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Neighbours girl is mine

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I’ve watched her for years and now I finally get her alone and get to punish her

Hello . My name is Max . I live in a two story house in the suburbs . I’m 35 . I’d never really had a fascination with young girls till 5 years ago . I got new neighbours and they had a 10 year old girl named Marissa . I never really noticed her till that first summer . There she was in a bikini sitting by the pool . I thought to myself I wish I had a better view . So one day while shopping I saw a telescope and the idea came into my head . I brought it and headed home . I set it up in my bedroom . The next day I got to use it for the first time as there she was beside the pool . Looking through the telescope she looked so innocent and cute . She would go for a swim and then I could see her tiny tiny nipples poking through the material of her bikini . For the next 4 years I watched as she grew up . Seeing that 10 year old body turning into a hot 15 year old . Her titts starting to grow . Her hot ass forming . Her body was so perfect . Her 15th birthday party wad just so perfect . I got to watch her and some of her friends having a pool party. All them teen girls in their bikinis . It was such a turn on . For the past two years I had never stopped thinking of getting to fuck her . I’d even been to the sex shop and brought some items for tear occasion like balaclava as couldn’t let her know it was me , cuffs as well couldn’t have her fight . A gag as we couldn’t have her making to much noise . Even brought a mice big 10 inch dildo and a big butt plug as when I wasn’t hard I didn’t want her not being fucked . The hardest part was trying to work out how I could ever get Marissa . Well that all changed two weeks after she turned 15 . It was a long weekend . That Thursday afternoon and I saw them packing their car . I was disappointed as it was such a warm time of year and a long weekend I thought she would be spending most of it on the pool . Then my thoughts went wild as I heard her say ” see you Monday afternoon ” as her mum and dad got in the car and drove off . I thought omg here is my perfect opportunity as she is home along for all theses days . It was 10pm when when I saw most of the lights go off in the house . All that was left was a dim light in what I knew was her room . I got all my items in my backpack and then went outside . I check around and the street was empty so I stuck up her driveway . I reached the back-door . I was good a picking locks and it took me all of three minutes to have it unlocked . I very quietly opened it and I was inside . My heart was beating so fast as I got inside . I could see the dim light coming from that room which was hers . I tip toed my way up the hallway . Getting to that door . Putting my balaclava on . She must of been alittle scared of her parents being gone as she had fallen asleep with her little lamp on . Just giving enough light to see her . There was my Marissa laying on her bed . It was so warm she wasn’t even under the covers . Just laying there in her mid cut top . Her satin bottoms . That long brown hair covering her pillow . This was my time . I walked up to her bed . She awoke startled as I lifted up her top . Yelling ” who are you ? What are you doing in here ? . I told her to shut up as I slapped her hard across the face . The shock and stunned reaction was like she had never been slapped before . That gave me enough time to cuff her wrists to her bed frame and gag her . Next I ripped off her top . The look on her face knowing her top was gone and her titts were exposed to me . Tears starting to swell up in her eyes . Them titts were so perfect . My ex wife had a nice set of B cup breasts and Marissa had these pefect near a cup titts . Cute little pink nipples . I couldn’t resist . I leant in and started sucking on her right titt . The softness around my lips . My tongue playing with her little pink nipple . Oh it felt so good . Moving from one titt to the other . Feeling her nipples harden to the touch of my tongue . Soon as I could feel I had gotten both of her nipples hard I stopped . Moving my mouth looking at the little red marks I had already left on her . Now time to move down . I pull off her satin bottoms . Her legs trying to fight me . I motion I’m going to slap her again and her legs stop fighting . She doesn’t want to feel that pain again . Her satin bottoms are off exposing her pink lace panties . I think wow so young but already wearing sexy panties . I rip them off her . Now the tears start to flow . Her there fully naked in front of me . My first view of her teen pussy . Omg it was so perfect . That little pink slit . You could only just recognise her tiny little clit . I could wait . I leant in between her legs . My tongue tracing up and down her slit . I could already smell and taste her sweet teen pussy . She is crying . But I’m not leaving . Well not till Monday morning . I keep licking her slit . My tongue parting it ever so slightly . She gasps and twitched as my tongue touches that sweet hole . It felt so tight already on the tip of my tongue . My tongue just touching that tiny little hole wishing i could dive into it right now . I don’t let my tongue enter her . Just keeping up the movements on her slit and touching her hole . Letting it tease her clit . Watching that little bud grow . It was so hot seeing that little pink bud if her clit react