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Shop soiled

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She was desperate and would have done anything, but she never expected she’d go this far and find out she loves it

Kathy sat in her tiny bed-sit head in hands, she’d checked her purse yet again £2:20 things couldn’t get much worse.
Kathy had stupidly moved to Chester when she’d met a lad named Robbie when he was on a weekend break in her home town of Brighton, she had simply packed her bags and jumped in his car. Oh it started off wonderfully he was good looking and really good fun, and he was also the first man who she’d been to bed with and she loved it. In four months she’d blossomed into a women and felt she could do anything for her Robbie, but that’s when things began to change.

Robbie had got Kathy a job in the towns large market hall and when she’d starting earning some money he decided this was a good time for him to stop working. First he started on the beer then onto something stronger, much stronger. That was the week Kathy moved out finding this tiny bedsit on the other side of town. She contemplated going back home, but what would she return to a mother who was so tied up with her stepdad she didn’t notice her at all, and a stepdad who she was sure just wanted to get in her knickers…no thank you very much.

A little about the girl Kathy almost twenty one, 5’ 4” pretty face with dirty long blonde hair, dark brown eyes and full red lips. A trim hourglass figure with 34c tits and firm hips her legs seemed to go on forever and were almost always on show. Kathy more or less had one style of dress especially during the summer, tight skimpy tops and short, short skirts normally denim, and those legs were normally left tanned and bare.
The last few weeks had begun to take there toll, made worse by Lock down and then the loss of her market job. she’d had a little help from a few people, but right now all she had was two weeks rent and the money in her purse.

Kathy started to drag her weary body towards the local mini-mart, they were cheap and closer than the big super markets. Asif watched Kathy as she entered the door then turned towards the camera bank below the counter to watch her progress through the shop, he’d watched this young white women many times in the last few week and today was no different.
He loved the way her arse swayed as she walked her tits bouncing within the skimpy top she wore, and when near the freezer section her long hard nipples would protrude firmly. But best when she bent low or got down on her haunches those tiny thong panties riding tight up her cheeks or hugging her young cunt lips.

Asif owned the mini market along with two others stores, managed one by his oldest son and the other his greatest friend.
At fifty two and standing 6’ 4” with a thick set frame under his long kurta gown he cut a handsome frame. As he watched Kathy, Damali his wife approached him silently when she was by his side her hand slid into his kurta firmly grabbing him and pulling softly while smiling down at Kathy’s image on the screen.
Damali the second wife of Asif was only thirty four and was as her name suggests a beautiful vision her outfit this morning just like any other hugged her figure showing of her 36 d tits and firm arse, her long glimmering black hair framing her glowing smile with dark eyes and slender nose over full succulent red lips.

They had met at a mutual friends wedding, shortly after Asif’s first was wife struck down by illness and now languished in a rest home. Asif still loved his wife but found after time he had other needs, and that night after the wedding and for all the five years since he had relieved them with Damali.
Damali was an excellent and experienced lover and adored sex, and we mean sex of all kinds.
Asif would always be a good catch for Damali and it made good sense to please him in every way.

Quite happily within the first month of their marriage she had been fucked by both his two sons his best friend and best friends son, all this while Asif watched on or sometimes joined in. Both had a very high sex drive and both were now lusting after Kathy thinking she could heighten their sex live. Before the lock down there had been Jenny a university student of nineteen, a weak easily led girl who they had blackmailed to do the most obscene thing with whoever or whatever they had demanded.

Kathy approached the counter with a watery smile, so little in her basket tinned tomatoes, rice, bread and peppers. When Asif totalled it up it came to £ 2:22, Kathy felt herself blushing knowing she was two pence short, a tear appeared in her eye before sliding down her cheek.
Damali took the tear as her opportunity and within ten minutes Kathy had a job replacing Jenny on Friday and Saturday morning’s, it was Damali’s intention she would replace Jenny in lots of ways. Kathy left the store with a smile and a big food basket to tide her over till the weekend.
The couple realised it wasn’t going to be no where near enough money for her to live of but it would help draw the succulent young white girl into their web.

