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my first time

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female in story is related by marriage so i don’t know if you’d consider it family?

anyways i stay with my grandmother every once in while, my cousin had a step sister but they had the same mom, we can call her das, honestly we pretty close, we were very flirtatious one night we had stayed were all in the upstairs room me, her and 4 of my cousins, i was like 16 she was around 12 (i’m 18 now) we had started watching a movie yk? chillin, laughing and having a good time like usual, my cousins room didn’t have much it was carpet with a bed a stand for the tv and a tv, i was laying with half my body under the bed my torso was out on the head of the bed and das was laying sideways by my feet and the movie had just started and we got bored easily so she had ended up turning and instantly i thought of the worst yk? what if i get hard or what id she says something out loud but no she didn’t really react so i wanted to test how far we could go, i slowly rubbed my dicc and moved it to the point where she noticed i was moving it and she just looked at me and smiled, she slowly grabbed my penis over my pants and that did it for me, i was so hard and so fuccin horny so i pulled it out, she looked at it and played with it for a while before she put it in her mouth, we didn’t go long because we didn’t want to get caught but after that we started doing way more and getting way closer, i know its a short story and i wish there was more details but thats it, i have more stories of me and my cousin cousin (das’ older sister) doing things lmk what you want

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  • Reply Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

    It was ok , but only if it was more like the activity , or sexual tension between me & my much younger female cousin

  • Reply MommaMilf ID:4keebbed1

    mmm fuck I love this

    • Sammy ID:fx7ith8rk

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