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The Tale of Bryan and Addy

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This story is dedicated to a very special girl and all the stories, shower times and secrets that we shared.

It was a crisp autumn morning and the sun was still low in the sky casting long shadows down the road as young Addy rode her bike down the quiet country lane on her way to school. Addy was singing to herself as her little legs peddled along. A cute little girl with mousy brown hair and glasses perched on her freckled nose. Wearing a pink and white sundress that looked like it came out of the 1940’s she was pretty as a picture.

Lost her own little world Addy didn’t hear the red pickup truck coming up behind her, until it beeped it’s horn, causing her to swerve off the road, the front wheel of the bike hitting a rock and flipping her over the handle bars. Addy was unhurt, but startled and lay stunned and in shock as the truck pulled over and stopped. Bryan was muttering to himself as he got out the truck, pesky children riding in the middle of the road. Walking up to Addy he was taken in by how pretty she was, her sundress hitched up from the fall showing her little cotton panties. He reached out his hand to help her up “You shouldn’t be riding in the middle of the road”. Addy looked at Bryan nervously “Sorry Mister” as she then smoothed down her dress and picked up her bike before starting to cry as she saw the front wheel was buckled. Seeing the bike Bryan, picked it up saying to Addy “You’ll have to come with me”, tossing the bike carelessly into the back of the truck.

Bryan looked down at Addy, his mind racing and he couldn’t help but notice that his cock was swelling in his jeans as he took in the sight of the pretty little girl in front of him and nobody around. “Get in the truck, you will have to come to my farm and we will fix the bike”. A naive little girl Addy just nodded “Yes mister, thank you” and hoped into the front passenger seat. 10 minutes later they were pulling into an isolated farm house, with stables and a large doberman that came running up to the truck as they came to a stop.

Bryan got out of the truck and Addy looked out nervously at the dog “I’m scared of the dog”. Walking around to the passenger door Bryan opened it picking Addy up in his arms “Come with me, Bruno doesn’t like strangers very much”. Addy looked around as Bryan strode into a shed behind the house, he closed the door putting her down as she looked around the shed. It had tools hanging on the walls, and an old wooden table in the middle. Addy began to feel nervous as she looked at Bryan. Pulling up a chair Bryan sat down roughly pulling her to face him “Look here, nobody knows you are with me and you are going to do what I say” Addy sobbed softly too scared to speak. “From now on you are going to be here to be used as a fucktoy for the males on the farm. You are not to question of say no, only obey or you will be punished, do you understand?” Addy sobbed “I want to go home, I don’t want to stay here”. Bryan looked at Addy “If you try and leave Bruno will tear you to shreds. Now take off your clothes a fucktoy has no need for clothes”. Shaking her head Addy tried to pull back, at this Brian stood and angrily picked her up placing her on the wooden table, picking up a length of rope he tied her to the table. Lying on her back, her legs spread with one tied to each leg and her arms tied to the other legs, her head lying awkwardly off the end of the table.

Addy was now crying hysterically, as Bryan ignored her cries picking up a knife he deftly cut off her dress and then panties leaving her naked and exposed. Walking around to the head of the table he stood with Addy’s head hanging down and unzipped his jeans. Addy stared wide eyed as he pulled his trousers down exposing his rapidly hardening cock. Never having seen one before, Addy stared, distracted by it she stopped crying as she watched it grow. It was enormous, and didn’t take long before Bryans 9 inch cock, fat as a coke can was sticking straight out. Precum already leaking from the swollen head as Bryan looked at the scared, naked little girl in front of him. Taking a handful of hair, he pulled her head back “Fucktoys are supposed to suck and please cocks, what are you waiting for?” And with that he tried to force his cock into her mouth. Addy was too scared to resist, but his cock was so large and fat that she struggled to fit it in.

Bryan held her head as he started to fuck her face, causing her to gag and choke as he forced his cock into her mouth. “Good girl, you’ll learn to be a fucktoy and cum bucket soon enough”. With that he pulled out and walked around to stand between her legs. Bryan took his cock, and ran the fat head up and down her little slit, marvelling at how little she was and wondering how much of his cock he would be able to fit inside her. Addy’s body was responding to the fear and stimulation by getting wet as Bryan rubbed his cock up and down her slit for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of her soft bald pussy.

Bryan reached down, taking Addy by the hips and started to push his cock into her tight pussy. Addy cried out in pain as his head pushed through her pussy lips and started to stretch her tight little hole open. Gripping her hips tightly Bryan, slowly thrust in and out barely fitting more than the head of his large cock into her tiny opening. Addy felt like she was going to be torn in half and was crying in pain, as she lifted her head to see that Bryans 9 inch cock was barely inside her. Slowly her young pussy stretched and her body responded, till Bryan was rhythmically fucking her. Addy, sobbed quietly as Bryan used her trying to see how much of his cock he could fit inside that vice like pussy. Feeling his balls begin to tighten Bryan rammed himself as deep as he could inside her young pussy, pulling her onto his cock as he erupted inside her spurting his cum deep inside her as she screamed in pain as he stretched and filled her.

Bryan stood over her, pulling his cock out of her leaving her pussy leaking cum running down her legs “You’re a good cum dump and fuck toy, we are going to enjoy using you”. Using her cut off dress to wipe himself clean he pulled up his jeans and untied her. Addy stared at him, terrified and not knowing what would happen next. Bryan said “It’s time you and Bruno got to know each other better”. Bryan picked up a chain and lock, roughly grabbing Addy and locking it around her neck like a leash. “Come on, it’s Bruno’s turn” as he walked out of the shed, Addy following behind cum still dripping down her legs.

Bryan walked Addy over to a dog enclosure and whistled for Bruno who came bounding up. Bryan locked Addy so that she was chained by the neck and unable to standup straight, but could lie down or be on all fours. Bruno was whining and pawing trying to get to Addy’s pussy as she curled up trying to protect herself. “Don’t ever say no to a male, Bruno is a male and he wants to use you. You better present that pussy of yours to him or he will bite you”. Addy looked up pleading “please no mister”. Bryan looked at her “you need to know your place, you are just a fucktoy and cum dump, now get on all fours so he can lick you clean”

Resigned to her situation, Addy laid her head on the ground between her arms raising her naked pussy in the air as she knelt with her legs spread slightly apart. Bruno wasted no time and was excitedly licking Bryans cum out of her pussy. His rough tongue, lapping her and probing her still sore and swollen opening. After a few minutes of licking Addy’s little body shuddered as she had an orgasm, unable to resist the sensations sweeping over her. Her little pussy, clenching and pulsing with desire as her wet juices flowed.

As Addy shuddered and moaned, Bruno mounted her. His paws digging into her thighs as he started wildly pounding her, his cock wildly stabbing around till it founds her pussy. Addy screamed as Bruno began to pound her pussy her body being shaken by the force of his rapid thrusting. Addy felt something growing in her pussy and feeling like it was going to be torn apart as Brunos knot swelled and he stopped thrusting, laying his weight on her back as he panted happily his balls twitching as every few seconds he spurted more doggy cum deep in her pussy.

Addy lay exhausted under Bruno, unable to move until his knot shrank and with a pop he pulled out doggy cum pouring out her raw pussy. Bruno licked both of them clean, and then lay down next to Addy and exhausted she fell asleep curled up against Bruno, she was now Bruno’s bitch.

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