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Follow up Dr’s medical

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More Encounters of a young lad, with M F b F g

So after the medical which turned into a horny event, and leaving the Doctors the girl who was in there as well had her bag over her shoulder, left at the same time we were both about the same Hight and she was pretty.
I said “Hello are you alright”
she stopped and looked at me and went very red then looked down at the floor embarrassed.
I mentioned that she looked good with or without clothes on, she just looked down at my crotch knowing she saw what happened to me her nipples started to poke through her t-shirt. I asked if she enjoyed what happened, and she smiled the most sweetest smile I have ever seen.
I asked if she wanted to come to mine as my parents weren’t in and knew they were out for the weekend away, many a time I was left to look after my self, she agreed and we went on our way, we didn’t talk much but kept giving little glances to each other and smiling, we got in through the door and she gave a big sigh as though a big weight had lifted of her shoulders, again I asked if she was ok she just turned and hugged me tight, so I hugged her back with my hands on her Butt having a nice feel, she then let go and said “Can we go to your bedroom please I have to thank you for being nice to me” I said “You are very pretty and follow me”.
We got into the bedroom and sat next to each other on the bed she turned to me and said “I have never done anything like that before but you looked like you have”
I said “Yes I have done a fair bit what do you want to know”
“Everything please” I told her about what I have done and who with which surprised her, I think hearing how nice it is to have a cock in your arse made her smile, she said “yes I saw the nurse with the strapon did it feel nice being fucked by a woman”.
“Woman or man is nice as it fills you depending on the size and where it hits”
“He put his tongue in my arse which felt lovely just before he put his cock in my pussy and shot his cum all over me, can we try my arse please”
Being the horny type of person I am I started to take my clothes off she did as well we stood there naked looking at each other she was stunning Naked perfectly proportioned, nipples hard as nails and my cock stood out hard, I got her to lie down with her legs over the end of the bed and open, her pussy was parting at the lips and juice was slowly trickling down to her arse, I put my hands on her thighs and lowered my self down on my knees bent my head forward and kissed her pussy she moaned and I took a swipe from her hole to her clit which was surprisingly big about 1-1 1/2 inches long the hood was back and it was warm and hard, I got my tongue in her hole and sucked as much juice as I could, I used some around her puckered ring and inserted a finger knowing what it feels like she just gave a loud moan, I knew she was a squirter so was ready when I sucked on her clit for a few minutes then she came all over my face and chest trying to get as much in my mouth as possible, she lay there in the afterglow of her orgasm and I stood up she was relaxed and had her legs over my shoulders, I guided my cock to her arse and slowly started to push, there was a bit of resistance so asked her to push as though she was trying to poo, and in it slipped all the way to my balls on her arse cheeks, I stayed still for a few minutes while she got use to something in her arse, her face was one of surprise that gave way to a smile, I started to pull out and the moan she gave was one of I need that more, so pushed back in and out, fucking her arse she loved it after a few minutes she squirted all up my belly hitting me in the face as well so I started to speed up, just before I shot my load in her arse she squirted again that sent me over and was pumping my cum inside her.
I started to go soft and plopped out I could see my cum running out so went down to suck my cum out of her spreading her cheeks apart and got my tongue in there lapping and sucking as much as I could, I lay down next to her and we just cuddled, we both dropped off to sleep, waking up an hour later still in each others arms, I caressed her face and stroked her nipples going down to her arse tickling as I went down, she was squirming and moved her body down licking my nipples which woke up my cock she moved down and licked the end then sucked me right down to the base, now that surprised me, I asked “Have you done that before” with my cock in her mouth she mumbled something which I didn’t understand,
“I have practiced on my toys”
“Toys what toys” she went to her bag and pulled out a 6″ dildo “Oh that looks nice”
“Raise your legs” to which I did and held them back she spat on my ring and sucked the dildo all the way down, took it out and put it to my ring and started to push which went in very easy, she then slid it out and pushed it back in then took my cock in her mouth and sucked me while fucking my arse with the dildo, I knew I wouldn’t last long as this is great stimulation,
She said “I’m going to buy a harness and then I can fuck your arse” I didn’t ask how she got the dildo as I assumed she bought it somehow, she sucked my cock again and that was the point of no return and shot my load in her mouth she swallowed it all and then sat there looking at me very relaxed, I had to return the favor as I wasn’t getting hard soon I got hold of her dildo and cleaned it off, pushed her legs in the air and licked her puckered arse making it all wet, I sucked the dildo all the way down where she said “You’ve done that before” with a big smile on her face, I placed the dildo at her hole and pushed in slowly.
I asked “How did you get the dildo and have you used it on your self before”
“It’s been up there a few times and I got it from my mums draw”
