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Pedo Girl

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Hot chat room play leads to an exciting life.

Back in the glory days of Yahoo, I was able to meet and chat with men, women and girls that met my perverted desires. I met Anne in a local chatroom for our city and we kind of hit it off from the start. Anne was 18, just out of the foster system, working at the local preschool as an aide. She had a room in a scruffy side of town and the only thing she owned was some clothes and her laptop computer. As we began to chat, over the course of a few weeks, I discovered that she was more experienced in perversions than I was at that time, her time in the “System” warping her sexually in delicious ways that appealed to me. For her men and women using young girls and boys was just part of daily life, something that she learned to enjoy immensely.

I learned that she was very open to sexual play online, showing me her body as I jacked off on cam with her. We exchanged increasingly perverted stories of dad’s lil girls pleasing their fathers with hands, mouths and pussies, the only limits being our imagination. She sought out pedo images to share with me and told me what she would do with each child.

Our first time meeting was at the park, where we sat on a bench overlooking the playground. We selected our fantasy child, a girl of 5 or 6 playing on the monkey bars. With a blanket over our laps, she pulled my cock out and stroked me as I told her how we would turn that girl into our sexual toy, one that would eat my cum out Anne’s pussy. How we would take turns licking that sweet lil pussy and ass. About how she would become a being dedicated to our sexual pleasure. Anne ducked her head under the blanket and let me fill her mouth with my thick cum. We went back to my apartment to continue with our sexual adventures.

To be continued –

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