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I fucked 15 y old girl

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Hey everyone, I am Riz and I am 28 years old . So this isn’t some fantasy story , it’s just a story about me and how I tried to have sex with teen girl. And also forgive me if you find any grammatical errors because English is not my first language .

So this story started 3 months ago , it was Tuesday, I was bored cuz most of the time I am alone . So I decided to go to movies. So it was 4 in the afternoon. There were merely any people in the theatre . So I booked recliner seat , bought some popcorn . I was alone in last row , and few people were few seats ahead of me . So I was minding my own damn business, eating popcorn watching movie , then 15 mins in the movie a girl arrives in the theatre. She takes a look around and then she decided to sit besides me . I was bit annoyed cuz I like to sit alone . Then I continued watching movies , then I realised that the girl is reaching for my popcorn. Let me just tell you truth if it was some one older that 18 or 20 I would ask them to stop . But this girl looked young like she is 14 or 15 years old , she looked innocent. So I didn’t mind sharing my popcorn. Few minutes later popcorn were finished and I placed empty popcorn box on the seat next to me . After that I don’t remember what exactly happened, there was like kissing scene in movie and I got hard watching that so I just wanted to adjust a bit . I knew it would be embarrassing to do that in front of her , so I crossed my legs and slowly with my fingers tried to adjust my dick. But I think she noticed that . After I adjusted my dick. I saw her leaning towards me then she , I found her right hand on my crotch . The first though that popped in my head was to ask her what the hell is she doing . I wanted to push her back . But by the time I could say anything she grabbed my Bulge . I just sat there without saying anything , then she removed my dick from my pants and shs started jerking me off . And oh my god that feeling of her firm little hand on my dick was like culmination. She licked her her hand then continued jerking off. I just let her do that while I softly scratched her back . I was about to cum but I didn’t wanted to ruin my pants so I came in popcorn box . After movie I could have ask for her no. Or her name. But I was ashamed of myself and I didn’t wanted to see her again . After that I just went to my normal life .

After a month , my friend and I decided to go for a movie , so I went to book a ticket in advanced cuz there was hype for that movie. After I booked I was about to head out but then I saw that girl in the theatre I saw in which screen she went . I was so curious about what she was gonna do . So I booked the same movie as her and went in . I saw her sitting alone at last row . I went there and sat next to her . I thought that she doesn’t remember me at all . But I wanted to check that , so I acted to touch my dick and moved my legs a bit , so she would think that I have a boner . She didn’t react , so I did it again but this time I did it in a way that it was obvious and anyone could say that I have a boner . And she just grabbed my dick again and started jerking me off . But I didn’t wanted handjob I wanted blowjob so I grabbed her neck from behind and pulled her towards me and told her to suck my dick , she denied . I didn’t wanna ruin that so I just thought handjob is fine . But I wanted more so I lifted her tshirt and grabbed her boobs and started squeezing it , I came .

After movie I followed her to her home , I stalked her whole day and found out that she is living with her dad . I also found out that on every Tuesday she goes to movies. I wanted to have sex with her so badly that I started making plans to convince her . But then I saw her dad leaving that house so I followed him , he went to buy some wooden planks cuz I think he is carpenter. I went to him and started normal conversation. We talked and talked . So my plan was to get to her house and after her dad fall asleep I could have sex with her . But it wasn’t that easy . So I made a plan , and invited her dad to a bar that night . And at that night I made him drink a lot . Before I went to bar I brought some sleeping pills that I had . So after he was drunk I offered to drop him off . I went to his house , she opened the door and was shocked to see me . I placed her dad on sofa and then asked her for some water for her dad . She got her dad a glass , I thought I could mix some sleeping pills in that . But she was standing right there , so I told that I was thirsty too . She went to get me water , while I mixed sleeping pills in the glass and made him drink that . After 10 mins of talking to him he fell asleep . I picked him up and left him on his bed . Then I saw her in kitchen , I went to her and asked her what her name is , she said it’s DAISY . we talked and then I told her that I am hard and I asked her to jerk me off . She said no , so I removed my dick and asked her again , she said that her dad would catch us , I told her that her dad isn’t going to wake till tomorrow. She grabbed my dick and started jerking off my dick .I blackmailed her into sucking my dick and also I asked her to strip for me . We were in kitchen both naked . She was beautiful, her Lil grown boobs , her hairy pussy , her squishy butt , it was all perfect . But sadly I came before I could fuck her . I knew she could tell her dad that I forced her so I recorded everything and I had showed her that I have recordings of her saying that she jerks off off guys in theatre. I told her my address and asked her to come to my house next day .

Next day she came to my house , I asked her to remove her clothes and start sucking my dick . We both were naked in my bed . After her sucking my dick for a while I grabbed some condoms from my drawer , she was confused and told me that she don’t wanna fuck . But I convinced her , I told her to lay on her back , and got on top of her and fucked her in missionary.her moans in my ears made me cum faster . I fucked her few times after that day . Then I got her on pills so I wouldn’t have to use condoms . Few days later she came to my house , she stripped naked this time I ate her pussy . I told her to sit in doggy style position , I started licking her pussy and then I liked her asshole . She immediately Said that she doesn’t want me to lick her asshole . Then I told her that don’t worry after this you are going to lick my asshole. I licked her for a while then I told her to lay on her back and I sat on her . She was grossed out by that , but all I could feel was her tongue in my asshole . I could also feel her breath on my ass . Then we were going to fuck , she was scared cuz it was first time without condom , but I just ignored her and inserted my dick in her pussy and then I came in her pussy . After that I told her to get in bath with me . We were In a bath , I was drinking wine , I offered her some and she drank. Then for the Frist time I asked her age , she said she was 15. I was ashamed of myself but at same time I just didn’t wanted to stop fucking her . So I just asked her if she wanna stop this . She didn’t answer, after few minutes she got up and was about to leave ,her butt was facing me , I just kissed her butt and then I started eating her ass and pussy . Her body was shaking and I knew she was having an orgasm . When she was leaving she said to me that she likes having sex with me and that she didn’t wanna stop .

We continued having sex for 3 years , then one day she told me that she wanna stop cuz she has a boyfriend, in truth even I wanted to stop cuz I was dating my coworker. I still have Daisy’s nude pics. I jerk off to them sometimes. After 2 years I got married to my coworker and one day in bar I was with my wife and I met Daisy’s dad . We talked , then he invited me to his house for a party he was having that weekend . I said that we can’t make it to his party . But my wife wanted to go , so she convinced me . At that party I saw Daisy , she was grown up . We greeted each other . Few hours in party I went to bathroom upstairs , Daisy chased me and I when I saw her we just starred at each other for a while and then we started kissing and I pulled out my dick and then I ripped Daisy’s stockings and started fucking her . I didn’t wanted that moment to ever stop . But then my wife walked in on us , she freaked out and left . I finished fucking her and then chased her . Om the way home in car she was very angry I tried explaining her . But then she asked me to pull out my dick . Then she licked my dick and yelled ” this is what her pussy tastes like “. She started crying while sucking my dick. That day at night she told me to invite Daisy for dinner next day . Next day when Daisy arrived she didn’t greet her . We sat and started eating, and then my wife told us to get naked . I yelled at her ” Are you out of your mind”. Then she threatened both of us that she would tell Daisy’s dad. We both got naked , then she asked Daisy to suck my dick , and in between sucking my wife joined . I didn’t know what was happening but we ended up having threesome . After that day we had threesome lots of times . We still have threesome sex once or twice a week.

The end

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