They watched her either as they worked with her, or on the video recordings after the day was done. The men in the area were really loving her, as were the Asian couple themselves her legs always seemed to be on display, and quite often her tiny thong would be on show as she keenly worked around the shop serving on or stacking shelves. Put all this together with her pert young tits and pure white skin and the lust was understandable.
Something else the couple noticed after the first few weeks, when she was in the store room she’d stroke herself after the young men had been openly admiring her. In fact one time they watched her lay back against the shelving opening her legs and inserting what looked like two fingers inside her pussy.

It was five weeks after she had started the job that they called her upstairs, a nervous Kathy was stood outside Asif’s office door, Kathy a stern voice called her through, The couple stood waiting for her. Damali took the lead in the conversation while walking behind the young women “didn’t we look after you, are we not paying you a wage even giving you food”. The computer screen was turned towards her, “I think you realise we will have to report your discretions to the police” all the time the screen in front of Kathy showed her hands in the till, or food being dropped into her bag. She pleaded with them tears flowing down her face, the pay was not enough I needed more hours I was just so hungry, please Damali I’ll do anything you want just say, I’ll never steal again please I’ll do anything I’ll work for nothing.

Damali was close behind her fingers stroked her hair, Kathy could feel herself relaxing. “You are a very pretty girl Kathy we love having you around those long legs and sexy white skin”, Damali’s hands were now stroking her neck moving towards the V of her breasts. “Now we could make all this disappear just stand for us sweet thing…good” Kathy stood her back to the door “slip off your top Kathy” there was a slight hesitation her eyes making contact with Damali, who simply smiled and nodded.
Kathy obeyed it seemed the right thing to do, her hand nervously lifting the skimpy top over her head, she stood her tits clearly on view through her white sheer bra her hand went to protect her assets. “Don’t cover yourself you naughty girl take off the bra we can see it all anyway can’t we Asif” he simply smiled his face showing his perverted lust.

Damali led a silent Kathy towards the desk, naked tits swaying open to their lust filled eyes positioning her so she was leaning flat handed on the desk she forced her knee between Kathys thighs spreading her legs wider and wider, at the same time her tiny skirt ended up riding up her back all that kept her cunt from her masters evil view was a thin piece of material her tiny thong was no real protection, and very unnoticeably to all three of them a very moist thong. Kathy felt shame humiliation and excitement all at the same time and with it a strange sort of feeling of power, she could see her body gaining their admiration and hear the comments from them both comments which made her even hotter.

Asif spoke to her directly for the first time “naughty girls need to be punished Kathy, don’t you agree” punished what did he means her mind raced as she nodded in agreement.
She could see the couple moving round her she could see Asif’s power she could see it pushing out from his kurta she had noticed it before when he’d been working near her and wondered about the size of his power.
Now she lost view of him he was directly behind her looking at her near naked body her cheeks spread wide and tits hanging like cows udders, then she felt his hands on her cheeks sending shock waves through her body “hold down her hands” Damali moved round the desk to obey “you do understand that you need to accept this punishment right now this corporal punishment to your bottom to atone for your mistake, or you can just walk away and we call the police” corporal punishment to her bottom Kathy took in a deep breath…the room was completely silent then Kathy whispered a barely audible statement, I don’t want to go, they all new and understood her decision.

The first blow shocked her so quick and so hard, then again woosh her other cheek it just went on and on Kathy yelped a little as the pain started to spread through the meat of her arse, although it was painful she felt elated having her employer beat her bottom, holding her still while he abused her. She tried to look Damali in the eye as, but had to look away in shame and humiliation. The spanking continued relentlessly only to be interrupted when Asif whisked her thong from her body, Kathy even helped lifting each foot in turn to help with the removal. Her sex was on full show to a man she barely new her sopping sex for indeed it was leaking now continuously and the odour filled the room….woosh crack on and on until suddenly he stopped.