and swell . I have started my weekend so I decide to leave her for alittle bit . Let it sink in what is going to happen to her as I think she knows . I go and search the fridge and cupboards . I get a sandwich and I’m happy to find a beer in the fridge . I watch alittle TV then head back . There she was still with them tears in her eyes . I often to take the gag off if she promise not to scream . I tell her if she dies ill hurt her worse . She just nodds her head . It’s more for my pleasure not helping her . I want to fully hear her . I’m still not ready to fuck her just yet I’ve got one more surprise for her . I grab a cushion of the chair next to her bed . I lift her ass up and place the cushion at the back of her spine . Perfect her ass raised just enough off the bed . I hear her breath deep as she feels my hands get hold of her tiny round ass checks and spread them . She yells ” no no no not there . Please don’t touch my ass ” as she feels my tongue touch her anus . I move back up and ask if she wants to be hit again ? . She says she doesn’t . She knows not to say no . I go back down and start licking her anus again . I’d never felt anything so tight ever . My tongue licking that little hole for all its worth . I’m thinking how I’m going to love tearing it when my cock gets to fuck it . I keep licking feeling that little ring flexing against my tongue . She is squirming so much . Grunting and hating what I’m doing to her . I finally stop and get up . I take off my top and trousers . All that’s left on is my balaclava . I get on the bed and knell at her face . I tell her that I want her to suck on my cock and if I feel her teeth at all she will lose them . That I pull them out one by one with plyers . I asked her to nodd if she understands and she nodded . I tell her to open her mouth . She does . It was like all of her was tiny as her mouth really didn’t even open that wide . I slide my cock in and I hold her head and start moving my cock in and out . It felt so good having her soft rose pink lips sliding up and down my shaft . Feeling the little bumps of her tongue as my cock slide along it . Slowly moving my cock in and out . I didn’t want to rush . I wanted to keep this feeling going . I so wanted to get into her throat but I wanted that to be later . I had all weekend . I will give her another break after this . My cock was getting so hard so fast . She was giving a few gagging sounds . Drool coming from the sides of her streached open mouth . I was doing all I could not to enter her throat . My cock throbbing . I start poking the sides of her cheeks with it . I’m ready . I’m ready to make her taste my cum . I push to the entrance of her throat and hold there as I start cumming . She is pulling at the cuffs . Her legs shaking . Her coughing violently as my cum is shooting down her throat . I soon have finished and pull out . I watch as drool and cum flow from her mouth . I look at the clock beside her bed . I think wow it’s already 3am . I uncuff her and roll her onto her side and recuff her hands . I lay behind her and tell her to go to sleep . I wrap my hands around her cupping her titts as she twitches as she feels my semi hard cock nestle against her ass crack . I see it’s 6.30am and decide its a good time to start our day . I know she really didn’t sleep at all . I uncuff her and get her off the bed . I grab her hands and cuff them behind her and lead her to the bathroom . I let her go to the toilet . I could see the embarrassment on her face having to pee in front of me . But it was so hot seeing her pee . Then we got onto the shower . Getting to wash that hot body of hers . Paying such close attention to her titts , ass and pussy . Then I got her dried . We went to the kitchen and I feed her some breakfast . Well she would need energy for what I had planned for the day . I now take her back to the bedroom and re cuff her to the bed . She gave alittle fight but that just made it alittle more fun . Now I get to start taking things further . I go and start running two fingers along her slit . It felt so smooth and so soft . She was wriggling around trying to stop it but couldn’t . The more I let my finger run up and down her little slit I could see her getting alittle wet . I couldn’t help myself I had to bend in and smell that sweet young pussy as it got wet . She smelt so good . I use the thumb of my other hand to start stoking her clit . The cover of her clit felt so smooth and soft . Soon as my thumb touched it she groaned and was wriggling so much . She has moved like this everytime I’ve touched it so far . It must be so sensitive when I touch it . I remove one finger just leaving my middle finger as her slit opens letting my finger find her hole . Soon as it touched it she groaned and tried to pull away . That tiny little hole felt so good . Feeling the tiny bit of dampness . Feeling the tightness . I wanted my finger inside side of her . She couldn’t help but pleade for me not to . But she knew it was going to happen . She screamed as I pushed against that tiny opening . Moving my finger in a circle . Finally getting it to open just enough to let the tip of my finger in . I work it in and out every time feeling the muscles tighten their grip around my finger . Soon I had reached her hymen . I so wanted to break through right there and then but had to control myself . Still working it in and out . Her little clit had gotten so hard . Looking at that cute little pink bud . It throbbing at my thumbs touch . The more I