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Amy Tale/s – Teppanyaki Nookie

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Yuri says something in Japanese to Reo, and Reo snaps at her and says a few sentences back, and Janet hears “pretty girl” in a line of their speech.

I have several tales involving Janet that I am trying to pen, but it is hard to capture the nuances of what happened. My attempts are poor, so you will have to use your imagination to picture what occurred. Janet was always looking for a new thrill, a game to play. I think that is one of the reasons we got along so well, because I was successful at creating novel experiences that excited her. I could keep up with Janet’s cleverness as well. We could read each other, and instinctively follow along with the other’s game.

The next two tales were some of those tales, but at first, it backfired on Janet; and I was trapped as well in her game that got out of control. Janet took me to a teppanyaki restaurant early in the week at 9pm. The restaurant closes at 10pm. After Janet’s initial visits, she had spent the last week coming every night at this time to flirt with a cute Japanese girl (female chef). The girl only comprehended English to the point of understanding what you were asking as it related to food. Janet never told the girl her name. The girl called Janet “pretty girl” during one of the first encounters, and Janet was on the hook. I am going to call this girl Yuri.

When Janet returned after that, another Japanese girl (Reo), who spoke English well, had berated Yuri in Japanese in front of Janet. Janet didn’t know what they were saying, but Janet knew that Reo was jealous. Janet was convinced that Reo and Yuri were lesbians, and that Yuri had commented about Janet’s flirting to Reo, who was trying to put a stop to this. Janet wanted my opinion and assistance. Janet wanted to seduce Yuri in a big way. I am not initially attracted to Asian women. My only experience is with Bada, but the more I have had sex with Bada, the more I appreciate the differences between Caucasians, and Asians, and black women for that matter.

Yuri is about 5’ 2” tall and has long dark brown hair (but it is under her hat). Yuri is cute and has the facial features you associate with Japanese women. She is definitely a woman from Tokyo. Reo is attractive but not as cute as Yuri, and Reo is domineering, and she is the he-bitch in their relationship, if it is a lesbian relationship. Reo is 5’ 4” and has the same color hair and long length. and she is also a chef. Janet sits at Yuri’s griddle and says, hi cuteness, did you miss me? Yuri just smiles, and begins her prep. Janet tries to engage Yuri in a conversation, but she only smiles and bows her head repeatedly because nothing Janet is saying has anything to do with Yuri’s work.

Reo walks over and says to Janet, you are back again, why do you keep coming back so many nights in a row? Janet says, because I like Yuri, and I think she is hot, and I want to ask her out. Can you ask her if she will go out with me? Yuri says something in Japanese to Reo, and Reo snaps at her and says a few sentences back, and Janet hears “pretty girl” in a line of their speech. Janet is convinced that Yuri has named her “pretty girl,” and that is how Reo refers to her now too. After watching them, I start to believe that Janet is on to something.

Reo says, Yuri is not interested in going out with you, so you do not have to continue to come here just to ask Yuri out. Janet says, I think that is you talking, and that Yuri actually finds me attractive. Yuri is cooking and trying to listen, and because Yuri is focusing on the conversation, the usual utensil ballet is not accompanying our meal prep. Janet says, you can come with us, it can be a double date with my girlfriend here. Reo says, we are not interested in a double dating other girls. Me and Janet looked at each other and both thought the same thing, “other girls.” Reo, had let the pussy cat out of the bag. They were lesbians, and a couple, there were just too many coincidences to lead to any other conclusion.

Reo had to step away and finish breaking down for the night and Yuri finished and we ate. Yuri kept making eyes at Janet, and Reo saw her. It was about closing time, and Janet pressed more, but Reo said, we are closing now, and we paid and left. Janet lingered to see when they came out, but after 30 minutes they either went out the back, or were still in there, and Janet didn’t want to wait any longer. We came back for the next three nights at the same time and aggravated the pee out of Reo. Reo finally said, okay, we will go with you tonight, and it was a Thursday.

Janet got a room at the Resort, and we started in the shower, because they had been cooking all day. They work like 10 hours from lunch to closing. We found out that Yuri has Friday’s off, and Reo has Saturday’s off, and they both have Sunday off. Yuri is 27, and her measurements are about, 32-23-34, and she is a C cup, and she has dark brown nipples that look big, but her brown areola are small which may add to that effect. Reo is 32, and her measurements are around, 32-24-35, and she is a D cup, and her nipples are more of a pinkish/brown. Both girls are slim and have a nice shape, legs, and small feet and nice toes. They both have full hairy pussies. I mean, you have to work through the jungle to get to the waterhole. They are not wildly bushy, it just covers the prime real estate. In the shower, it is fun to lather a hairy pussy.

We eventually get them to the bed, and after some kissing and oral breasts stimulation, me and Reo hook up in a 69 with her on top, and I use my fingers to help me get to the treasure of her pussy. Their pussy lips are not white, but not black like Bada’s, so I would say a light brown with a light pink pussy interior. I actually enjoyed eating Reo’s pussy, but she was more distracted by Yuri and Janet. I think Yuri really liked Janet’s totally shaved pussy, and she was tearing it up. Both these girls could eat pussy. Everyone eventually gets off, and Reo tells Yuri it’s time to go.

Yuri starts talking in Japanese, and you can hear “pretty girl” every now and then. Reo appears to be arguing with Yuri, and then Reo asks Janet what her name is (and this is where we actually heard them say their names, even though they had name tags in the restaurant). We heard her say Janet, when she spoke to Yuri. Janet said, you don’t have to go, why don’t you spend the night. Reo said, no, she has to work tomorrow, and this was just a one-time date. Janet walks over and kisses Yuri, and holds her, and says, Yuri wants to see me again. Janet draws her finger down Yuri’s cheek and says, I am your pretty girl, right? Yuri smiles and bows her head, and Reo spits some Japanese at Yuri.

Janet found out their work schedule from Reo, and said, why don’t you come back here Sunday, and Janet gave them enough money for cab fare home tonight and Sunday and then some. Reo kept protesting and they argued in Japanese, and Reo said, okay pretty pussy, we will come back Sunday. Janet asked, why did you call me pretty pussy? Reo sucked her teeth and must have said let’s go in Japanese because they left. Yuri must have said something to Reo about eating Janet’s pussy.

They do return Sunday, and that is where Janet’s little game backfired. You should know that these two girls are in a monogamous lesbian relationship. They are not bisexual. They actually love each other, and Yuri is just wanting to explore some American girls (for the first time), and she has a taste for it now. Reo on the other hand is the jealous partner, who is seeing her love try sex with new people, and she is afraid of losing her. Reo dominates Yuri with an “iron fist,” and this was never clearer, than when they returned Sunday.

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