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My Niece Crystal

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I was 22 when I met my first wife. We dated for a while and I met her family. Her sister had a beautiful 8yo daughter and a 12yo daughter. Half sisters different dads. The 8yo instantly fell in love with me. I did not do anything with her at first. I slowly built trust with everyone. 2 years later my wife and I got married.

She was 10 now and I asked her and her sister to go camping with us. He sister could not go. My wife hated camping and did not want to go. I told her that Crystal and I could go and she agreed. I was so excited. 3 days with her alone.

We got set up at the campsite. I rented a small rv. The first day we went hiking and fishing and I made dinner and settled in for the night. We were playing cards in the rv.

I asked her if she loved me. She looked at me like I was stupid. “Of course I do!”, she said. I asked her if she “knows what adults who love each other do?” She giggled and said, “They get to see each other naked?” Damn nice guess.

“Do you want to see me naked?”, I asked. She jumped up excited. “Yes!”, she said. I laughed. I pulled down my shorts to show her my cock. She was in awe of it. “Show me yours now.”, I said.

She pulled down her pants and underwear to reveal the cutest little bald pussy. “Come on. Lets lay down together!”, she exicitedly got up on the bed. “Can I touch it?”, she asked. “Depends can you keep a secret?”, I asked. “You cannot tell anyone about this! Not even your friends ok?”, I said. Again she looked at me like I was an idiot. “I would never tell on you! I love you” she said.

I smiled, “Ok then. Want to watch a dirty movie? I will show you things we can do.” Again she got excited. She told me her friend Jenna had one and they watched it and imitated the things the girls did to each other.

Wow innocent neice not so innocent. “How do you make it hard?” She asked. “Play with it and find out!”, I said. She did. “Put it in your mouth and lick the head please.” She was not hesitant and she did. I had to ask. “Have you done this before?”, I asked. She said her and her friend Billy did this. She sucked his dick but she said he was far smaller than me as he was only 8yo. “Where did you learn to suck dick?”, I asked. “My friend Billy told me how to. He does it with some guy”, she said. “He said he wanted to try it with a girl.”

“Do you like mine?”, I asked. She nodded. “Come on let’s watch more of the movie.”, I said. I rubbed my hard cock against her crotch and she moaned slightly. She was lying with her back facing me. I put it between her legs so it was visible to her and told her to play with the tip.

I said, “see looks like you have a dick now.” She laughed and called me silly. I started kissing her neck. She said it felt good. I felt her soft ass as I kissed her. My cock was throbbing now.

I said, “come on let’s make our own porn.”

She rolled over and started sucking my dick again. I started licking her young virgin pussy. I was grateful her bi buddy Billy taught her how to suck dick.

I rubbed her little clitoris as she moaned. “Did Billy do this with you?”, I asked her. She answered , “no but Jenna did.”, She said. “Whoa!” As I rammed my thumb in her. “I guess Jenna did not do that Eh?”, I said. I laughed. She just kept going. She sucked hard on my cock and I felt it coming. My head went back and I held her as I blew my load straight into her mouth. Surprisingly she swallowed. I laughed.

I went back to work on her. I fingered her cunt as I rubbed her clit. She started trembling after awhile and I rubbed into her hard. She locked her legs as she came. I kept doing it and she came again. She laughed trying to push my hands away. She orgasmed one last time and just stayed in a fetal position shaking until I quit.

She was exhausted. We laid together for a while until she had to use the bathroom. I went with her. Never know what kind of weirdos were in these campgrounds. “Look at me” I thought. We went in the Mens and I had her blow me while she peed. I wiped her and we went back.

We took our clothes off and slept naked again. “Crystal can I fuck your ass?”, I asked her. “Ok”, she said. Apparently Billy beat me to that to. Him and his lover do that also and he wanted to do it with her.

I had her get my KY jelly I brought and rub my cock. She jacked it hard. I had her get on all fours and I pressed it in. She gasped loudly. She forgot how big I was compared to her friend.

Her face was like she was in another world as I fucked her ass. She just took it like a good girl. Her eyes were wide and her mouth never closed. I pumped and pumped enjoying her tight little ass surrounding my cock. My cock swelled as I tilted my head back and unloaded my nuts into her ass.

I pulled out. She quickly crawled next to me and started kissing me we made out as we fell asleep in each other’s arms. “Day 1 done. 2 to go.” I smiled and thought.

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    That was an amazing camping trip. I hope your niece kept the secret and you were able to continue with her. Did you fuck her on the camping trip, or wait until a later date at home??
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