worked my finger in and out to the point of touching her hymen and my thumb rubbing her clit I could feel her wetness growing . Her breathing changing . She was trying so hard not to moan . It was a mix of grunting and moaning . I could tell what I was doing was getting the reaction I wanted . I knew she was close to having a orgasm . I worked both alittle faster . Then I could see that look on her face . That look of disgust and embarrassment as she had a orgasm . It must have been her first . It was only a small one but at least I made her have one . Soon as it was over I left the room for alittle bit . Another beer and some more TV . I go back into the room . She begs for me to leave and promises not to say a word but I think inside she knows that’s not going to happen . I get up on the bed . I now place my partly hard cock between them teen titts and start rubbing it between them getting hard . They felt so good . In no time I was hard . Now I’m not going to lie and say I’m huge or anything . I’m just your average 8 inch long and on the thick width side . I’ve seen smaller but also seen bigger . I could see it in her face she knew what was about to happen . I move back down and lay on top of her . I wanted it to be in this position . I wanted to see the look in her eyes as I take her virginity . I wanted to see the pain . I wanted to see the hate . I wanted to see the look from her knowing that her virginity has just been taken from her . I now start running my hard cock along that sweet slit . It parts instantly . Letting the head of my cock find her opening . I wait a minute feeling her slit wrap around my cock . Feeling the tightness of her opening on the tip of my cock . I start rubbing the head of my cock against her opening . Letting it slowly open and feeling the resistance it’s giving me . The pain look on her face already . I sigh as finally the head of my cock is inside of her . She is so warm and tight . I can feel her pussy clenching and trying to force my cock back out . I push alittle harder a few times then stop as I finally feel the head of my cock at her hymen . I can see it in her look she knows its about to happen . I pull back slowly . Lean it and kiss her parting her lips with my tongue . As I’m doing it I ram in hard . It was so hit heading her muffled screams as my cock parts her hymen . Her pussy clenching tighter . I keep kissing her as I start moving in and out harder . Forcing more and more of my cock into her till my whole cock is inside if her sweet warm and tight pussy . Gently fucking her . Seeing the tears flow from her green eyes . Hearing the muffled screams with each thrust . Feeling her tight pussy clenching around my shaft with each thrust . After a few more strokes feeling her body wanting to react . My cock feeling her pussy starting to flow with her juices . Now pushing in deep feeling the depth of her newly fuck pussy . I can’t last much longer . I know I’m going to cum . I can’t cum inside her . I pull out and cover her chest in my cum . Taking her virginty felt so good . I can’t wait to fuck that tight ass but that will have to wait . I leave her like she is for now . I just sit in the chair in her room . Watching her newly fucked pussy slowly closing back up . It was so amazing seeing that little hole gaping open . She can’t stop crying . I get a wash cloth and clean her blood smears of my cock and gently wipe it off her pussy and thighs . Her eyes are so swollen from all the crying . It’s already been such along day . I wish I could fuck her ass but think that will be a good thing for tomorrow . I think l should just continue abusing that sweet pussy today . I decide after I let her rest for a bit ill get that nice big dildo and fuck her with it . Make her really hurt . Nearly two hours pass of me just watching her . Watching her trying to move around . Hearing the sobbing crying . I get into my bag and pull out the dildo . Soon as she see’s it she is begging for me not to . Begging that I can fuck her again just don’t it’s to big . I tell her I know I can fuck her again and I will be but I’m going to fuck her with this till she cums for me . The crying intensified so much . I get between her legs and start rubbing it against her hole . She is already yelling at me to stop . That’s all she can do as she can’t stop me . I push it against her tight hole . The sight of hervopening streaching and gaping to take just the head of it in . Her slit widening . I push harder . Her whole body trembling and shaking her screaming so loud . The start of the shaft entering her . The tiny lips of her slit rolling up and down the shaft as in pushing it in and out . Her head thrashing around as I push more and more. As her pussy gapes open even wider . I have never seen anything so hot as her pussy steached beyond its limits as its all inside of her . She does not stop screaming and crying as I continue to work it in and out . I sew the shining of her juices over it . ” Please stop your hurting me ” she cries out . Well that was the point . With each thrust I feel it bottom out not being able to get in any deeper . She has taken all but about a inch of it . I can see her flat belly bulge with each thrust in . Hurting her . Ruining that tight pussy . She will never be the same after this weekend . I look at her telling her if she cums ill stop . I know she would cum right now if it meant this would end . I work it faster making her tears flow even more . Soon I get my wish even being raped her body is