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Jr. Hi II: Backstage Passion

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Same school, and the same nymphomaniac as Junior High Tower, but another venue… #NS

I knew as soon as I saw her on lunch that Tina “Got lucky?”

She giggled, and set down her tray. “Is it that obvious?”

“Tell me about it,” I cleared my throat with the last of my soda, and pushed my tray away, to listen.

“Well,” she leaned over, and lowered her voice, looking back and forth. “You remember when I told you about the gay tower?”

“Only about a million times,” I rolled my eyes, and nodded.

“Well, they finally opened it up again!” So, just to make a long story short, she caught 2 boys smuggling bolt cutters over the fence, to cut the chain blocking the gate to the old bell tower. This is an old school, so they still have old school things, like a bell tower, and assembly hall. I was a little disappointed when she told me that all she got to do was watch a couple gay guys beat off in front of her.

“Uh, that’s it?” She was so excited, you’d think she’d just gotten her first gang bang. “So what, I can watch boys jerk off all day on my phone.” You just have to hold down your finger on the screen, so the menu pops up, and you can select [Download.] So, you don’t have to worry about the school’s cock-block filter.

“Yeah, but then you don’t get to smell their sweat, and jizm, and feel it all over your face, and taste it!..”

“Yeah, I can.”

“Oh, you got a boyfriend?”

“No, but you’re not the only horny girl in school you know, and all the boys are horny as fuck here, too.”

“Oh yeah,” she looked around at the empty table, then turned around to scan the cafeteria. “Where’s the rest of the gang, anyways?”

“Probably still back stage.” I rolled my eyes. “It was a total taco party, so I decided not to skip lunch again.”

She giggled, and chewed faster, so she could pop open her 20oz, and wash her salad down. “It’s not even a tuesday!”

We laughed, “Tell me about it.”

“No, why don’t you tell me about this backstage thing?” She stabbed more lettuce, and sardines on her plastic fork. “Sounds like a Simone thing?” She popped it in her mouth. They call it Caesar Salad, but for some reason, they use sardines instead of anchovies. I’m guessing sardines are cheaper?

“Haha, yeah. She’s such a drama princess. So you remember the assembly hall, the first week when we got here?”

“Yeah, where they went over the covid stuff again?”

“Well, it’s an easy A, but since she’s such a Thesbian, Simone noticed that the curtains were really dusty in the back of the stage, and around the sides.”

“Yeah, so?” She washed another bite down with Diet Dr. Pepper.

“So, she volunteered to help clean it up on lunch, and that gave her access to the back door.”

“The back stage, with the dressing rooms, and stuff?”

“No, they don’t have all that stuff there, that’s why they built the new auditorium. It’s just the old multi-purpose hall where they can set it up as a gym, cafeteria, or auditorium.”

“Before they built the new gym, auditorium, and cafeteria, yeah. I know.”

“So, we can sneak in the back door, and fool around up there behind the curtains.”

“Oh! Like curtain call over at their house.”

“Yeah, exactly like that, except with boys. Whenever any boys actually bother to show up.”

“Well, why didn’t anybody tell me?”

“Because, you’re always obsessed with homos.”

“I’m not obsessed with homos, I’m just scared of straight guys.”


“Because, the rapers, kidnappers, torturers, kidnappers, killers, and necros lie. Well, also you’re wrong about the boys here. They’re not all horny teenagers with blueballs, and 24 hour boners, so the only boys you even have a shot with are probably at least a little creepy, but they’ll all lie, and tell you they’re totally not going to stab you in the tummy, and rape the hole to make you pregnant that way.”

“Oh my god, stop!” I pushed the tray even further away.

“Sorry, you’re trying to eat?”

“Not any more, but you really need to stop reading all those true crime serial killer stories.”

“Oh, that’s not a true story, but thanks for reminding me.” She got her phone out.

“Who’re you texting?”

“Nobody, it’s just a great story idea, so I want to write it down quick before I forget it.” She set her phone down, “So, if you’re not hungry, does that mean I can finish it?”

“Yeah,” I shrugged, “I guess.”


Justine (GB Anon)

You think the stories here are sick? I found another site to write the really sick stuff, like snuff, and necro stuff, but just because I write erotic horror doesn’t mean that I want to try anything like that, IRL. For one thing, how could I enjoy it, even if I were that masochistic, if I’m already dead?

In case you’re wondering about the true crime stories, she just mentioned. I went through this phase on lockdown, where I started researching every Amber Alert I could find, going way back to the 90s. Nowadays, the incels just pick up an AR15, and shoot up the school to act out their sexual frustration, and there’s nothing sexy about that.

Back in the day, you had the real nasty men. Just as evil, but more patient, and clever? I guess, I mean instead of racking up as many bodies as they can in 1 big spree. I’m sure that’s really exciting too, but then what? They usually die, in a blaze of glory, but they still die. Whether they save the last bullet for themselves, or refuse to surrender so the SWAT snipers have to finish them off, the final score is the same.

I guess if you just kill 2 people, and they kill you once, you win? I don’t know, I only pretend to understand what psychos really think (And the interviews don’t help, because of course they lie to the shrinks too, if they live to brag about it.) But anyways, a serial killer just Risks going to jail for the rest of his life. If he’s careful, like Zodiac, or BTK, then they might be able to get away with it for years, before they get caught, and put away for years.

Or executed, but it’s easy enough to look up the death penalty states. I think I’d rather go to death row, instead of life inprisonment. If I was a sexually motivated serial killer, when I’m not. I’m not even interested in meeting one IRL, but I guess I’m lucky that they went extinct, or evolved into spree shooters before I was ever even born.

“Huh?” I heard feet on gravel, and turned around, heart beating out of control before he came around the corner.