“Come and look darling” Damali released her wrists moving round behind her “wonderful so red and hot” Kathy could feel the hand on her cheeks, two sets of hands kneading and caressing her globes. Then Damali spoke to her “nearly done I’ll take my turn now my sweet young thing, bend further over legs wider…yes wider still” thwack that wasn’t a hand she was being whipped the agony as the whip cut into her flesh welts appeared instantly one two three and finally ten and as suddenly as it had started it stopped.

Kathy dare not move, she felt the fingers again soothing fingers on her badly beaten bottom, her cheeks were spread and held open while they inspecting her now looking at her pink rose bud anus and smooth cunny. The hands were on her thighs running upwards the others delving between her cheek a finger by accident or purposely slid across her puckered hole. “she has wonderful legs we must get her some stockings and heels, look at her arse perfectly formed and so hot to the touch”

this wasn’t punishment now they were using her she new it but couldn’t and didn’t want to resist. Those hand felt so good oh her anus again she could hear herself breath erratic sharp breaths, the hands on her thighs moving ever upward skirting her pussy lips on each pass. Then her firm nipples were being held firmly and rung between fingers “rest your head sweet Kathy relax this is fun isn’t it you enjoy being beaten and stroked don’t you Kathy” she did acknowledge but no words seem to come, finger were opening her swollen lips and pushing beyond.

She was in heaven heightened even further when something wet hit her pink anus a tongue she had a tongue licking her arse “yes,yes so good” all her pain forgotten apart from the fact she new it had led to this making it all seem so worthwhile. Three fingers now exploring her inner body and the wet tongue forcing it’s way deeper into her arse, her nipples felt painful with their size expanded and hard, while Asif worked on them rolling each one between his fingers then pulling them harder and harder …..”god fuck don’t stop so good punish your naughty girl hurt her do it all to me” but they did stop “you are enjoying this Kathy, you are a naughty white slut aren’t you” “no please I” it came as a whisper she didn’t like being called slut.
“You like this though” her tongue returned sliding between her cheeks searching out her pink glowing anus “and this” her fingers played gently with Kathy’s clitoris. Oh god yes wonderful so wonderful.

Damali smiled at Asif “she’s ready for you come and fuck her, this white slut wants to be fucked tell us Kathy” her clitoris a rock hard button between those tantalising fingers. She watched Asif beside her she watched him as he lifted his kurta over his head, he was naked beneath it Kathy could see him, see his cock he was massive, she shivered as she looked at him, was it fear or lust he was much bigger than Robbie…her tiny hand reached out to touch him it felt so hard and so warm.
Her fingers ran along his length it bobbed in her hand, could she she thought dare she so big’
“well Kathy” Damali more insistent now “so big never had anything so big please be gentle please”
Asif was behind her now hand in the middle of her back holding her steady spreading grease all over his shaft, Damali took pleasure spreading Kathy’s lips for this giant powerful meat.

Asif rubbed his mushroom head repeatedly along her labia lips teasing her knowing she wanted him needed him, and when he felt her start to push back that was his signal. He pushed forward slowly but insistently, he watched her open like a flower and the massive head disappear followed by another three inches. Asif stopped listening to her moans of pleasure and pain allowing her to get used to the girth fully four inched at the root. “please I can’ t take it pull it out please it’s too big” Kathy rolled to try and release herself… “more give her more” Damali was entranced watching this spectacle unfold, then he pulled back only animal noises escaped Kathy’s lips god she felt so full yeeeeeees was that her voice she was taking it so good so full she thought her eyes were rolling into the back of her head. He pushed again faster this time her juices were coating more than half his length he was almost there.

Once more he pulled back right to just behind the mushroom head then woosh he was all the way in the young white slut had taken all nine inches her cunt lips were stretched obscenely over that ludicrously fat cock. “Oh yes fucking hell yeeeeees more” she shuddered to her first orgasm Asif spanked her beautiful red arse cheeks as he pulled back and entered time and again.
“lick me” a voice entered her brain “lick me” her eyes opened wide Damali was spread eagled on the desk she had shuffled her cunt right under Kathys nose, her fingers were stretching her labia lips fluid was pouring from her gaping chasm. Kathy without thinking was licking another women for the first time, while her cunt was being beaten to a pulp by a monster lump of Pakistani cock meat.

