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raping nichole

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I first met nichole when she was 17 she had started seeing a friend of mine she was absolutely gorgeous long black hair big brown eyes flawless skin 5.3 small breasts tiny waist and a little heart shaped ass she came over with her boyfriend and shortly afterwards they started drinking.
They funneling beer and getting really drunk he passed out and I was left alone with nichole I started putting my arms around her and she tried to pull away but was no match in her drunken state I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom.flipping on the lights and video cameras on.
I put her down on the bed telling her we were going to have alot of fun whether she liked it or not I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off along with her bra her 32 a breasts were smooth with dark areolas I started sucking them as she tried pushing me off not realizing I had undone her pants and had them around her ankles leaving her in just a thong I ripped it from body and shoved a finger into her wet quimit was baby smooth she grabbed my arm and tried unsuccessfully to get my fingers out of her perfect little pussy I got my shirt and shorts off and pushed her head to my cock telling her she better do as she was told or else reluctantly she took my cock into her mouth .
I repositioned myself and burned my face between her legs kissing down her smooth tummy and taking in the sweet scent I lapped her vulva dipping my tongue into her soaking wet slit her juices tasted so sweet she continued to suck my cock like a pro trying to get me to nut in hopes I wouldn’t rape her I reluctantly pulled away from her sweet wet cunt telling her it was time wasting no time laying her on the bed she flipped onto her stomach trying desperately to get away giving me a clear shot as I forcibly entered her from behind driving over halfway into her before bumping her cervix I started battering her pussy until I felt her open up forcing myself balls deep..
I kept a fast hard pounding pace she begged me to stop telling me she’s not on the pill that only made me rape her harder and making up my mind it would definitely be repeatedly I kept going for another 40 minutes as to my surprise her body betrayed her as a hard orgasm hit her it pushed me over the top and I shoved as deep as possible injecting her with rope after rope of fertile seed..
She sobbed and curled up I went to the bathroom she was collecting her clothes when I got back I told her not to bother I was far from finished she pleaded with me not to rape her again she was sore I laughed and pushed her backwards pulling her legs onto my shoulders ramming back into her velvet tunnel her pussy was tight and perfect I couldn’t help relentlessly pounding her battered vagina over and over again finally depositing they last of my baby making goo deep inside her she got dressed and I took her out to where her boyfriend was she layed down beside him and to my surprise she said that they will definitely be back tonight to get drunk again and confessed she loved getting raped because she couldn’t get the raw roughness she craved..

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