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Doctors in Delhi – 1

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Meet Dr Rohan Seth and his team – who provide the best medical services in Delhi – aka the rape capital of the world.

Dr Rohan Seth was a beautiful man. 6’2, white, with light brown curls and a smile to die for. He was too pretty to be a doctor, he was often told. “You should be a model, an actor, anything but this.”

It’s actually pretty weird to be calling him by his full name. Rohan is my 31 year old brother in law. He lives with my sister in our family’s duplex. If you recall from “That’s Just How We Treat Our Women,” he’s one of my favorite people.

What I hadn’t revealed so far was what he does. He’s a venereologist. A very successful one, if I may add. The elite of Delhi rush to his private clinic when the notice even the smallest of rashes on their cocks or pussies.

Rohan’s practice is pretty large. When he’s not tending to his snowflake patients and making big bucks at his private clinic, he deals with patients at Delhi’s largest private hospital.

Why, one may ask. “For starters, it’s more money, and also, I get really complex cases there. It’s good for testimonials.”

Once, in May, I kicked a football in my friend’s face during a match. I rushed him to the emergency room. One of the ER doctors recognized me from a picture on Rohan’s desk and introduced himself.

“Are you related to Dr Seth?”

“Yes, he’s married to my sister.”

The doctor smirked. He was a cute, youthful guy. Couldn’t have been over 25. He was short, slightly tan, but he had the build of a swimmer.

“Why are you smiling, Doc?”

“Oh, no reason. He’s actually in the next room.”

“Is he? I’ll go say hi.”

His face got serious. “No, no. You can’t go in there. He’s with a patient.”

I walked over to the room anyway. He trotted behind me in panic.

“Dr Seth has strict orders not to…”

I had already swung the door open by then.

There was Rohan, examining a chart while a brutalized woman lay on a bed behind him. He looked up as soon as he heard me enter and gave me the cutest smile.

“Vir, bro, what are you doing here?”

I kicked the door behind me shut and snuck myself a kiss.

You’d expect him to recoil since we were in public, and on top of that, in front of a patient, but he didn’t.

The short doctor barged in quickly and apologized to Rohan. “Dr Seth, I’m so sorry, I tried to stop him…”

“It’s alright,” Rohan said, ruffling my hair, “this little rascal is allowed everywhere.”

I blushed.

“So Vir, I’m sure you’ve met Dr Gupta. He’s a part of my team.”

I extended my hand to the short doctor.

Rohan turned around and walked to the patient. “My other team members will be here soon. Till then, let’s have a look at this,” he said, lifting the woman’s gown. Then he sat down.

As I stared at her bloody pussy, Gupta whispered in my ear. “Dr Seth was brought in for an emergency consult for her. She got raped.”

My dick started to harden at the mere mention of the word. That’s just how it is when you’re 16.

Rohan immediately noticed it, and poked my dick with his pen. “Don’t bust a nut just yet. You haven’t seen nothing.” He and Gupta then shared a look, and Rohan beckoned to him. Gupta went to get a wet wipe and offered it to Rohan.

As Rohan wiped off the blood, he asked me, “Gupta, you’re meeting my little brother-in-law for the first time. Won’t he get the same treatment that I do?”

Gupta nervously hung his head in shame and said, “Of course, Dr Seth.”

I had no idea what was going on, but I figured it out as soon as Gupta went down on his knees. He pulled my shorts down right there and my semi popped out. Before he could even bring his lips down to my cock, I held his head and forced it in. He was shocked for a second, but he seemed skilled at it.

Meanwhile Rohan had moved on from wiping. “You say you got raped, huh?”

The girl, muffling her sobs, whimpered, “Yes, it was my cousin.”

Rohan stuck a glove-covered finger in her pussy. “What all did he do to you?”

As soon as she felt his finger, she squirmed immediately. “What are you doing?!”

“Inspecting. Now answer the question.”

“You want details, you sick bastard?”

Rohan stuck another finger in. “If you don’t reveal all the information, then I can’t report this as rape.”

Although Gupta’s cocksucking skills were good, this conversation was making me even harder.

The girl, reluctant to open up, just lay there quietly frowning as Rohan stuck in another finger.

“I don’t see any signs of forced entry, really…”

Instinctively, the girl’s legs started to close up. Rohan firmly held them and pushed them apart. “Keep your legs open while I’m inspecting you.” She yelped in pain as her pelvic muscles got stretched even more.

He took his fingers out and asked her, “Did he put it in your ass too?”

She was mute.

“Guess I’ll have to find out on my own. Gupta, page the rest of the team. And wrap this up for now.”

I tucked my dick in and Gupta stood up.

* * * * *

In about 2 minutes, two more doctors entered the room. Rohan introduced them as Dr Krishna (mid 30s, 5’10, dark brown, lean) and Dr Farooq (early 20s, 6’0, muscular, Kashmiri). They both greeted me warmly.

