Our introduction to sex with a dog 10

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Back into it but back to not as we planned. It didn’t matter because she had had him back inside her and we were still having fun and looking for more

I hardly knew what to do with myself then. That had been so intense. This was all intense. There was my girl with our dog’s dick in her hand and she was pushing it into her pussy. And here I was with my dick in my hand watching her and admiring how I’d just put a cumshot right on target.
My mind raced with would of, could of, should of thoughts. I couldn’t hardly believe everything that had just happened but at the same time I couldn’t hardly believe everything else that could of happened. This had opened the door for opportunities. New ways to play. I tried to slow down the thoughts in my head and capture ideas for the future but everything was blurring and spinning I couldn’t pull in one single act long enough to hold on to. It all felted like we had so much we could look forwards to.
The next thing I knew I was looking down and he was out of her and his knot was barely big enough to hold the sheath back. His dick was shrinking back down and he was curling his body to get himself in reach of it. That had worked well. You could actually use his dick for fun like that and he wouldn’t mind. You could go until he emptied all his cum and then he’d just get soft. Idk why I hadn’t thought that’s how it would go. It wasn’t really any different then the many times he had been masterbated. Maybe it was because a lot of times things didn’t go as figured or maybe because I hadn’t been sure he’d lay there the whole time and enjoy it. Maybe it was because I’d saw times when people was against it. Maybe I had thought they were because the dog wouldn’t want it. I was figuring out not to rely on what you read but to rely on your experiences.
I looked at her pussy. No doubt it had just been used. It was puffy and flushed looking. Cum on it and leaking from it. It was amazing how different a pussy could luck after a fucking. She leaned forwarded and crawled a step or two into my arms asking if I was OK and if that had been fun? I said ya I’m fine and it was fun. Then I said looks like it was more fun for you. Not sure why I said it like that and really didn’t mean it in a bad way but she said sorry, we need to make sure things are as fun for you. What can I do? I didn’t have an answer because she always did pretty much anything and everything I wanted and whenever I wanted so I told her that.
Our boy had finished cleaning himself and his dick must have went back in his sheath by then cause he was up and looking towards us. Trying to poke around to find out what else needed cleaning.
I moved a little to the side so he could get to her but she grabbed my dick and said here boy make sure he’s all clean. She wiggled her hand and my dick flopped around cause I was half soft by then. He came right to it as she said ya you are a little messy still. I did have cum on me still and he eagerly liicked it all off and continued for a moment to make sure he did a good job. My dick tingled and flopped around as he licked it. I wouldn’t say it was exciting too much but it wasn’t bad. He had licked it before while we was fucking but this was the first time just on its own like this. She said come on hopping up and gathering her clothes quickly. I gotta pee. Tugging at me she lead me to the bathroom. Setting on toilet she kept her legs open and leaned back some so I had a good view. At first she placed her hand in front of it and started peeing but when she knew it was going in the toilet she moved her hand and I watched her till she finished.
She wiped her pussy while getting up then wiped and dabbed all over her pussy area. I think it was all purposely to make sure she didn’t get licked and to make sure I didn’t think she was getting too much.
She pushed aside the shower curtain and said let me just rinse off real quick. When she turned to turn on the water I said now I gotta pee. I whipped my dick back out and aimed it at her pissing all over her ass and her thighs. She must of been suprised cause she spun around so I then splashed all over her pussy and the front of her legs. She didn’t know what to think and stood there with her jaw dropped open for a second.
She asked what was that for? Just fun? I said hell no. You’re acting like I’m worried about you or something so instead of you making me worry I figured I’d better just mark my territory.
She just shook her head. Saying no you don’t need to worry but you can mark me any time you want. I left her to her shower and had some stuff to catch up on.
I needed to figure out what was going on with her before going much further so I figured we’d take things easy the rest of the day then talk that night. I had found a trick to getting through talks about “feelings” and such that really helped me pay attention and have them productive. So that night when we started fooling around I asked, so can we talk about something? She said sure, always.
So now here’s my trick. We get naked and I slide my dick into her and while we talk we fuck really slow and she concentrates on working her pussy muscles. Trying to use them to squeeze my cock and then to squeeze it and pull it in deeper or push it out. I find when she has her concentration on what she’s doing down there that she doesn’t have the ability to think every answer through before giving it or to over analyze a question or to think too much about what the right answer would be. It’s either that or I like to fuck and that’s a good excuse.
So ya I spread her legs wide open and got on her pushing my dick as deep inside her as I could then asked so what’s going on? Then the normal what do you mean, stuff from her. So I said you seem to be worried about me or worried about how I feel about what we’ve been doing? Do you worry I’m getting jealous? Or? I don’t understand.