“Yes there and on my clitty bite it yes you fucking white slut, yes fucking slut cum dump made for us to use you filthy whore” she was screaming the words forcing her cunt up to that tongue and nose she wanted to cum so bad. Kathy could taste and smell this wanton women what was happening to her, was she really a slut, if she was she was loving it.
She felt herself cumming to another screaming orgasm and she also felt Asif expanding filling her even more. “Cum inside me you dirty bastard fill my filthy cunt” she felt the hand pulling her face tight against hot cunt lips “eat me bite me I’m nearly there fucking bitch go deeper deeper still”
She tried her best while the cock was embedded in her cunt pouring copious amounts of spunk into her cunt. God she was cumming again only Asif’s cock stopped her from collapsing to the floor. Then Damali was soaking her she thought she was pissing at first but it was warm acrid cunt fluid shooting into her mouth and dripping down her face. Kathy lapped faster not wanting to waste a drop of the wonderful intoxicating juices.

What a sweaty smelly mess all three of them collapsed round the desk, spunk poured from her cunt dribbling down her arse crack, Damali stroked Asif softening dark dick and her own twat finger thrashing hard at her gaping hole.
“Suck him Kathy” Damali cooed “get him hard for you again” she pushed his monster towards Kathy s mouth, there was no hesitation, she really wanted this her tongue flicked out licking the full length then she was crawling to her knees above him, opening wider than ever before her mouth started over that wonderful cock a moan escaping her mouth her lust on full show.
She’d done this for Robbie a few times, she lifted her head “I want you to come in my mouth this time I need to taste you” she looked her fat cocked lover between the eyes, he simply grabbed her head and forcibly rammed it down onto his hardening cock. He was using his hands on her head to help him fuck her face and throat spittle dripped from her mouth and nose as she gagged and chocked on that fat cock.

Damali was behind her once more those fingers were busy once again, Kathy could not only feel it she could hear it her pussy was squelching a combination of her own and Asif’s cum swirling within, she felt stretched so well again, she was having difficulty concentrating on the cock in her mouth. Damali working tirelessly her body was coated in a thin film of sweat giving a wonderful sheen to her olive coloured skin, she was actually working on Kathy, filling her cunt four fingers and her thumb after a few minutes they were now entering easily. Then her attention went elsewhere, her free hand spreading those wonderful young arse cheeks her eyes on the prize. Her mouth moved towards that luscious pink anus
Almost breathing opening and shutting waiting….her tongue flicked out darting across that hard nodule, lick, lick time and again each time getting more forceful, finally entering tasting the inner earthiness. Her hand was embedded in Kathy’s cunt fingers moving slowly while her tongue forced it’s way harder and harder buried in that ripe bottom she felt lovely and wet and very slippery. Kathy herself thought it felt wonderful the abuse of her stretched cunt and that tongue exploring her bottom she felt total contentment and could have stayed that way forever sucking on a big fat cock.

Then suddenly she felt Damali leave her body lifting her head she spoke to Asif, “time now she’s ready for you, I’ve cleared the path you should find it reasonably easy now” Kathy felt her head being lifted from Asif and her wrist held firmly moving her to rest over the arm of the chair. She new she was going to be fucked again, and she suspected it wasn’t her pussy Asif was going to fuck. She was going to feel that wonderful cock that had been sliding down her throat, probe between the cheeks of her arse before entering her bottom.

“This will fulfil your every dream Kathy” whispered Damali “having your arse beautifully fucked by a big dark cock will stay with you forever, would you like that Kathy” a slight nod a smile was the only reply.

She felt Asif behind her, nudging the rigid member at her cheeks, he held a cheek aside and his cock was touching her anus. The anus and cock were both very wet from their encounters, and as he pushed a little harder, Kathy held firm, she felt her arse open fractionally and the tip of the cock enter her body.

