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My experience with my dog

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Sometime before I was born, my dad and mom started raising collie dogs for breeding and show as a hobby. So, as far back as I can remember, we have had many collies in our kennels and running all around all over the place.
When I was very young, one of the male puppies from a litter seemed to really like me, and because of the way that we seemed to like and interact with each other, I eventually ‘adopted’ him as my very own special dog.
He was also a champion, very beautiful and big, and won many ribbons in his lifetime.
But since we seemed to be so very close to each other, dad let me keep him for my very own. Although when I got old enough to do so, I knew that it would be primarily my job to keep him all nicely brushed and clean which was, for a very small girl like me, a very big chore.
So as far back as I can remember, Marty was my dog that had always watched over me and even slept on my bed in my room with me instead of out in the kennel with all of the other dogs, and he usually pretty well followed me all around wherever I went.
As I grew older, Marty seemed to become my ‘security blanket’ or my ‘teddy bear’ so to speak – someone to hug in time of need or trouble or to protect me in times of danger. In other words, he was just like a big brother to me only a whole lot better.
I guess that I was somewhere around five or six when I first really realized the joys of hugging him to me whenever I felt the need for a little extra comfort, and he would just lie there on my bed while I wrapped my arms around him and felt the deep comfort of his very thick silken coat of fur. So nearly everyday I would snuggle up to him and just hug him to me for a little while whenever I needed it.
It really didn’t seem to matter how I was dressed. Sometimes I would have all of my clothes on or if I was fresh out of the bathroom, I would just lie there and hug him to me with nothing on at all – Of course, feeling all of his wonderful thick silken fur all over my naked body, felt really nice.
Of course I never had any qualms about hugging him to me while I was all naked like that because after all, all he was just a great big dog and I, although being a girl, felt that I really didn’t have anything really to hide from him.
Actually at that time, Marty had grown much bigger and heavier than I was. So as time went by, I realized that I really got a whole lot of joy out of hugging him to me, feeling all of his silken fur all over my naked body. So it eventually got to be that right after my bath or at other times when I found that I didn’t have any clothes on, I would hug him to me for awhile until I eventually got up and got dressed or put my nightgown on to go to bed.
Because my parents had realized that they could in all confidence leave me all alone with Marty to watch over me and no longer had to pay for a baby sitter, they decided that they could now go out two or three times a week to their various meetings and whatever while leaving me home alone with Marty.
This quickly became a boon to me as I now could do whatever I wanted without mom’s or dad’s intervention.
I guess that I was around eight when I first became sexually involved with Marty.
My parents had gone out as usual, leaving me all alone with Marty to watch over me just as they had done so many times before.
But on this particular evening, I had remembered talking with some of my girlfriends at lunch that day about sex. I guess that we were all getting to that age when we were now starting to notice our own sexuality, and one of the girls mentioned about how good it felt whenever she rubbed her pussy just right and then explained to us just how she had done it.
I don’t know where they got the name ‘pussy’. But since they all called that area down there, where we go to the bathroom with, a ‘pussy’, I guessed that I might as well go along with them and use that name myself instead of calling it my pee-pee as I had always done in the past.
After mom and dad left, I went on in and took my bath.
When I came back out, I naturally laid down on the bed and cuddled with Marty as I usually do while I thought just how nice it felt to be all alone and naked, and I could be real naughty and do whatever I pleased.
As I thought over just what my girlfriend had told me earlier that day, I then spread my legs wide apart and started rubbing my fingers against my pussy in order to try to get that special feeling that she had told me about.
So there I was, all cuddled up with Marty while I tried to give myself that special real good feeling.
As I was playing with my pussy, actually making myself feel real funny and good down there, I noticed that Marty had raised his head up and was looking very curiously at what I was doing.
That was when I noticed his big long flesh colored thingy come out from his pee-pee place.
I knew that I had seen it several times before, but this time, being a girl and, at the moment, being really quite curious as to just what it was, I touched it.
As I touched it, Marty seemed very satisfied and happy about what I was doing to him. So I continued to fondle it while wondering just what it was. I knew that all of our male dogs had one of these but the female dogs didn’t. That’s the way that I could tell them apart.
