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A Pregnant Chuch

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Our family last name is Cummings, a prefect name for a family in this town we just moved to.
My name is John my wife Ashly, and our children Amber 14, Jonn Jr. 13 his twin sister Jenny, and Rose the baby of the family 12 had just moved here to Intercroase Pennsylvania, though mostly an Amish town we found a lovely church not Amish but one filled with a lot of family love. The first Sunday we walked into the chapel we new we found the prefect church, the pastor was giving his sermon on thr the love between Lot and his daughter’s on how they fucked every once in awhile giving a pleasure pause, we didn’t know why at first but then when we looked at the congregation we knew why. There we saw it each pew had naked and half naked families in it there were daughters happily Bouncing up and down on their daddy’s or brother’s cocks implemented into their tiny that’s. There were sons fucking their mom’s. Girls of all ages from 12 to over 40 breastfeeding kids in diapers. Some kids were old enough to be potty trained but yet still sucking on a tit and in diapers.
I immediately got a hard on. Seeing this my wife noticed it as we were sitting down, I made an umph sound as it hurt to sit, Ashley and my Jenny both helped me and John Jr. Haul our cocks out and started sucking on them. Then they traded cocks Jenny was giving me the best blow job ever. When she stopped and sat down on my cock as road me like a mad woman, I was about to cum and whispered to her “when was your last period honey” she informed me that was 4 days ago. So I turned to Rose and asked her a few questions.
“Honey, mommy said you started having periods right”
Yes daddy my first one ended 3 weeks ago
“Have you been using mommy’s dildo to break your hymen?”
No daddy I used Junior’s cock to break it”
I was so proud of Junior for fucking his sister. But there was still a mission my cock needed to do. Now was the right time or should I say the RIPE TIME, I had Jenny get off my lap stood up and brought her forward in front of the whole congregation laying her on the Childbaring Alter of Incest Breeding I fucked and came in her small fertile pussy.
When all the elders of the church saw this they were happily welcomed Rose into the church by pulling their pricks out of the girls they were fucking and getting blow jobs from. And gave her the cum sacrament to drink. That little girl went home that with a tummy full of cum. One load in her tummy was delivered via pussy and womb. For my seed did catch and she gave birth to her first of many children by me.
John Jr. got his mother pregnant that same Sunday with his first daughter Vicky.
And then Jenny finally got her baby brother/nephew/son. I say Brother Nephew because on her fertile days both Junior and I fucked her
This was 12 years ago. We still go to church there the same Pastor is teaching and getting blow jobs from any girl there while teaching and still fucking his daughters also. Younger kids are still in diapers and breastfeeding because the Bible does say unless a man is born again…
But once they hit puberty the diapers are off the dicks are out and pounding away at a pussy or a mouth.
This Sunday is a very special day as Vicky my granddaughter/daughter finally finished her first period and I will baptize her womb with incest cum baptism.

Associate pastor John
The first Church of Lots Love

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  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    The Church should have a Golden Womb as the symbol and breast milk from the sources should be a sacrament right along with the girls’/women drinking sperm from the source and pussy juices from the sources for males. Did I leave anything out????

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    Baptism by Sperm. I would love to start a church where little girls were expected to be sexual and get used to men being with them in bed showing them sexual love in their preteens and fucked when their pussies can take some cock. Jacking-off and cumming on their bodies and into their pussies at first to get them used to having cum and sperm on their precious bodies and in their precious bodies. That could be anytime. All little bodies and holes should be worshipped and have cum on them and in them. I Love the idea of public fertilization day being a high holy day. Little girls would be immediately stripped in the aisles before they lay on the altars to be bred. All sexual unions would be celebrated incestuous or not.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:vuf1mt0b

    Ha ha. Funny story.
    So silly & OTT.
    I love it.
    Sounds better than the stupid hypocritical church mom drags me to.

  • Reply OHMclub ID:1zfupa9hrc

    I’ve always wanted to join a church or a group like this

  • Reply Want More ID:99wekc4z

    Hope this church sends out missionary”s to convert others and plant new church’s. .

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    My kinda church where you can fuck your daughter and breed her over the alter . Would be nice to fuck other families young ones as well

  • Reply All3n ID:6e4ii2f8

    Love to know if you could start a congregation in my area.

  • Reply Vince ID:vuf0ifia

    Very nice love to hear more