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Sheik Hassan’s, Revenge on his Family. Part 1

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Revenge, an act of passion, and in this case also humiliation and pain

Sheik Hassan Gaddafi sat next to his Mother Lila under the large canopy as the sun slowly set over his desert palace walls. They were waiting for his “toys” to be bought out into the large sandy courtyard for their daily exercise.

The first five or six naked women that were led past the royal diaz were the latest crop of European girls ,most captured in the large cities like London ,Paris, and Berlin, homeless due to drug problems or abusive parents they were an easy target for the suppliers of slaves to the various multi millionaires around the globe who used their services.

” Look Mother ” said Sheik Hassan pointing to the leading girl , ” look at those tits ,there huge “,
” maybe you would like to get her nice and wet with your mouth tonight so I can fuck her, I love the way virgins scream ” he said rubbing his semi hard cock through his dishdasha. ” Well what do you think Mother would you like to do that for me ” he asked smiling at her . ” If that’s what you want me to do” said his Mother smiling weakly at the son she hated more than anyone else in the world. He put his hand on his Mother’s thigh as he turned his body to face her and ran his hand up her leg under her light silk abaya.

His fingers touched her cunt lips, ” yes I think that’s what I would like you to do ” he said annoyed she had looked so nonchalant when she had answered him. Feeling his fingers touching her cunt lips she immediately opened her legs to allow him access to her secret parts , she breathed hard and let out a tiny whimper as his finger entered her love tube. Pushing his middle finger deep int her cunt he laughed and said ” open your mouth “, then taking his finger out from between her cunt lips he pushed it into between her mouth lips , she sucked it as he laughed , ” you filthy whore ” he said taking his finger from her mouth and turning away from her.

A large group of 20 naked women came out of the palace into the courtyard , there were women of every nation ,white , brown, black, light skinned,dark skinned, most of them had been bedded by Hassan’s father and half of them had been fucked by Hassan . ” Mother ” he said in a serious voice, ” which one of those women did my Father like to fuck the most ” ? I don’t know ” his Mother replied briskly. He continued looking at the women walking slowly in front of him, ” I hope you were not talking to me in that fucking tone of voice ” said Hassan through clenched teeth. His Mother sat up straight quickly, ” no ,no I wasn’t Hassain ” she said softly, putting her hand on his arm, ” I am sorry I was just thinking about something ” she said looking at him with a mixture of fear and fire in her eyes .

Sheik Hassan watched as the last two groups of women came out of the palace into the exercise yard there were half a dozen women with their teenage daughters, some had one child others had two ranging in age from 14 to 17 , women that had escaped a brutal husband ,only to fall into the even more brutal hands of Sheik Gaddafi. Although not always beautiful Sheikh Hassan loved taking several Mothers and their daughters to his ” Entertainment Room ” , making the Mothers perform like circus animals in front of their children, doing whatever Sheik Hassan asked them to do, the penalty for refusal would be to watch their child be deflower by the evil beast they were now owned by, a man with a penis the size of a donkeys cock .

The other part of the group were what he called his Wild Pigs, a handful of chubby women who he and his friends took great delight in hunting with paint guns. Scoring points by hitting their victims tits, cunts and butts with the painful paintballs as the poor women tried to run around and avoid being shot , there feet sinking into the sand and slowing them down, making them easy targets for the hunters.

Eventually falling into the sand unable to get up either from exhaustion or pain, the hits to their tits, cunts and butts took their toll quickly . The scores were soon added, a point for a breast hit, two points for a butt hit and three points for a pussy hit were soon added up , the overall loser with the most hits would be laid on her back, a large thick wooden pole laid between her legs and between her breasts , her wrists and ankles tied together with thick rope going over the top of the pole which was then lifted by four or five guards so the pig hung unceremoniously underneath the pole ,she would then be carried to the barracks where she would spent the rest of the day and the whole night being used and abused by the entire garrison.

Sheik Hassan watched his women for ten minutes or so, walking, running and laughing as they ran around the compound, if they stood still for too long one of the female guards might well creep up behind them with a rattan cane, one swish on the buttocks would get even the most tired woman running again.

” Up ” said Hassan to his Mother, ” it is time for me to see your Brother,and his family, ” are they well he asked sarcastically ” ? ” Yes” said his Mother softly, ” yes they are well”.
It was Hassan’s Mother and her Brother Amir that had poisoned his Father when Hassan was away in college in England , they had tried to install Amir as the rightful ruler of their section of the Kingdom, but upon hearing of his Father death and the Coup D’etat by Amir of Ashfan ,Hassan had flown to the Nation’s Capital to plead his case to the King, who immediately sent a squadron of helicopters, along with several emiceries to overthrow the new self proclaimed ruler. It was a bloodless Coup,and within three days Hassan had been installed as the rightful ruler of the Sheikdom of Ashfan.

Upon hearing from the doctors that the Sheik Hassan’s Father had been poisoned the King requested that Hassan’s Mother,Uncle and his wife be taken to the Capital for trial, but Hassan convinced the old King that he himself would hold a trial and invite the King back to see the punishment, the punishment that would start in a week when the King arrived for a two day stay.

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