That shows you just how much I knew about sex way back then while being my parent’s most innocent and also very sexually ignorant little girl.
As I continued fondling that big long pointed thing of his, I noticed that all of a sudden, some stuff started squirting out of it.
Afterwards as I saw the stuff soak into the blanket, I knew that it certainly wasn’t pee, but what was it?
Of course I had to get some tissues and somehow try to wipe up the mess that he had made. So after I was all through, I just went ahead and put on my nightgown, and got into bed as Marty laid there on the bed next to me.
After that night, I continued to very curiously play with my pussy, trying to make myself feel real good, because by now I thought that it was really a whole lot of fun, and while doing so, I also played with Marty’s thingy because I knew that he really liked having me do that to him. All the while knowing that my parents were away and I could now do anything that I wanted.
I guess that it was several weeks later when I found myself again being very preoccupied in trying to make myself feel real good down there. Then, as I had my legs spread wide open while I diddled myself, I guess that Marty had eventually jumped down off of the bed.
Of course at the moment, I was just too preoccupied with myself, trying to rub my pussy in a certain way that made me feel real real good, to pay any attention to what Marty was doing at that moment.
As I still had my legs spread wide open while feeling all of the real good feelings I was giving myself, all of a sudden, I felt a great big wet tongue lapping on my pussy right where I had my finger.
As I lifted my head and looked, I was suddenly really quite shocked that Marty would even dare to do such a thing. But then, as I took my hand away in order to try to shove him away, I realized that from the position I was in, I couldn’t very well get enough leverage to actually shove him away, and as I struggled, I continued to feel his tongue still lapping all over my very sensitive pussy. But It seemed that the more desperately I tried to push him away, the more he would lap until all too soon, I realized that his tongue was now making me feel really quite nice and good. But the more I struggled to get him away from me, the more his big tongue made me feel even nicer. I even tried to clamp my legs together, but that didn’t work, and I even tried to roll away. But he was so big I just couldn’t seem to escape him.
But then, I finally just gave up and laid there in desperation while wondering what to do, and that’s when I realized that his tongue was now making me feel so good that I no longer struggled. So I now just laid there in complete submission while feeling his tongue continuing to make me feel gradually better and better down there until, all too soon, I felt all of those real fantastic feelings that he was giving me, get so great that they just seemed to grab my whole body right on up in it’s spell and hold me there in that most fantastic feeling that I had ever felt in my whole life for what seemed like a real long time before I felt those feelings gradually start to diminish again and then go away.
As flopped back down on the bed trying to recover from what he had just done to me, I could still feel Marty still lapping away on my pussy.
But as I still felt his big tongue down there, I realized now that I really liked what he was doing to me more than anything in the world, realizing that his tongue now felt oh so much better than my fingers ever did. So I just continued to just lie there with my legs spread wide open, watching him lick me while still feeling all of those wild wonderful sexual feelings that his big tongue was making me have.
As I just laid there both watching and feeling Marty continue to lick my pussy, I again felt those real funny weird sexual feelings start growing again inside my pussy, so I decided to no longer even try to struggle as I felt his tongue gradually bring me on back up until I could feel those real wonderful sexual feelings again just seem to grip my whole body in it’s spell once again. Only this time it felt so great that it even made me actually scream for joy as I felt myself unconsciously just lift my butt off of the bed in an unconscious desire to try to meet his lapping tongue even better.
As I recovered, I realized that what Marty had done to me, felt so intense that I didn’t think that I could stand another one of those awesome feelings that he was giving me. So Marty now went ahead and let me roll myself over, and as I very weakly got myself back up on my knees to somehow try to escape his tongue, I suddenly I felt him jump up on the bed just before I felt his front paws encircle my chest and the weight of his body on top of mine pushed me back down on my hands and knees on the bed.
It was then that I felt a real sharp pain way down there in my pussy where my real sensitive area was. But right after that, as I felt the pain start to go away, I realized that I could actually feel him pushing his big long thingy in and out of me.
At first, I was in an absolute panic not knowing just what he was doing to me, and I even somehow tried to get away from him, but both his paws and body held me so firmly that I just couldn’t move.
