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Patriot Day

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I’m new here so. bare.with me this is my first story. I’m using a spell check. This goes out to all the geeks and nerds, you know who you are pencil necks. I’ve read your snotty remarks, so do you all a favor and me as well don’t bother to read this as I know it’s going to be bad. As for the ones that I really respect to read this crack sniffer, badass Billie jean, brittany, TARA. I have read all of your comments and, you try to give the writers good criticism your remark so you don’t put them down, you try to help them that is why I’m asking you all now to please be gentle and kind after you read this but put your input into it how bad it really is and I will try to improve my writing.
As for you and geeks and nerds you’re nothing but bullies and I will tell you right now you will not be bullied into leaving the bad riders as much as a good riders have every right to be here, as for those I respect you know who you are thank you for your time.

The day is the 11th of September 2001 and I am flipping through the channels I hit, I think it was Kelly and Regis at that time, now it’s 8:45 a.m. and I didn’t think nothing about it at that time we had a plane hit a building no big deal it was an accident 18 minutes later playing to hit okay this was no accident the USA was under attack buy Japan again, wrong! I think we all can say where we was at the very second on that fatal day.

As I sit in my recliner and watch the damage. And, text one of my sisters, whose birthday party would be later in the day she was 39.
I text her, I want my money! You no I don’t have it. Well, you know it’s been too damn months, you got 2500 I want my money by the end of the day.
It’s my birthday, are you really going to ruin my birthday, with this bs?
Happy birthday, I want my money.
I done told you I got it.
Then find it! today. Or .
Or what?
You remember, all the collateral that you put up from out in the shed?
You wouldn’t dare!
Why wouldn’t I? You know that’s what collateral is used for.
I’m your sister and, its my birthday and, I’m family
This is fucking business, besides where were you on my last birthday?
Don’t you remember, you force fucked me in my ass!
Like I said, I’m adopted remember me this has nothing to do with family this is fucking business, my money to day!
If I can’t get it then what?
The what I have in my possession let’s put it this way all the family and, friend’s will be here,I should hate for your daughter and, son’s to see what there mom really looks like
And. You sister and, what about Grandma?
What about her?
She always called you a slut. She said you gave it way for, free. And at least a whore gets paid for it.
Then I promise you I will get them on My Space and Facebook some how!
Yes, think about it, that one day out in the shed you made a deal with me for, 2500.and,. you put a bunch of pictures up as collateral for me to use however I wanted to meaning that this was a business deal.
NO! What do you want?
I want my fucking money.
I wonder if I was a.blood sister if you would be doing this to me?
Then it would be different.
So, since you are adopt you can’t give me a break for, my birthday?
This is fucking business.

Shes getting anger in her voice!
I done told you I don’t have your fucking money!
Let me sit and think on it.
I can make this right I just need a little more time please.
How? The shed not here, we moved remember?
Up stairs?
Yeah right, like that’s going to happen, number 1 it is my fortress of solitude, and, number 2 I don’t let no one up there, you know that.
You want payed back?
Even if I say yes, how can you pull it off? You are having a birthday party with a bunch of people?
Trust me, I will handle this.
Number one even if you could pull it off, do you really expect me to take you for, payment for 2500?
I will sweeten the pot, you promise not to show them around?
Let see I keep the pictures of you as collateral, what do you have in mind?
One, you already had me once, you get me for, my birthday and, like I said I will sweet and hot honey pot.
Again how?
You can have me for, my birthday, and I will put my 10.year old daughter Abigail up on her birthday.

Note to the reader Abigail’s birthday is Halloween the 31st of October if he would like that story please please a comment thank you.

I thought to myself, is she serious Abigail would be ten on Halloween night
Are you serious?
Yes, I said I would sweeten the honey pot think of it this way it’s your adopted niece and it’s her honey pot she has a virgin, and, I will make sure she does what ever you want.

I thought to myself Abigail does look like her mom except for the 38c tits. I bet she does have one nice little sweet honey pot, and, she is a virgin.
I text, ok, how about you going to do this today?
Everyone knows, just how bad you hate party so,go hide up stairs, and,at one point I will come and find you.
You better or your pictures everyone will see and they will go viral.end of texts.

I keep watching the damage of 911and the other two planes that hit around now . The people started driving for her birthday party, I had for upstairs.
I hear one of my sisters say where is he going? My other sister says what he likes to call his fortress of solitude. The other sister says, it’s his own sister’s birthday party? My other sister says yep, he don’t like parties.

I make my way up to my fortress of solitude, and, wait on my sister. After about 2 hours she pops up.i.ask her how did you get away? I told them I was coming up to chew your ass out for not being at my birthday party. LoL I said. Sister S.told me I wouldn’t do that if I was you. He don’t let no one in his fortress of solitude. She said we have to be fast, so they don’t come looking for me.
I said go lock the door!

What if sister S gets suspicious?. I said no I always keep it locked. She walks over and locks my door. I sit down in my favorite seat, she asked me what do I want first?

