Embarrassing my father on his Wedding Day

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My father was getting married. He was not happy with my life choices, So I decided to show him what real embarrassment looks like.

It all started when my mom died when I was 16. Now I’m 31 yr old. Single, strong, independent woman. My father remained aloof after my mom’s death. He completely indulged himself in his business without any woman in his life. Financially, he pays for everything for me (even now), but emotionally he was never the same. Last year he sold his company, which he was working so hard, for all these years, for millions of dollars. And during his post-work retirement/vacation party, he found this woman, Emilia (45, from Argentine) whose husband also passed away a few years back. Mind you he is 56. And within a year of meeting her, he told me he was going to marry her. So this woman will have access to millions of dollars. And also, she will have a ring on her finger. My father was a conservative so he thought I was a failure because I was not married and was in my 30s. Emilia’s daughter, Emma, (24) was a lawyer and was already married and pregnant. Her son, Juan (21), was studying in an Ivy League college in America, and got in based on his scholarship.

I’m guessing because of so much of ACCOMPLISHMENT’S of his new, would-be wife’s kids, my father instead of directly inviting me to the wedding, asked me if I would like to be there. I was like – Yeah, I will be there and make sure it’s the most memorable day of your life.
I was like I will show you what I’m good at, sucking dicks and fucking guys.

The wedding was being held in Hawaii, and Emma’s family was taking care of all the arrangements so they arrived there like 10days before the wedding. I was supposed to be there a day before the wedding, but Nah! I arrived 3 days before the wedding without telling anyone. I stalked Emma, Emilia, and Juan. I knew from where the cake was getting delivered, from where the flowers were arranged, the caterer, the photographer, and even the person who was going to officiate the wedding. (Emma’s cousin brother(63), he got the license sometime back)

I had planned out everything. I went to the flower store, ran by a local family of 3 brothers. They were native and huge in size. I told them I’m planning my friend’s birthday and kept flirting with them. I’m not the way I used to look, but I’m still was fuckable. 36DD breast, a huge ass, a little chubby in the middle, and thick thighs. White skin with blonde hair. I was dressed in a summer dress without a bra and just twirling around them. They knew I wanted more than just flowers for the party. The first to fall for me was the youngest one of the 3. He was like 25-26. He just leaned forward and kissed me. I caught hold of his collar and jumped behind the counter. I was on top of him, with my legs spread over his waist. He started to fondle my breast while eating my tongue out. He slipped the straps of my dress and my huge boobs were now on his chest. He turned me over and climbed over me lifting my dress up. He was now in control of me. He unzipped his pants. He was around 180 pounds, so his huge stomach was resting on my stomach though he had his hands stretched on the round to unzip his pants.

He pulled my panties down and inserted his semi-hard small dick inside me. By this time he had covered my whole face with his spit trying to lick me. Maybe I was too hot for him. He was pounding me hard. His whole body was going up and down on me with every thrust. I was not able to breathe. He was the ugliest guy I had ever fucked by far. Hearing my painful moans, his elder brothers came from behind the storage area. They just laughed and one went to close the main glass door and flipped the sign. I was just able to hear them because this guy fucking me had covered my whole face with his huge lips. So my eyes were closed. Thank god he finally came. He rolled over. I was now able to breathe and open my eyes.

To my horror, there were two more fat natives, around 250 pound each, between 30-37yrs. One just lifted me and shifted me to a doggy position. I was still gasping for breath. Then they started to fuck my pussy and my mouth. It was horrible. Their stomach were so huge that their dick was not even visible so they were pushing really hard. They took turns switching positions and both came in my pussy.

I was lying there on my stomach facing down. Still breathing heavily when the youngest, said to his brothers, “Bro I want more of this white meat. I have never fucked a woman in the ass. Please let me go another round before you kick this white slut out.” They just smiled and patted his back and left with a smile of approval. Before I could protest, this guy just fell on my back. I felt crushed under his wait. I was not able to breathe, so forget about speaking out. He just moistened his dick with his spit and bam, he shoved his dick inside me. I was not sure what was more painful, his dick up my ass or his body weight crushing my ribcage. I had taken a few dicks up my ass, not a fan but you know sometimes guys just take what they want. My face was blue due to lack of oxygen. He kept fucking me like a rag doll for like 9-10mins and then came in my ass.

He rolled over again. He slapped my ass as thank you. Then he stood up, zipped his pants, and went back to the store. I gathered some energy and adjusted my dress. I walked out of the store weirdly with cum still dripping down my thighs.

Boy, this was a tough job, trying to humiliate your father. I kid you not.

One done, 4 more to go…. 😉

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