But then as I felt his big thingy continue going in and out of me, I quickly realized that it soon felt so sexually wild to me that I even started to sob. But soon, what he was doing to me started to feel so good that I felt myself being gripped once again by another one of those real awesome sexual feelings as I felt myself again being frozen up in it’s grip while I felt Marty shoot a whole bunch of his stuff way up inside of me.
Then, I felt my whole body just seem to get so weak that I just collapsed back down on my side. But then I felt Marty’s long nose shove itself back in-between my legs and roll me on over onto my back again as I again felt Marty’s tongue start licking my pussy again. But this time, I realized it was so that he could clean up all of the mess that he made inside of me as I felt him bring me right on back up into yet another one of those real fantastic feelings.
Afterwards, I felt him jump back up on the bed and lay down beside me so that I could again cuddle myself against his big furry body.
As I laid there, I realized that my whole body now felt like it had a real special sexually satisfied glow to it – something that I had never felt before in my whole life, and it made me somehow feel so fulfilled and so satisfied, that I again just cuddled up against Marty.
All during the next day, that was all that I could think about – Marty licking my pussy and then sticking his big long thingy way up inside my pussy.
I really never knew very much about sex at that point and I didn’t even know that I even had a hole inside of me before, or anything about all of those sexual feelings that he was making me have. So I felt very confused about just what Marty had done to me.
Then that night while my parents were out, I very carefully examined the hole that Marty had made inside my pussy, and as I laid there feeling the wondrous feeling of actually having this hole inside of me, where there was nothing but that real sensitive area before, I realized that I was now able to actually stick my whole finger up inside it and make myself feel real good.
As I continued to play with my new hole, I again felt Marty’s tongue trying to lap against my pussy. Then, remembering just how good it had felt the night before, I just laid back on the bed and threw my arms up over my head while I felt myself just squeal and buck around as I felt my sexual feelings again rise way up from all of the wild feelings that Marty’s tongue was making me have.
After he had given me another one of those most wonderful feelings that seemed to grip my whole body up in it’s spell, I turned myself around and got up on my hands and knees as I once again felt Marty jump up and grab me around my chest with his front paws just before he laid his big body down on top of me just like last time while I again felt his big thingy enter my pussy. Only this time, I was quite surprised that it no longer hurt, and it just seemed to just glide very smoothly right on into me once again, and while I felt his big thingy going very rapidly in and out of me, I could again feel all of those real wonderful feelings that he was making me have. So I just remained there in that position now really enjoying what he was doing to me while giving me all of those real weird wild sexual pleasures that I had never known before.
As I felt my sexual feelings gradually rise on up higher and higher, I really did feel really quite funny having a dog doing this to me. But at that moment, I just plain didn’t care because I knew that it was Marty who was doing this to me.
As I felt my sexual excitement continue to rise, I could soon feel myself go on into another one of those real wild wonderful feelings as I felt muscles way down inside of me just seem to contract over and over again against his big thingy. But he kept on until he made me have three more of those real awesome feelings before I felt him finally shoot his stuff way up deep inside of me again.
Afterwards, I just laid back down on my back and writhed around in pure sexual pleasure as I felt his big tongue again lap up all of the mess that he had made inside of me.
I knew that all of this was really quite unusual and probably really quite wrong to let a dog do this to me. But still being just a little girl just turning nine; I knew that it was pretty wild and very unusual to have sex with a dog. But then, this was my own special secret and nobody else’s – or I mean Marty’s and my secret that is.
As I continued to ask different people about what sex really was, I soon found out that Marty was actually fucking me.
As I let him continue to do it to me, I even made special booties to fit over his front paws so that his rough paws wouldn’t scratch me so much when he got on top of me.
So all through the years that Marty was with me – I was seventeen when he finally died of old age – we continued to have sex together whenever we could, and I also devised several other ways for us to have sex together besides just the regular doggie style.
He very quickly learned that whenever my parents went out for the evening and I tied those booties on his front paws, that it was his time to have sex with me, and he would get all excited until he could get his big tongue lapping against my pussy and then put his big thingy inside of me.

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