Our introduction into sex with a dog 2

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From an idea to the time to act. When you watch videos it seems so easy and natural but we found things don’t always go as planned. The awkward stage.

Well we never did get one of the inflatable dog dick dildos but we did go a little crazy with toys. We opted for a pump anal toy for stretching. A womanizer type toy for clit stimulation. That was a guaranteed orgasm every time. A crazy metal curved bar with a different size ball on each end. We’d push the bigger end in deep past her g spot and hold it while rapidly slapping the other end. That would make her cum and squirt almost every time.
Multiple silicone dildos. Started with average sized one and kept going bigger and bigger and bigger. She was getting quite the loose little pussy. Sometimes she’d fuck herself with one while I fucked her with another one or with my dick.
We even experimented with stuff around the house just to see if we could fit it in. While shopping for groceries we’d find ourselves looking for things to try. That Pom bottle was fun. Once we grabbed a large summer sausage and she fucked herself silly on the drive home.
Our relationship wasn’t the best but our sex life was going all out. We were not pacing ourselves. We were also watching a lot of videos. Chicks with large toys, weird insertions, fitting and girls with dogs. She never admitted k9 was her favorite or anything and usually always wanted to make it like it was my choice to pick those. Funny though because without fail those were the ones that got her the wettest and ready to play. We still had interest in trying it but it was just another thing amongst everything else we were doing.
There was so much on the internet about how dogs couldn’t give concent and all that we didn’t want to take advantage or push anything onto our boy. We started leaving the door to the bedroom open when we were home alone and playing. She started randomly rubbing or touching his cock to judge his reaction and to get him used to the attention.
She never was much of a dick sucker so I couldn’t swing it for her to ever try that but we did get to letting him lick her pussy.
He usually wasn’t to eager and never licked her for long periods like in the stories girls told. He didn’t bring her to amazing orgasms. He did enjoy doing it when she was really wet and especially liked to after I came inside her. He would clean her pussy up and she did get into that.
He would get excited when we were playing and was very interested but never tried to mount her.
Some days I really wished he would but we were exploring other things also. I finally got to where I could fist her with enough play before hand and plenty of lube. Straight fucking was getting boring but I wasn’t gonna give up getting mine. We fucked every day most days more then once. Sometimes it was just a quick and she didn’t seem to into it but she was always willing if I wanted it. Many times she’d just pull her pants down and bend over. I’d spit in my hand and rub it on her pussy then grab her hips and fuck her like I hated her. Her loose pussy would allow me to pound her for all I was worth and last quite a while. She did seem to enjoy that.
Finally one night I asked if she wanted to try to see if our boy would do a little more. She said ya I would I’ve been thinking about asking you if we could for a while now. We left the door open and started playing while finding some videos to watch. I had her tell me what was her favorite parts of the videos and what parts weren’t. Of course the oral on the dogs she didn’t care for and even skipped past that. The mounting, hard fucking and pulling the knot out she enjoyed the most.
While watching and talking our boy showed up. She slide to the edge of the bed and offered her pussy to him. He eagerly licked her for a few minutes then just stood by the bed watching us.
I reached over and petted him and got a look at his dick. It was exposed a bit so I said looks like he might be interested. I looked back at her and she was sitting on the edge of the bed with her hands between her closed legs slightly rocking back and forth. Not exactly what I had expected to see. I asked if she was alright and said it wasn’t something she had to do. It was fine if she didn’t.
She said no I’m fine and it is something I want to do. It really is I’m a little nervous and don’t know what to expect. I mean I do know but then again I don’t you know?
She got down on the floor and he came right to her and she reached underneath and gently grasp his dick. He started humping which he had never done before. She let go and said he’s surely ready.
I felt her pussy and easily pushed 3 fingers in. She was wet so I said are you ready? She said you might have to help as she got on her hands and knees. He went right to her and stuck his nose to her pussy. I lifted him up and started to put him on her but he was way ahead of me. He wrapped his paws around her and started thrusting like crazy.
He was no where near her pussy and going to town. I pushed him up to her but by then he was already hard and I saw cum squirting everywhere. It wasn’t even a minute and he hopped off. I could see some of his cum on her back and ass. Damn that made me hard.
And he was still hard. We looked at each other like wtf. Thankfully his dick slipped back into his sheath so he’d get another chance. Everything happened so fast but now we knew what to expect. She got ready again and this time he mounted her own his own. The way he gripped her waist set him to far back. His dick was a foot away from her pussy. I quickly pushed him up to her and grabbed his cock to help guide him in.
As soon as I grasp it he went nuts from slowly humping to thrusting around so fast he was instantly fully hard again and I couldn’t get him in position at all.
Damn this wasn’t like in the videos at all. He got hard so quick he didn’t even seem interested in getting inside her. He was happily fucking nothing and having a good time.
He hopped off again and stood there with his dick swaying. She turned around and set on the floor obviously disappointed. She did take a good look and said his dick and knot doesn’t look that big I can handle that.