giving in . I watch as she says ” no no no not like this ” . Her legs are shaking . She moans alittle inbetween the screams with each in thrust of the dildo . There it is her white cum starting to cover all the shaft of the dildo . She is groaning so loud as she is having a big orgasm and cumming . It soon finished . I pull out the dildo . Looking at it covered in her cum . I take it and make her lick of her cum . That disgusted look on her face having to taste her own cum . I take a nice look at that pussy . Wow it was gapped so bad . Getting to see fully inside of her . That cute slit was so puffy and swollen and now red raw . By this time it’s getting late . I uncuff her from the bed and then cuff her hands behind her . I tell her to get to the kitchen so we can have dinner . It was so much fun watching her walking to the kitchen . Slow and painful steps . Her pussy still so sore . When we got to the kitchen I push her into the chair . Look through the cupboards and find a couple of time meals and make them up for us . We eat and then I make her sit on the couch in the lounge room and watch a movie . Her sitting there naked the whole time . When we get back to the bedroom I decide I should fuck her once more for the night . I push her onto the bed on her tummy . Cuffing her again . Lifting her legs so they are nearly under her . Woe what a view of her pussy and ass . Her slit still swollen and her hole had nearly closed up again . I start fucking her . She starts to just grunt . I think most of that fight she had is gone . Harder and faster I fuck her . I can feel the difference in her pussy . That dildo had really done a number on her . All of a sudden she says ” Please stop I need to pee , I need the toilet ” . I keep fucking her telling her ” go ahead pee I don’t care ” . I could feel pussy tense up . Her trying so hard to not pee . No way did she want that embarrassment . I decide to push her and I place a hand under her and rub her clit . ” Please I’m going to pee . Please don’t make me ” she cries out . This will be so hot I think to myself . She couldn’t hold it any longer and starts to pee . Oh that feeling of her hot pee covering my cock . It was going all over her legs and over the bed . All the while I just keep fucking her and rubbing her clit . The feeling of her pussy while she was peeing was so good on my cock . I never imagined having a girl pee while I fucked her . Soon I pulled out and cummed all over her back . I left her like that all night . I can’t imagine what type of sleep she got if any . I just sat in the chair maybe getting a couple of hours sleep . When I woke up I knew this was the day . This was the day she was going to know real pain . This was the day I was going to ruin that tight tight ass of hers . I was thinking first use my little finger to losen up that tight little anus hole . Then fuck her with my cock . Then later use the second dildo I had with me . It was only 7 inch and thin so I could really get that in nice and deep . I again got her out of bed and took her for a shower . Again getting to wash all that spots on her body . Then dried her and took her to have breakfast . Then back to the bedroom we go . Once back in the bedroom I put her on her tummy on the bed . Recuff her to the frame . Now I get behind her . I get her legs into like a kneeling position giving me the perfect view and access to that ass . I place a hand on each cheek and spread them perfect round cheeks apart . Seeing that cute little anal ring of hers . It looked so perfect . So tiny . Really hardly any wrinkles it was like so smooth . Even had such a light pink colour to it . I move my right hand and use two fingers of my left hand on the inside of her cheeks to keep them that little bit apart . As my little finger touches her ring her whole body jumps . She says in such a cute sobbing voice ” Please don’t . Please don’t do this to me . You can’t not there ” . I don’t care I’m not going to stop . I’m going to get what I want . I push my little finger against her hole . That feeling of her clinching and it resisting against my finger . I massage the hole with my finger . Soon enough it let’s the tip of my finger in . The sound of her shriek scream as it enters her . Over and over she shrieks out as I work that tight anus of hers working more and more of my finger into her ass . The feeling of her clenching around my finger . The tightness of her ass . Feeling that ring close around my finger making me feel like she was going to break my finger . I have it all in her . She squirns like crazy as I move it around inside of her ass . Feeling the insides if her rectum . Soon starting to force it in and out . Still having to use so much force . All I can hear is her crying and yelling at me to stop . I won’t stop not till I feel that cute ring of hers losen up . Over and over I use my finger to fuck her ass . Evenly I needed to stop my hand cramping from the repeated fucking of her ass . I pull my finger out . Looking at that little hole it’s hardly gaping . It’s hardly even opened . I think well she will hate it even more with my cock in there . I need a drink and a rest . I go out to the lounge and watch TV and have a couple of drinks . I didn’t even realise I was watching tv for a couple of hours . Think I got so wrapped up in listen to the sobbing coming from the room . I go back into the room . Looking at her in the same position . I get on the bed . My cock already fully hard . I use my hands to spread her ass cheeks . Her