I sucked on her pussy and clit getting my tongue right in as far as I could with her pussy twitching and clamping on my tongue she shot a load of juice all over my face moaning as loud as she could saying “FUCK FUCK FUCK”, I was drenched and the bed was soaking, I pulled the dildo out of her arse.
We both lay there with the time nearly 8pm she said she had to go home, we both got dressed I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and walked her to the door, she turned to me and gave me a very sensual kiss, which lasted a few minutes, I asked her if she wanted me to walk her home which she said “No I will be fine” then asked what shop she was doing the round and where she lived,
“Not Far and Not far”
“Ok I will see you at the Dr’s next week then”
“Oh yes we have the same appointment as I asked the sexy Receptionist to make it the same” that got me thinking she liked girls as well.
And with that she walked down the street, a whole week to wait to see her again, all I could think about was her Body her smile her Eyes Her Ass, oh yes Her ass. yes it was slow doing the Paper round going to school and all I could think of was her.
It got to Friday, and I hadn’t touched my cock for 5 days the build up was aching I thought I would shoot in my jeans when I got to the doctors, I completed my round in record time usually 45-50 minutes but did it in 30. then off I went hoping she was there, I went in and yes It was the last appointment I saw the same receptionist and she gave me a sexy smile no one else was in the waiting room, for 10 minutes I was looking at the clock and wondering if she would show up, then I heard the door and she came in wearing a pair of shorts and a thin strappy top no bra as her nipples were sticking out, she talked to the receptionist and lifted her top showing her tits then the receptionist came round the desk and started to suck on them, I was hard as rock and shuffling in my seat watching, my shorts straining against my hardon, they stopped and she sat next to me,
“That was interesting” I said
“Yes mum likes to put on a show”
my mouth was open and just staring between the pair of them,
“Your Mum she looks to young, and she fucked my arse with a strapon anything else I need to know ”
“Yes my Aunty is the nurse and Dad is the DR”
“Oh my God, that means your Dad Fucked you last week, and me as well”
I had a big smile on my face as the receptionist came up to me and Introduced herself with a smile, I didn’t know what to say just sat there with my mouth open.
“Shall we go into the Dr’s room” with that we stood up and followed her Mum, in there was the Dr and Nurse both naked the nurse had the strapon on and I started to take off my clothes’, within a few minutes we were sucking poking wanking squeezing anything and everything my mouth on her mums pussy, daughter sat on her mums mouth grinding away, Nurse fucking my arse and her Dad the Dr face fucking his daughter, copious amounts of juice was pouring from the pussy I was sucking fingering her arse at the same time, her daughter was squirting all over her Mum’s face while her dad was shooting cum all over her face, then someone said all change as though we were in a train station, all three ladies went to one bed and the Dr grabbed me thinking I was going to get his nice big cock in my arse, He layed down with his legs open and said “Fuck me” I didn’t need a 2nd invitation and got my tongue right in his arse which was very clean so he must have douched, I had 2 fingers pumping in and out which rubbed on his prostrate making his cock hard again, I stood up and placed the head of my cock to his ring and pushed in, It slid right in with no waiting he said ram that cock in me I was going at it for 10 minutes wanking his cock as I did, when I said “I’m going to cum” and shot my first load for 5 days up inside his arse,
“Humm that was fucking lovely, Now my turn.
With that he called over the nurse to suck the cum from his arse to which she did I looked over and saw the Mum and Daughter in a 69 position and all you could hear was a lot of slurping followed by a OOOH I’M CUMMING followed by both of them squirting their juice all over the place at different times, I got on the bed with my legs in the stirrups, the Dr came up to me and said You have a tight arse If I can remember from last week, he layed the bed flat and got his daughter to sit on my face as he put his cock to my arse and pushed, It felt bigger than last week and he was a lot further in and started to fuck me His daughter was getting a tongue bath from me then juice all over my face, the muffled sound from me was oomph oomph oomph as the Dr fucked me, the Nurse and Mum was next to the bed and I could feel their pussys nice and wet my fingers inside wriggling around trying to fine their G-spots I think they came as both my hands were soaked they were sucking her small tits, as this went on for 15-20 minutes and then he shot his load right up my arse.
We all stopped and the Receptionist her Mum went and got some bottled water so we all had a drink.
The Dr said “Sorry we didn’t tell you last week but we wanted to make sure you were right for the family”
“How do you mean right for the Family”
“Well we don’t want everyone to know what we do and you haven’t said anything to anyone as there would be Police and social workers involved by now as you know where we work, plus you both went back to your house and enjoyed each other, from the way you were talked about when she got home it was both mutual nice and satisfying”
“I’m enjoying this so why would I want to stop it and your Daughter is Lovely”
“So now we want you to come round to our house as we are having a BBQ tomorrow, do you think your parents are interested”
I said “Interested in the way we have been, I don’t think so but they do let me stay home a lot on my own when they go away for the week end”
“How often is that”
“Once a month sometimes more depends on what they are doing, Dad plays golf and Mum goes to her friends sometimes”.
A big smile came over his face as though he knew something and said “Invite them and we will see”
More to follow

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