I tell her to come over to me, she comes over to me and get my cock out of my cargo shorts and boxers and I tell her to take her tee shirt and bra off.

She takes her ACDC tee shirt and black 38c bra off, she has the most perfect set of tits I have ever seen . And I start to suck on her nipples, as she arch her.back and close her eyes and, close her eyes and moans MMM.

I start to get hard I sit back in my chair and tell her to put her tits into my face, so, I can suck them hard. She does and I start once again to suck on her big brown nipples.for about 5 minutes more.

I tell her to bend over the arm of my chair and take her shorts down to her ankles and step out of them. She does as I say. And I take her from behind. I take my cock in my hand and place it into her pussy and start to fuck her pussy from behind, she starts to moan again mmm.and she gets pretty load at moaning mm.
She says I guess I need to calm it down as I keep fucking her I said why? They can’t hear you unless you Unless they are on the stairs.

I keep on fucking her, she keeps on moaning out loud mm after abo Dee “ut 40 minutes she explodes all over my cock. I keep on fucking her. I get ready to cum. She let out a small moan of pleasure, mnph..
And I stop, and I pull my cock out of her pussy, and get ready to put it in to.her ass.
And, said, you know I hate it in my ass!
I said, you owe me besides do you want the pictures to go away? She says, I can’t believe my brother is blackmailing. I said, again adopt not blood.
She turns her head back waiting for me to enter her her tender ass.
I push it in her tender ass, one thing about Melody is you can ass fuck her, and she don’t cry or scream, she don’t make a sound, why I don’t know,, I know it hurts her, I have seen the tears coming down her face. I start to ass fuck her.. and the problem is I’m all ready to bust a nut.

already the minute I enter Mel’s ass. I get about 15 minutes in ass fucking in..I will be the first one to admit it my sister Melody ass is one of the very best one s, I have ever fucked.
After about 15 minutes I bust a nut in her ass. I take my cock out of the ass and put it away in my boxers and cargo shorts.
She turns around you can see the pain in her eyes from the ass fucking, she got tears coming down her face. She says we are paid up right? I said no! She says, what do you mean no? I said, you got some nerve that was the down payment!
I said, Abigail, on her birthday she will be the final payment and she will do both holes are we clear on that? She makes no response. My final words to her that day happy birthday sis.

I know there is bad English bad grammar and the spelling is way off, I know also I’m not the smartest tool in the shed, but please, please, be gentle when you grade this thank you.

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  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    I got your message honey ! thank you for putting me in your future stories ! Tara !!

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    Peiro sweetie ! Did you read my comment to you. If you did please let me know how you liked it and did it make you hard up for me !! Tara !!

  • Reply Peiro ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Thank you coming from you that is the best comment and I working on Abigail.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapf49a

    Oh yes, give it to Abigail good and hard! Great story, good on ya, pal!

  • Reply Marc ID:5s4ndrak0b

    yes part 2 needed for sure and as for the story it was good and there have been many worse than this on here——– good job

    • Peiro ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Thank you thank you all for your input you really made me feel good and to everybody that wants part 2 coming soon

  • Reply Peiro ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Thank you working on it

  • Reply Banshee ID:5fu3cx888z

    Needs second part

  • Reply Titan ID:1egx99qn7u01

    Love it , lets hear the next one with abigale

    • Peiro ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Thank you working on it should be posted soon.

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    Peiro honey !! Thank you so much for your kind words ! your story is not that bad. I would like you to be more descriptive on the clothing they are wearing and what position they are being fucked in ! Make it erotic ! Here’s a example , I just got home from school. when my stepdad who had been drinking grabbed me as i struggled to get away from him picked me up and put me on the kitchen counter ! Then he pulled up my school dress and lifted up my dark green nylon stocking legs and placed them on his shoulders as he took out his big cock .Then he ripped a hole in my tights as he shoved his cock deep into my wet pussy as i squealed and moaned, please no daddy ! Daddy fucked me so fucking hard as a was squealing, that my back was banging back and fourth against the kitchen wall making so much noise that my little brother came in the kitchen to see what all the noise is about ! when he saw what dad was doing to me. he cried out, stop hurting Tara dad ! I told my brother, it’s okay honey please go back to watching t.v. ! daddy grunted and with the smell of liquor on his breath he came deep into my pussy completely draining his balls and possibly impregnating me ! He pulled out of me and left me crying ! Please let me know how you liked my example Peiro ! Oh Peiro ! That really happened to me and if it makes you hard and wishing that it was you fucking me, that’s okay ! because i would want you to fuck me like that ! please let me know ! your friend Tara !!

    • Peiro ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Yes TARA you got to me thank you for your input I will put it into my next story. And yes it made me hard and yes I would love to fuck you like that your friend peiro

  • Reply Hard Brother ID:1ddgb73bdg0y

    Yes you definitely need the second part of this with your niece. An I have read much worse stories an spelling on her sp don’t be so hard on yourself.

    • Peiro ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      Thank you for that I will be putting out part 2 with my niece soon