It was time for Rohan to lead the inspection now.

“Farooq, pick her up and flip her around. We need to inspect her for signs of forced anal penetration. Krishna, get the camera for pictures. Gupta, keep a sedative ready in case she resists.”

All the doctors began to do their work, while Rohan told me, “Today you’ll get to see the real reason I work at the hospital.”

Farooq had managed to flip her despite her protests, but he was having a hard time holding her hands away. The slut was trying to cover her ass with her gown. He slapped her hard on her face. “Let Dr Seth inspect you properly.”

She was taken aback, and immediately stopped resisting.

Krishna was busy clicking pictures of her ass from different angles. At the first glance, it seemed pretty obvious that her ass had been untouched.

Rohan bent down and looked closely. Then without any warning, he shoved a finger in her virgin ass. She screamed bloody murder.

Gupta panicked once again. Rohan just sighed. “Gupta, either sedate her, or Farooq, find a way to keep her mouth shut.”

Farooq bent down closer to her face, and threatened, “There’s no need to sedate her just yet, is there? Stop screaming, or I’ll make you.”

But the girl was in too much pain to pay any attention. As Rohan wiggled his finger around in her ass, she yelled again.

Farooq wasted no time in fishing his hard dick from his pants and shoving it in her face.

“Now she will shut up. Boss, go ahead and continue.”

The girl started to flail her arms around, suddenly realizing she was about to be raped again.

Rohan nodded and went in with the second finger. So far, I didn’t see him use any lube. Then he announced, “There’s no semen inside.”

Krishna: Maybe he was wearing a condom.

Gupta: The case will be weaker without anal rape. How would she prove that she got raped in the ass too?

Rohan: We can fix it.

He unbuckled his pants, whipped out his monster, and said, “Gupta, get it wet.”

Gupta sucked his dick standing up. The tiny little guy simply bent down and wet his boss’s dick, and positioned it at this girl’s exposed asshole.

Rohan, again, without any warning, pushed his entire length inside the bruised girl’s asshole. He didn’t have to worry about getting her STDs since being a venereologist, he was naturally on several preventative meds. He kept our family safe by ensuring we took them regularly too.

He fucked her ass brutally for several minutes as Farooq fucked her mouth. He came inside her and pulled out.

Relaxed, he walked over to me. I was watching everything from the sidelines, jerking my dick. Then it struck him that he should offer me something too.

He signaled Farooq to get off of her and flip her back. He told Krishna to replace him as the mouth plug. The poor girl got maybe a second or two to get the screaming out of her system.

Meanwhile Gupta, with utmost sincerity, told the patient, “I’m sorry for how we are having to keep you quiet but unfortunately, we can’t sedate you while examining you.”

He continued, “Also, it seems that your so-called rapist used a condom and left minimal bruising, so there is no proof that you were sexually violated. We can’t really place bruises on your vagina, but we can arrange for semen for the photographs we will submit to the police. Then you’ll have a strong case.”

Rohan, bringing me to the front, said, “I already took care of the anal thing, but my new, uhm, student, will be depositing semen in your vagina. Remember, we’re only doing this to help you.”

This is why I fucking love Rohan. I fucked this woman furiously with all my might. I was already close by witnessing this depravity, but I couldn’t cum too quickly in front of Rohan’s juniors. I spent almost 20 minutes pounding her vagina, which seemed pretty tight for a rape victim.

By the time I pulled out, she was pretty exhausted. We all had a feeling she won’t yell anymore, so Krishna also pulled out from her mouth. He got down from the bed and she passed out. Krishna clicked all the required pictures and sat at the computer to process the report.

Rohan instructed, “Boys, make sure you clean her down of all the cum before you go. Her file says she’s schizophrenic so the only chance we will get caught is if there is a DNA match. I’m gonna drive Vir home now.”

Farooq asked, “Will you be coming again sometime soon, Vir?”

Rohan teased me, “Oooh, a doctor likes you already.”

I blushed again. “Maybe for you, I will, Farooq,” I said to him, leaning in for a kiss.

* * * * *

In the car ride back home, I asked Rohan, “Why did you get called in for a rape case?”

“Well, Gupta also works in the ER, and whenever a raped bitch shows up, he pages me for an ’emergency consult’. Legally, it makes sense, since I’m well versed with vaginas and I can inspect for any signs of STDs that the victim might have gotten.”

“But it’s all about getting pussy, isn’t it?”


“But what does Gupta get out of it? All he did today was suck me off, then you. He didn’t even get a go at the girl.”

“Oh he’s just a dirty fag who loves to watch us in action. Besides, he gets our dicks too, doesn’t he?”

It’s really fun to be a doctor in Delhi.

* * * * *

There will definitely be a part 2, trust me. I fucking loved writing this. Give me ideas for sure.

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