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I fucked my cousin on new years

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I fucked my cousin when me and my family visited her home town for new years after the parents left to party and we were left alone to party

So I’m this story I’m using a fake name for my cousin (because I’m nice like that) so her name will be Emily(18)
So after Christmas we go visit family in Alaska, we get there and we visit and everything and we hang out with family, but I could barley see my cousin Emily because she worked. One night I got horny and I started to jerk it and my cousin got home from work and I stopped and went down stairs to say hi, when she sees me she says “hey coz I missed you”. We talk about work while she eats her food that we saved her after dinner, and I ask how work was and she says “so bitchy Karen dumped food on my head and I smell like garlic so I’m gonna get a shower” she leaves and goes to her room and I hear her turn the shower on. Now I was still hard so I decided to sneak into her room and put my phone in between her squish mellow collection and hid it and waited. After she leaves her room to get something to drink I go in and grab my phone and she goes back to her room and I started to jerk off to her changing, her tits, double D, her ass so thick and big, and her body, curvy. After I busted I went to sleep, and the next day it was new years and all the adults left us to go drink at the bar and me and my cousin decided to have fun and watch movies and drink some whiskey she found in the fridge. Now while we’re drinking and watching the movie, she looks and me and says “you know your not slick with hiding your phone” I started to blush, “what do you mean” I said. “Don’t play stupid with me, I saw your phone in between my squish mellows, why do you think I gave you a strip show” she said smiling. I started to get hard and she looks at me and kisses me, we pull away and she unzips my pants and pulls them down along with my underwear. “Uh is this okay” I asked, she looks at me and says “I’ve seen the way you look at me, I know you want me, so let this just happened cutie”. She starts to kiss my dick and lick it and it gets bigger and bigger, and she starts to deep throat me going to town and I cum in her mouth and she swallows it. “I hope that isn’t all the cum you have” she said, she starts to strip and she gets on top of me and slowly slides my dick into her and moans. “Jesus your huge” she said as she started to ride me, I played with her tits, licking them, sucking them and I bit them too. I then wanted more control so I pick her up and throw her on the couch and put it in and started to fuck her doggy style, and she starts to scream in pleasure, I pulled out my phone and recorded, and she was just loving it, I kept going and going faster until I came inside her as the ball dropped. The next day came and it was time for me and my family to go and my cousin Emily tells me “stay in touch with me” she said winking at me. We do time to time send nudes to each other and have phone sex and I can’t wait for this new years because I’m going to fuck her again and maybe try to go to college there so I can live with my moms sister and her so I can keep fucking her whenever I want, thanks for reading 🙂

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