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Amy Tale/s – Sophia’s Secret

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…how could I pull off such a feat; to cause the husband and wife to cheat on each other in secret with the same person.

Sophia and I had a lesbian sex encounter on Thursday, and she called me the next day. Sophia felt guilty because she had never cheated on Tony, but a day later she was remembering our affair, and she wanted to do it again. I told Sophia my life is complicated, and that I wanted to see her, but I was afraid for her to enter my world, so could I enter hers? Sophia is close to 6’ tall, and an incredibly attractive blonde, with a fit athletic body. I am much softer around the edges but that is what makes me so desired to be fucked, even Sophia wants me.

Sophia does not have large breasts, maybe 34 range and C’s close to Janet’s. Sophia has awesome abs, hips, ass, and thighs and sexy long legs. She works out a lot where I mostly just walk. I have mixed feelings for Sophia. She is in a different world. She is not going to be down for orgies, or big cock fucking, or probably threesomes. She is your A typical blonde American sport’s star housewife of sorts, and she is Mrs. popular in her circles. It’s new to me, her, Sophia; and maybe I am just under a first-time spell of sorts. What started as a trick is spinning in a different direction, and I am keeping it close from everyone who could spoil it before I discover what it is.

Sophia wants me to come to her house on Saturday morning at 8am. She says Tony will be gone until afternoon with the basketball game. She is going to tell Tony she is not feeling good and stay home from the game. I was going to Janet’s to spend the night, but I call Janet to tell her something came up and she doesn’t answer as usual, so I text. Janet wasn’t having a party, we just wanted to be around each other. Just before I fall asleep Janet replies by text saying, ok. I arrive at Sophia’s at 8:05am Saturday. We do not go animal into sex because Sophia is confused about her feelings, and I am confused about my purpose. When I first met this woman, I resented her, then wanted to hurt her, and now I am confused. Sophia is different, down home stable in a way, and maybe I am looking for some homey stability.

About 15 minutes passes as we are talk, and the doorbell rings. I just think this is common for Sophia the homemaker, but she looks at me and says, no one should be bothering us because of the game. I stand while she answers. I had forgot about Janet’s little GPS tracker on my car, she only used it once, but I know it is her at the door. Sophia lets Janet in. Janet did not meet Sophia at the game she came to. I am a little pissed this time, and I am not going to play Janet’s games with Sophia. There is only Sophia here, and nothing we are doing should lead Janet to assume something sexual is going on. I know why Janet is here, but how do I tell Sophia? I will let Janet explain. Sophia says, this lady is looking for you Amy. I say, yes, this is my friend Janet, Janet, this is my friend Sophia. Janet says, Sophia, your friend? I say, yes. Sophia says, you’re the girl that stopped the basketball game when you came in. Sophia asks, why would you tell your friend you were going to be here Amy?

I say, I am sorry Sophia, I did not actually tell Janet I was going to be here, I think this is just a misunderstanding on Janet’s part because we are close friends, please don’t be mad? Sophia asks again, I am not mad, but how did she know you were here, did you give her my address? Janet says, because I have a tracker on Amy’s car. Sophia asks, why would you track Amy’s car? Janet says, to know where she is, what the fuck Amy, who is this woman to you? I told you Janet, she is my friend. Janet goes over to a chair and sits, and crosses her legs, and says, well, Amy does not have friends that are not my friends too. I say, I am sorry Sophia, maybe I should leave. [Janet is allusive with sexual conduct, but when it comes to real world stuff, Janet will speak to the point and not bullshit].

Sophia says, if you think that it is best you leave Amy, okay, but I would like to know more about Janet, like, is she a lesbian too? Fuck, there it is, Sophia just gave Janet her just cause, now I cannot make Janet feel guilty for trespassing into this relationship as a “friendship” only bond. Janet, says, yes, I am a lesbian too, is that what this is about? I am torn, I am hurt, I wanted something untarnished by my disease. I walk over and I fall onto Janet’s bosom and I start crying, and I tell Janet I am sorry, I just wanted something that wasn’t perverted yet, and I just meet Sophia, and we had an innocent encounter one time only. I continued, please baby, don’t take this from me until I figure it out?