She hesitated like she didn’t want to say but then said I’m worried you’re gonna think I’m nasty. And you’re gonna stop wanting to be with me.
I asked, nasty? She said ya like I’m gross and nasty cause I let an animal, our dog put his dick in me. I assured her no I wasn’t thinking that. When I said that I could feel her pussy really grab at my dick.
She asked you don’t think that’s kind of nasty? Most people would. I mean I’m already loose enough for you to put your hand inside me and now I’ve done this. Probably not many girls like me and you could easily find a normal girl.
Normal? What’s normal? No girl is normal or all girls are. Not sure how that works but every girl is into different things and behind closed doors we never know who’s into what. So no more “normal” talk.
Ya I could have a different girl. Hell I could have about any girl. The same was true when I picked you. I picked the one I wanted and I still want her.
Now as to “nasty” no I don’t think you’re nasty. Nasty sounds like a derogatory term. I don’t feel that way towards you. Ya it’s probably a small amount of girls doing this then other things but is that a bad thing? Or a good thing?
She butted in with ok not nasty but something. It’s not… ok I can’t say normal. Not sure how to explain it. It’s letting an animal do you. You know in the stories the girls say they like being degraded. Or being taken and they’re nothing but his bitch. Nothing more then something to deposit his cum in. Stuff like that.
I asked is that what you like about it? She quickly said no and that’s not even how I feel about. Saying but maybe a part of it that makes it fun is because its…. I’d want to say nasty but that really isn’t the correct word….. maybe taboo. I like that it’s different. It’s like completely different. Different enough that it’s probably… ok not probably but something some wouldn’t do or agree with. Sorry I don’t know how to word any of this. So I asked so part of the fun is that you’re doing something that not everyone would do? That most wouldn’t do? So you put in your head that by doing it you’re nasty? And then you figured nasty doesn’t sound good and I may not like you if your being nasty?
She said ya that’s it. We had still been fucking nice and slow this whole time so for the next 3 or 4 strokes I pushed as deep as I could and held there for a second before pulling back. Then I said this is easy enough. Change the word. Change the word and you’ll change how it’s feeling.
So no more nasty. No more bad thoughts like it’s gross or something most girls wouldn’t do.
Now it’s naughty. Naughty like pushing boundaries, exploring, being brave enough to try things most girls wouldn’t, being open enough to try new things.
Naughty isn’t bad. Naughty is good, real good. I like naughty. You can be naughty with me. I’d like that.
I could tell she was relieved or at least felt better about the situation. She said I will be naughty for you and with you. Do you want me to be naughty now? What naughty thing do you want me to do? She was making this too easy. I said there is something I’d like to do with you but ya you’d have to be a naughty girl to let me.
Idk what she might of been expecting it could be but she said yes. I said I want to fuck you in your ass really hard. She was like what? Like fucking me roughly. I said ya like just slamming my dick into your ass. Like hurting me slamming? She asked. I said well not purposely but it’d probably hurt a little. Or maybe hurt medium.
She agreed to let me so I pulled out of her and got up pulling her arm to help her up. I assured her it probably wouldn’t last real long since I had already been fucking her. How do you want me she asked. I told her ass up face down. She got in position and braced herself. I said you might want to put some spit on that or something. I never seen her get so much saliva from her mouth before. She smeared it all around on her asshole then tested it by sticking a finger in. It went pretty easy so I said I thank that’s enough. Now you better spread that ass open. She reached back firmly pulling each ass cheek. I told her I’d try to help and put my hands higher on her butt and spread it as much as I could then asked if she was ready. She said ya but can you go slow until you get it all the way in? I laughed and said no promises. I got a little closer while still spreading her as wide as I could and said now hold on to something. I could see her body stiffen up.
I leaned over and kissed her ass cheek 3 or 4 times instead of shoving my dick into her.telling her thanks for saying yes but I was just messing with you. She said damn you and I was gonna let you. I said I’d rather you climb on top of me and fuck me while rubbing your clit for me to watch. She quickly said deal and started hopping onto me probably to hurry before I changed my mind.
She slide me in and instead of bouncing up and down she slide forwards then back. Keeping me deep inside and rocking on me. Then she rubbed her clit fast enough that her hand was a blur. I moaned Mmm and said tell me how it feels and what you’re doing. She talked dirty and rubbed herself while she started grinding in a circular motion on top of my cock. I lasted a lot longer then I thought I would and she easily got off several minutes before me. I was gonna just have her lay on me and fall asleep but she had to pee so she did and then snuggled up tight to me finding my cock and holding it with both hands. I only got to sleep a bit over 6 hours that night but when I woke up she still had one hand around my dick.
It was a new day and she was feeling much better about everything. It was well into spring time and the world was coming alive in full force. That soon wouldn’t be the only thing cumming in full force.

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