‘Ughhh’ was all she could sigh, feeling Damali hand caressing her back, up and down to the waist while pulling on her bullet like nipples. Asif pushed a little harder again and his prick opened Kathy a little further, her arse now started opening wide to the intrusions. Damali’s hands now held her cheeks wide so that they could both see the entry quite clearly.

‘Go on darling, push in some more,’ encouraged Damali, and again he pushed his cock so that he was fully inside the inviting opening. He began to gently move back and forth but with each inward stroke, he entered a fraction more and just kept smoothly pushing into the young woman. Kathy gritted her teeth but the pleasure far outweighed any pain and she began to pant and sigh at this wonderful fucking started inside her bottom.

Again she met stroke with stroke, pushing back to meet Asif, trying to get as much of his cock into her arse as she could, and she was glad when he began to speed up, his strokes into her now becoming quite hard and quick. ‘In,in,in,in,’ went the penis, wonderful, wonderful, strokes into the depths of her body, and Kathy had never had her anus fucked before she was beautifully opened for her assailants to see.

Damali moved two finger to Kathy’s anus and joined the cock going into the body. She held the edge of the pink skin and gently pulled at the opening, pulling the anus even wider apart, touching the wet cock as it passed her going in and out.

“Go on Asif, harder, fuck her arse harder, she wants that, don’t you Kathy, Right up inside you, don’t you Kathy?” The cock in her arse was erotic enough, but now that it had been joined by Damali’s intrusive fingers, the feelings were even more dramatic, and Kathy was now frantic, herself moving towards an unstoppable crescendo.

“Yes, yes, oh yes, I want it, go on, go on, fuck my arse, it’s fantastic ohhhh!” and all three of them concentrated on their own actions. Kathy held herself firm to the intrusions, enjoying every second, Damali held her fingers inside the anus, pulling it apart and jiggling her movements round the skin, and Asif now concentrated on the glorious fuck he was having in the young woman’s arse. He was thrusting as hard as he could, getting right into depths, his cock fully embedding in the bottom with each stroke, his pubic hair caressing Kathy’s arsehole each time he went in, and he was building up to his own shattering finale.

Asif was just thrusting and thrusting deep inside the anus until finally he couldn’t hold back any longer. He held himself completely still in Kathy’s arsehole as he ejaculated his warm semen, firing it all around the innards of Kathy’s shitter, until he subsided and held himself over the young woman. He was spent, emotionally and physically. Kathy herself had felt the splashes jetting into her arse time and again and it had almost brought her to her peak, but not quite and so she allowed and even encouraged Damali fingers to remain in her anus, caressing and still probing.

She heard herself say to the Damali, “Yes please, don’t stop touching me, please,” and she wiggled her arse, wanting more. Damali took the hint and pushed another digit into Kathy’s bottom and started to push them round, varying the speeds and directions. She pulled hard and then pushed, She went in deeply and then caressed the outer edges. She pushed more fingers into the arse and then started pushing in and out hard, with all four fingers of one hand.

She kept this rhythm up, and Kathy was bucking with the excitement and eroticism of the assault, and she was nearing the top.

‘Oh Damali, yes, yeees, go on, in me, harder, yes, yeeesssss. Oooohhhhh,’ and Damali’s hand was buried deep in Kathy’s arsehole, shooting in and out at speed, as the young woman went over the edge and the orgasm hit her, sending shivers and tingles and shock waves running right through her body, her head collapsing onto her wrists on the chair.

Damali held her hand in Kathy’s bottom for a few seconds more to allow the young woman the benefit of an uninterrupted orgasm, and then she slowly extricated herself and sat to admire the enticing young lady knowing that this wasn’t the last enjoyment she would provide.

Very few words were spent, there was nothing to say, and Kathy quickly gathered her clothes thinking it was time for her to go, not wanting to stay knowing she was theirs totally theirs. She had become their shop soiled slut. Oh but the night wasn’t quite done.