I said ya if we can get him in you before he’s hard as hell and done.
We went over the plan again as he layed down and licked himself.
It seemed she was a little to low for him and maybe the angle and access wasn’t the best.
I had her get back on her hands knees and then spread her knees further apart. Then lowered her to being on her elbows. That really put her pussy up in the air and looked like it’d be easier to get into instead of going up over her butt. It made her even lower though so I grabbed a couple pillows. Laying one down and then folding the other one on top.
She assumed the position again and by then he was soft again and back up eagerly watching. Judging him then her I said that looks good she said it feels better too. The hardwood floor was killing her knees she said.
I pulled him behind her and quickly squeezed his dick slightly. He hopped right up and again I pushed him forward as she reached from underneath to guide him but she didn’t even get the chance before he slammed his dick into her. She jumped, later telling me it poked her inside against on side and hurt a bit. He pushed right back on her and I thought oh ya here we go as I saw him kind of lower his ass and push way up to her. Man she was gonna get a good hard deep fuck.
But hell no. About four pumps into her he jumped backwards and happily fucked air again. I tried to get him back onto her and into position but those few jabs must of had him off to the races. He wasn’t slowing down and wasn’t worried about getting her.
I heard a deep groan of disappointment leave her lips as she looked back and saw what he was doing.
He stopped humping and is dick was swinging around as he wasted his cum on the floor. She looked so disappointed that I may have broken a rule about having fun with a dog. I said hold still as I grabbed his dick and pulled it back between his legs and aimed it towards her moving him backwards a few steps.
I know using a dog dick like a dildo is supposed to be wrong. But it wasn’t like he didn’t want to fuck he wanted it to much to control himself.
I pushed his dick into her pussy but it wasn’t that easy. It was hard but kind of squishy. I said spread your pussy and she reached back and did. It only took a second or two then and I got him inside. It was excitingly strange to see his hot pink dick sink into her and then see the knot pushed against her lips. She wiggled and squirmed a bit I guess getting it situated and as far in as she could.
I put a finger on each side with my fingertips against the knot and pushed. I watched as it slipped pasted her lips and sank inside. I kept my fingertips against it as it did and left them there to keep it inside her.
I could see his ass pucker over and over and I could feel like spasms from his knot. I knew with each one another squirt of cum was going inside her. Her pussy felt alive and her ass would wiggle every now and again. Her arms looked weak and her face melted to the floor. I wished I knew everything that was going through her mind and her body.
I asked you OK? How’s it feel? She said thank you for this. I’m OK. Trying to take it all in. I chuckled and said oh baby it’s all in believe me. She said I know I can feel his knot pushing against everything. It’s like chills running through me but warm. He feels so warm. I asked if she could feel his cum. She said it’s warm. Really warm. I can’t feel his cum but I can feel that he’s cumming and I think I can feel it filling me.
I said just relax and take it all in. Ya his cum and all the sensations.
Of course it wasn’t like the stories where he stayed knotted for 45 minutes or a hour or longer. Idk how long he lasted maybe 15 minutes. Time seemed to go slow though. Then he started moving around and started to pull away. He really seemed down so I pulled my fingers back and like that he pulled out of her. I saw the knot part her lips and pop out quickly followed by the rest. I wish I could of watched that in slow motion.
As his dick came free it swung back between his legs. It looked so different then when I watched it slide into her. When going in it was like a cute bright pink dick. When it came out it was a big angry red and purple vein cover cock.
One thing that did work out like in the videos was the gush of cum that poured out. I watched as it splashed on the floor and left a puddle. Would of been unbelievable if she would of hopped over there and started licking it up but that wasn’t gonna happen. He cleaned his own mess as I shoved a few fingers deep inside her. She was still bent over ass in the air so I could feel more cum pooled inside her. I splashed my fingers around in it for a minute then pulled them out and pushed them in her mouth. She was not pleased but not pissed.
I got behind her and started to fuck her but she said wait a minute. She reached back and shoved her fingers inside her pussy then pulled them out and stuck them into her mouth smiling as she slowly pulled them back out keeping her lips tight around them. I was stunned but she said I did that just for you and because all I could really taste was me.
Now my dick was huge and purple. I shoved it in as hard and as deep as I could then fucked her hard. Maybe it was my imagination but it did feel warmer then usual and I could definitely feel I was fucking a pussy full of dog cum. I sloshed around into her for as long as I could before adding a larger then usual load of my own.
I tried to get her to suck my dick afterwards but she didn’t want to. She asked if I’d eat her pussy if she did. Ah, with his cum and my cum all in there. No thanks
I got up and pulled her to her feet. We both watched as her pussy emptied out running down her leg. There had still been quite a bit in there.
That was our first time.

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    u should have ate it. I have its fun

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    Nice story. A real one for once

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      I appreciate that a lot.
      More support for the real ones may encourage others that have them to share theirs.