I’m sorry please don’t hurt me.” First goes the bra then as she steps out of her panties I tell her “give those to me!” “Get on your fucking knees!” “But it’s dirty and there’s stuff that could cut me all over the floor.” “I guess you should’ve thought about that before you came looking for me alone!” I growl. “I promise I wasn’t looking for you I just never been in here and wanted to look around please don’t” Jenny voice trails off and I force her to her knees on the floor, “open your fucking mouth!” As I yank her head back by her hair. Jenny opens her mouth and I shove the barrel of the gun into her mouth. “Do what the fuck I say I you won’t make it out of her do you understand!” I yell. Jenny with the gun still in her mouth nods her head yes. I pull the gun out of her mouth and shove my cock in its place. “What kind of worthless husband lets his wife come here alone.” “Sir he doesn’t know I’m here. He told me not to come without him.” Jenny whispers. “Well maybe you should’ve fucking listened to him! Hold my cock with your left hand while you suck it so you can stare at the little ring your husband gave you while you destroy your vows!” I mockingly say. “Please sir you don’t have to do this….” I cut her off. “No obviously I do obviously your husband doesn’t have any control over his pretty little wife so she needs to be set straight!” As I rip her to her feet by her hair and bend her over so her hands reach towards her feet and her back is pressed against the wall. I rub the head of my dick up and down her sloppy wet pussy. “You dirty fucking slut you’re soaked!” “Please don’t please don’t!!!” I slam my cock into her pussy forcing her to scream “ooooo god damnnnnn!!!” “Admit it bitch you love it DONT you!” Jenny shakes her head no so I slap her ass hard causing her to help. “Don’t you slut you love getting raped don’t you!” Jenny shakes her head no again. I pull my cock out and run it up and down her ass. “Ok so you don’t like getting raped so that means I can do whatever I want to you. “No pleaseeeeee no please.” But it’s too late I’m already pushing the head of my dick into her asshole. “Oooooo FUCK” Jenny screams! I start to rock back and forth a little deeper everytime and beginning to pick up the pace. “Pleaseeeeee stop god damn please stop pleaseeeeee sir please pleaseeeeee OHHHHH GOD DAMN PLEASEEEEEE!” “You fucking married whore you love having your ass fucked don’t you “pleaseeeeee sir stop oooo god please” Jenny begs. I begin to speed up and immediately Jenny loses control. Jenny’s left hand goes to her pussy and begins mauling her clit. “YESSSSS FUCK MY MARRIED ASS OOOOOO HOLY FUCK MY HUSBAND WONT FUCK IT OOOOOO OSHITTTTTTTTT O HHHHHHHHH GOD DAMN FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR FUCKING CUMMMMM FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!! YOU LIKE RAPING A MARRIED WOMANS ASS DONT YOU YEAH FUCK MY ASSHOLE WITH EVERYTHING YOU FUCKING GOT!!!!!!” I pull her up by her hair so she can brace herself against the wall with her hands. Jenny looks back over her shoulder “god your cock feels so much better than my husband’s fuck my tight ass hole!!!!! Ughhhh I’m gonna cummmmmmm OOOOOOO FUCK!!!!!!!!!” And Jenny squirts like a waterfall I mean soaks the floor and makes it slippery as hell as I unload deep into her bowels causing her to squirt again before her legs give out. As Jenny lays limp on the floor I pull my pants up walk across the room grab her clothes throw them at her grab my phone and tell her “DONT ever come back here unless your ass is ready to be used again.” With her panties in my pocket I walk out of the room and head to my car. 20 minutes later I get a text
“How did you know?”
“How did I know what”
“How did you know I needed that?”
“Well I figured if I was going to pull a gun on you to rape you I might as well break the 1 rule you had and say I was caught up in the excitement and ask for forgiveness later.”
“Im sitting in a puddle of my own cum on this nasty floor cause I can’t get my legs to stop shaking cause I don’t think I have stop cumming yet!”
“Well you better run home to your husband I’m sure he will be pissed!”
“And if he is maybe I’ll come back to get my ass pounded again tomorrow 😈”

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