She sensed rather than saw movement across the room, Damali had released both Blaze and Sabre the guard dogs into the living room and Sabre was between her mistresses legs, she was holding him there he was doing her with his tongue. God how can a woman do that deliberately with a dog, but she watched on fascinated, Kathy never even thought about where Blaze had got to, that was until she felt something cold and wet between her arse cheeks. She tried to get up and turn around, but Asif grabbed her forearms while at the same time pushing an unbelievably hard cock to the back of her throat, how could this be after all they had just done. Then she felt his rough tongue a dog was licking her naked cum filled cunt “stay still bitch” Asif ordered as she tried to wriggle free “stay fucking still”

It was two minutes before she moved again and she started to open her legs wider, then wider still. Blaze had his snout buried in her cunt that combined with his tongue was taking him right up to her cervix. This was a dog fucking her with his long tongue what was worse she was going to orgasm and she wasn’t the only one she could feel Asif expanding in her mouth. Her arse was all over the place, dogs don’t care much about their bitches and Blaze just kept lapping up every bit of juice she offered then as she was gasping for air her mouth was being flooded by rope after rope of cock juice. Kathy was in another world cum squeezing past Asif’s cock down her chin and into his lap.

“Up Blaze, up boy” the tongue was gone she felt total disappointment at being empty, she didn’t realise what those words had meant until she felt the weight of that big dog on her back. “Noooooo I can’t fuck a dog” no one spoke Asif held her arms firmly and Damali just couldn’t she was on her hands and knee’s a dog tongue repeatable jabbing at her fuck hole while she sucked Sabres cock if you could call it a cock. As big as a beer can and more then ten inches long, much as she tried she couldn’t get all of it in big red and slimy and Damali the dog slut was loving it, a look of total lustful abandonment on her face.

Kathy stuck under Blaze had given up her fight against Asif and the masterful dog, she could feel him jabbing insistently at her ass crack, and beyond herself she put her hand between her legs and started to guide him home she couldn’t believe what her hand was doing, he didn’t care about Kathy he just wanted to fuck, he jabbed and jabbed while she move to get him lined up properly getting used to the dogs immense size.

Was he as big as Sabre or bigger, Kathy couldn’t believe the heat and the speed of the cock pumping into her like a rapid piston in and out, faster and faster he was better than any of her toys at home. He just kept going deeper and deeper making Kathy his bitch, she was screaming and bucking loving every inch of his cock.

Then she felt him expanding wider and wider, she’d know later she was taking his knot between her stretch cunt lips, like taking a medium sized orange up her twat, and then she was cumming squirting floods of her juices smearing the dogs red sausage cock. Then he joined her hot slimy cum shooting again and again against her cervix, It went on and on and when her finally finished he tried to dismount from his new bitch he was dragging her with him until Asif took control of him. That’s when she noticed the video camera Asif had videoed every second of her dog humiliation, “you bastard you can’t….” “I can do whatever I want you filthy white whore, just you look what my other slut does for me”

There was Damali lost in the same lust Kathy had felt, she was kissing Sabre, well his tongue was all over her face and he was fucking her she was pushed back arse resting on the arm of an old leather chair. Her legs up in the air almost round his waist, Sabre’s gigantic cock looked like a sledge hammer powering at full pace almost forcing Damali through the chair.
Kathy, a mind blown Kathy watched, her tongue was dangling from her mouth. Beautiful she was thinking Damili her wonderful olive skinned body covered in a sheen of sweat eyes wide and lips smiling loving every second of her dog fucking, her mouth begging for more from her lover as Sabre started to fill her with his watery spunk, she’d held him to prevent his knot and now his hot cum poured from her cunt soaking her thighs in sweet dog cum. Damali blatantly looked at Kathy scooping dog cum from her cunt lips direct to her mouth, while Sabre joined Blaze in the corner of the room licking himself clean.

A few minutes later Kathy watched Asif as he sat in the leather chair Damali wrapped round him, both of them dozing exhausted from their exertions.
Kathy herself needing nothing but sleep she slowly dressed and this time she would escape, she slipped passed the dogs, stroking each one in turn then out through the door and down into the quite streets. Three hour she had been with her new friends all four of them. She new she’d be back in those rooms again, she was a shop soiled slut and couldn’t wait for the next time.

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