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Anne pt1

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Anne, a 10 year old girl, weeks away from her birthday gets left alone for the night. I couldn’t help but give her an early gift.


Anne was perfect.
Anne was 10, almost eleven, and the excitement she showed couldn’t be outmatched by anyone or anything.

In less than two months shed be 11, and the world would be at her fingertips. And maybe she would finally get that my little pony doll she had been begging her mommy to get for a little over a year.

Her excitement left her full of energy, to the point where the young girl was practically bouncing off the walls of her mother’s trailer.

Anne’s mother was a single, hardworking woman. She was a nurse, and worked the graveyard shift at the nearby hospital.

She had gotten home maybe 2 hours before, and wasn’t too fond of listening to the young girl giggle and shout, singing happy birthday to herself repeatedly.

“Anne honey, go play on the swings and give your momma a few minutes of quiet so i can nap, Okay sweetie?”
Anne’s mother gave her daughter a soft smile, watching the young girl in the lemon colored dress gasp and nod.
“Okay momma!”

The small, honey suckle skinned girl with beautiful long red hair raced outside to the, not very well kept, playground right across from her trailer.

It wasn’t anything fancy, just a simple swing set, a slide eith a tube, a regular slide with a bunch of stairs leading up.

The only outlier was a large plastic house that had been recently gifted by another family living nearby. It had a big red door, fake windows you couldn’t actually see out of.

It was a rather large trailer park, multiple families, other kids that Anne was friends with would often come and play with her.

That day, she was the only one on the playground, running over to the swings.

She was shorter than the rest of her friends, hopping up onto the swing with a bit of straining. After a moment, her momentum finally started going, her pretty dress getting blown up a little, her little lemon printed panties peaking out under her yellow dress.

It was almost fall, the leaves were slowly turning, the grass not as vibrant.

The world didn’t seem as vibrant..

But Anne? She was the most vibrant thing in the world.

I couldn’t help but watch.

It had been weeks since I’d been out of my home.

Almost thirty five, I didn’t have much going on.
I was tired of working, tired of constantly cleaning up after others.

My home was comfortable. I lived there with my Saint Bernard, butch. The cabin was deep in the woods, with a beautiful river flowing along side it. It was relaxing. It helped calm me down.

But that fall day, I decided to go out.

If I hadn’t, I can’t believe I would’ve missed it.
Missed seeing… Her.

She was beautiful.
Like a tiny angel, flying through the air, beautiful red hair flowing behind her.

With every swing I could see her soft thighs, her small perfect panties hugging her what I could only imagine at the time perfect mound.

Freckles coated her inner thighs trailing up, and it left my imagination running wild..

More trailed along her arms, and up to her face.

Her lips looked soft.. perfect like the rest of her.

My eyes couldn’t help but wander to the front of her dress, as she swung forward, her dress pressed flat against her, and I could faintly see her growing breasts.

I could feel myself shaking slightly, trembling with excitement.

I sat and watched her from the woods for over an hour, slowly rubbing myself..

I had been gifted with an above average cock when I was young, six inches, nice girth. But as I got older, my girlfriends all complained it wasn’t enough. I was made fun of by other men.

So I saved up and had surgery to make it bigger.

It took almost 3 years go fully recover, and it was painful. But now, I’m either and a half inches, and so wide my ex girlfriends hand couldn’t fit around my entire shaft..

And the entire time I watched my little angel swinging away, I kept imagining my cock buried deep inside of her.

Her desperate soft moans filling the room as make love to her…

My fun was cut short as she ran back to her trailer, bouncing along.

I watched as she ran inside, without a care in the world.

I waited for a few hours to see if she would come out, but she didn’t.

So I kept waiting.

And waiting.

And then it happened.
Her mother left, and took the only car there.

Through the darkness, I slowly and carefully made my way over to the pale red trailer, peeking in through the windows. No sign of her father, or anyone else for that matter.

So I took the chance, and went in.

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