hole already back to being tightly close . I move in and start to push my cock past her cheeks . She cries out ” I’m still hurting don’t I’m begging you ” . Why do I care how sore she is . I push my hard against that little hole . She screams instantly . I keep pushing wanting my cock in her ass . It’s so tight . Again her clenching and her ass resisting the entrance . I reach a hand under her and start rubbing her clit . It doesn’t take long for the sensation of her clit being rubbed to make her unclench . That’s all I need . I push hard and she screams and cries out so loud as the head of my cock enters her ass . I hold it there . Looking at the head of my cock stuffed into her . That ring streached open . I watch it as I start moving the head of my cock . It flexing with my movements . I keep just moving the head of my cock . Then I push again and hear the most loud scream as more of my cock go in . Watching that ring spread and little traces of red come from the sides as my cock has spread it to much giving it little tears . I’m happy I’ve torn her . I start to fuck her ass harder getting inch by inch into her . Hearing her screams and cries as I am . Watching that once tight asshole of her be broken in . The little ring streached wide around my cock . As I give one last long hard shove I watch as her head flops as she passes out . I grab her hips making sure her body doesn’t fall . Now i just go for it . Fucking that ass as hard as I humanly can . Soon she comes back to . Coming back to life feeling my hard cock fucking her ass hard and deep . All she can manage is low grunts with each thrust in . I’m getting so close to cumming . I slow down . Making her feel my throbbing cock going in so slowly . Holding it in as deep as I can and filling up the depths of her ass with my hot cum . As I pull out hard I watch that ring pull outwards with my cock . Hearing the pop of my cock exiting her ass . I look and watch that ass clenching open and close trying to get the cum out . Her ring is so red now . Still little traces of blood around her ass cheeks . That was so amazing fucking that tight ass . I need a rest after that . So it’s to the lounge I go . A couple of drinks and another movie . I still can hear the sobs and cries coming from the room . It’s so hot listening to her . I can’t wait to fuck her ass with that dildo . It’s just alittle bit bigger than my cock . I’m sure that will fully ruin her ass . The movie ends and I decide she has had enough rest time . As I enter the room she is begging for me to stop . For me to stop hurting her . I know I’ve hurt her but I can’t stop well not just yet . I go and get the dildo out of my bag . Walk to her and you should of seen the look on her face . Her eyes widened as I tell her it’s going into her ass . She doesn’t even bother trying to argue knowing it’s going to happen no matter what she says . I go behind her and start rubbing it against her anus . With the cum lubricating that hole still it takes no effort to slide the head of it into her . Them painful grunting sounds coming from her . In and out I work it . Adding inch by inch . Her ring wrapping around it and moving up and down the shaft with its thrusts . Deeper and deeper I get it into her . I move my spare hand and place it just below her belly button . Oh the feeling of feeling that dildo fucking her so deep . All she can do is grunt . I don’t think she can even scream anymore . I don’t think there is any tears left in her . That once so tight ass is taking all the dildo . Now pulling it all the way out and ramming it back in . Over and over I fuck that ass with it . The view of her ass gapping so wide as it comes out . Then taking it back in . I keep fucking her ass with it till I watch her body go limp . She is fully done . Her head is hanging . Her arms hanging from the cuffs . The only thing keeping her bottom half up is me holding her . I pull out the dildo and watch her near unconscious body . Her asshole is so wide open . The outside is red raw and swollen . Tonight I only leave one hand cuffed to the bed . I roll her facing me . I hold her pulling her in close . Her little titts pressed against my chest . I love the feeling of her nipples against me . My push my semi hard cock into her pussy . I don’t think she accully goes to sleep I think she passes out . That sleep felt so good bring inside her all night . Morning comes and I know I have not got long left so I go for a quick look around her patents room and find the first item I was hoping to find . I’m glad her dad had a leather belt . Looking through the carage I find some rope . Not the best but it will do . I go to the kitchen and cut up the rope into four good lengths . Then i go back to the bedroom . I uncuff her . I think she thinks it’s over . I lay her on her tummy and tie up her wrists to the bed frame . I spead her legs wide open and tie her ankles to the bed with the rope . Then I get that belt and I start . I whip her ass with it over and over . She screams with each hit coming from it . Watch each stroke leaving red marks . I keep going till them hits start cutting her ass cheeks . Her ass is soon covered in sores from the hits . I’m done with her and pack up and leave .


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    Poor girl did nothing which makes her rapes so fucking exciting! Her little cunny and bumhole sound completely wrecked! Great!!!

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    Not a single part of this I don’t love…