“Hey!” He grinned behind the mask, “What are you doing back here?”

“Oh nothing, just looking around.” I ran past him, and around the corner. “Huh!” Pulled my mask down to get some oxygen, and catch my breath, but then the rock popped out of his tennis shoe, and rolled off. I peeked around the corner, then ducked back when he looked around.

Then, he raised his hand up, and knocked once… Paused, and knocked twice… Paused, and knocked one more time. So, Simone pushed the latch to let him in the door, to the stairs up behind the stage, at the back of the auditorium.

“Huh!” I should have asked her if there was a secret code or something yesturday, before I scared her off. Not that I really wanted her half eaten grilled chicken sandwich, but they don’t give you much on the salads, and it’s safe enough if I cut off the part that’s been in her mouth. As if we hadn’t shared food, and practiced tongue kissing, so it’s really more for show. They have rules about sharing food here, because of the whole covid thing.

Still, I really had to stretch to ruin her appetite this time, and I got a great story idea to flesh out later. So to speak. 😉

I was a little disappointed when I knocked, and Simone let me in. “You’re not a boy.”

“Yeah, I know, Simone.”

“Sh!” She looked back behind her, “No names, it’s supposed to be anonymous!” She let me in, so the door could close all by itself. “It’s just that we have a different knock,” she knocked twice on the wood panel, “For girls,” and knocked 2 more times after a pause.

I repeated it, “Got it,” just to make sure, “So where’s the cameras?” She glanced away.

“What cameras?” She played innocent.

“Oh, come on. I know, it’s supposed to be anonymous, and you probably don’t want anyone else to know you’re making childporn, but.”


“MH!” She held my mask over my mouth. “SOWY.”

“Just climb the ladder, on the side of the stairs if you want to see, okay? They had lights up there, but then they moved them to the auditorium when they stopped having.”

We stopped, when there was a couple knocks on the door… Then a couple more knocks, so we had to get out of the way for the boy to come down the stairs.

“Come on.” She dragged me up the stairs before he opened the door.

“Who’s he?”

“My partner.”

“Oh, so if a boy knocks, you answer the door, but if a girl knocks. Wait, is that morse code for something?”

“I don’t know, maybe, you can look it up if you want to, but here’s the ladder.” To the catwalk, where she had the laptop set up, to record all the footage from her lunch hour, and probably all the other lunch hours, too.

I wasn’t really interested, because it was exactly what I expected. “Curtain Call,” except with boys. We played it with her, and her sister (Who’s a lesbian, not a thesbian) but basically. Her theory was you’re willing to do a lot more stuff if nobody’s watching, or knows it’s you. Like the gay guys with the glory holes? Yeah, only more sensual for girls, especially if you have satin taffeta curtains, or their parent’s silk sheets to hang up in the windows.

Also, there’s always the chance that somebody’s going to see us, standing naked, in the windows. Like the red light girls in Amsterdam, and cum to see what we’re playing? That was always my fantasy, one of the neighbors finally had enough, and brought his sons over to fuck all of us, like that would ever happen, but they never called the cops on us, either.

Simone’s an exhibitionist, but that doesn’t mean she’s above recording everyone that comes in, and every sex act they do through the curtains, as if nobody’s watching. “Huh!” I got out my thumb drive. “Wow,” and plugged it in, to upload everything she had saved in her video file. At least, as much as I could get to fit. I only had 5 gigs, and there’s no telling how much porn I already had saved before I tried to fit that whole dump in there, but the files were dated, so at least I could tell how long this had been going on without having to ask her.

She might lie anyway, but unless she changed the time stamps, she’d been recording it since a week after school started. All this time, she had a touchy feely oral sex orgy going on, every day at lunch, and I was so worried about getting the gay guys to break into the tower that nobody told me.

Oh well, whatever I missed, I could watch over at my house. Now that I had a copy of her blackmail stash. It’s not really my kind of scene, and she was right. It’s still mostly taco party, even when a couple boys do show up, here, and there. There’s no gay action, not even threesomes, it’s just boring old middle school touchy feely, oral sex stuff when nobody’s looking.

Because it was set up by a boring old middle school touchy feely, oral sex 12 year old. Look I know that most of the boys can’t wait to stick a dick in someone, but they don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, let alone gang raped, and strangled so you can’t talk. STDs are a little petty to worry about, when we have an airborne Plague going around, and Flu season coming up.

I guess the curtains work for cough/sneeze guards too, but the problem is even if they were all horny as fuck, the straight boys are so fucking straight, they’ll cockblock themselves to avoid any chance of another boy seeing them with their pants down, and a boner. I bet that’s why Simone has to answer the door for the boys, because if another boy was there, most of them would turn right around, and run away with their tails between their legs.

So, it’s still a taco party, when I’m working on my very own Sausage party. Sure, if I waited around, day after day, behind the curtain half naked with my bare legs, and pussy hanging out, I might get lucky eventually. If the boy ever looks past all the other half naked girls hiding behind the curtains, waiting to get felt up, fingered, and eaten out by a boy instead of the other girls.

“Huh!” I just climbed down, and went around to lunch. I never was really a skip lunch kinda girl. I want boobs, bigger boobs, the bigger the boobs, the more attention you can get from boys, so I try to eat healthy, but I eat. I don’t want to get even close to “No fattys” territory neither, but starving yourself is not eating healthy, if you want a decent rack.

Hopefully, word will get around about the Tower being open, so I can get some more boys up there for my circle jerks. If I can’t join in, and beat off with them, then at least I can play the cake, until a bi-curious boy shows up, and decides he’d really rather have a girlfriend. A cum hungry bukkake loving girlfriend, who won’t pressure him into a bisexual bbg threesome too too much.

I can wait…

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