Janet lifts my head, and she wipes my tears, and she kisses me softly and says, okay baby, but don’t lie to me. When you did not spend the night because something “came up,” I got suspicious and saw you were somewhere new this morning. No secrets, why didn’t you just tell me and none of this would have happened. Janet moves me over and she stands, and says, I will go. I grab Janet, and I tell her, don’t go baby, just don’t spoil this until I figure it out? Janet sits back down and holds me tightly, and I refuse to let her go. What if she leaves and I never see her again? I’m in love with her, and I tell Janet, it wasn’t a secret, I just don’t know what it is, but I know it is not you, or what you mean to me.

Sophia is sitting now, and I compose myself and say, I am sorry Sophia, I wanted you to feel what I feel for Janet, but I did not want to expose you to some of my other proclivities. Sophia stands and walks over to me, and she takes my hand and pulls me up. Sophia brushes my hair to the side of my head, and she kisses me sweetly, deeply, and puts her arms around me. Sophia leads me to a bedroom and looks back at Janet and says, come on Janet. Sophia turns my back to the bed, and she undresses me. Sophia walks over and takes Janet’s hand and places her in front of me, and undresses Janet. Sophia undresses herself as me and Janet are locked in an eye-to-eye gaze once more.

However, this is a new game, one we have not played before, and it is visible in our stare – the victim and, the victim. I put my arms around Janet and draw her into me and lay my head on her shoulder and she does the same, we no longer need our eyes to see each other. We feel each other, and Sophia circling our bodies and rubbing us. Sophia takes our hands and leads us onto the bed, and Sophia lays down in the middle with us at each side of her. Janet and I kiss with Sophia below us, and then all three of us kiss together. We move down Sophia’s body stopping at her breasts. With our hands on the other we touch Sophia with only our lips, and move slowly down her sides, stomach, thighs, legs, and feet, and kiss softly on Sophia’s toes.

Janet and I instinctively run our hands inside Sophia’s legs and part her for the desire she has yearned for. We move back up the inside of Sophia’s thighs with our lips and reach the point we know is the release of all pleasure. Janet and I kiss and kiss Sophia’s sweetness, and we work our lips and tongues together into the stream that is flowing. Shortly, Sophia gushes out with a fulfilment like she has never known. When Sophia ceases all motion and breathing subsides, Sophia pulls me and Janet down to our backs. Sophia begins with me and kisses down my body to my toes and back to my wetness, and she licks, mouths, and kisses with her lips. It does not take her long and I shake my body with my panting tone and Sophia moves to Janet and does the same thing.

Janet and I embrace after, and kiss ever so softly as an amateur brought us to pleasure with so little effort. We slide in closer to each other and place our legs over the other’s body and we close our eyes and repose. We feel Sophia rub us in unison, for several minutes it seemed, and then Sophia leaves the room. I look my Duchess in the eyes and I tell her, Sophia is Tony’s wife, and she does not know. Janet laughs and revives to her wild side, and she has amazement in her glare, thinking, how could I pull off such a feat; to cause the husband and wife to cheat on each other in secret with the same person. Janet playfully kisses me, and once again bites my lip and says, I love you baby. And I repeat it back, I love you too baby.

Sophia returns and my revelation to Janet has made us chipper, and we sit up and kiss and hug on Sophia. It is after 11am, and we get dressed and compel Sophia to make arrangements to spend the night with us soon. She promises to try, and we say our goodbyes, and Janet comes back to the apartment and we make love. We fall asleep and are soon wakened by Ken as he heads to the shower. We twist in each other’s hair and rub all over, and Janet gets up and runs us a bath. She washes me sweetly and we just sink down until the water loses its appeal. We get dressed and go out to eat, and we come back and return to our commune under the covers for a while longer. We rub and massage and we watch some TV and fall asleep, and we wake real early Sunday morning.

Janet leaves by 9am and Tony calls at 9:30am, and I tell Ken to tell him I am not here. I like Sophia, but she might hate me if she found out that Tony had cheated on her with me, or what if it was the other way around. I don’t know right now, but you will find out, if you keep following my tales to the bittersweet end.

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