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Needed money

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I am Annie, a naive 18 years old and a freshman at a northeast college. This is a true story that happened to me. I ran into financial difficulties in paying my balance before the start of the fall semester and had no idea how to get the money. The deadline was due and if I didn’t get it in, I couldn’t start classes. A friend of mine said to try a few modeling gigs. I checked and most didn’t pay nearly the $400.00 I still needed. I saw an add in a local underground paper that was advertising for models for a photo club shoot on the up coming Saturday. It said it paid very well and there were 3 sessions.
Now I figured there might be some nudity but I was desperate. I grew up in a very conservative family, so the thought of maybe having to take my clothes off had me very nervous. I am 5’4″, 110 lbs blonde hair and have a pretty fit body, so I thought I could qualify in the looks department. I have smallish boobs, 34A and I do totally shave below so exposing that area if I was required to, almost made me decide to not go, as I was practically still a virgin.
I finally figured I would at least call and get the information. I was told it was a club that was open to carefully screened amateur photographers, and that they usually get between 15 to 20 people who pay a fee to get in. They are served wine and light snacks and they take pictures of models on stage. I was told there are 5 or 6 models, usually being a few guys and a few women. The sessions are divide up. Session 1 is sexy dressed with costume changes. Session 2 is partially dressed in bikinis or underwear, and session 3 is completely nude and I was also told it’s “anything goes”. I was also told I could do as many or as few sessions as I liked. The pay obviously was much better in the last 2 sessions. He basically said, “The more you show and do, the more you make in money!”
Knowing I could leave whenever, and desperate for the cash, and knowing no one would know me because I live down south, I decided to go. When I arrived there were 6 of us. 3 guys and 3 girls, all older than me. The first session was pretty tame and at the end of it I was in low cut jeans and, per a request, had removed my shirt and was just in my black bra. I had made $100.00, so needing more and being ok with it so far, I decided to stay for the 2nd session. After a short break, we were back on stage. I had a black bikini on thinking it looked good with my blonde hair. I did a bunch of poses and then changed into a black thong that hooked on each side and a much smaller black bra that hooked in front. Figured it showed some skin, but not to much.
Near the end of session 2, the male models were asked to pose with a female models, and to also eventually remove the girls tops. I wasn’t planning on that. One of the guys came over to me and reached forward and unhooked the front and slid it down my shoulders and off. I guess I didn’t realize that when told session 2 was partially clothed, it meant me topless and in a backless thong. The only part of me still covered was between my legs by a very small piece of material. I immediately felt the cool air hit my nipples and turn them rock hard. We posed for about 10 more minutes with the guys, and some of the shots were with their hands on our boobs.
When the 2nd session was over I was up to $300.00 and decided to stop there. I knew if I stayed, sometime during that next session I would be asked or really required to show everything, and was shy and nervous of the thought of exposing my bare hairless pussy to everyone. The guy who was posing with me, pleaded with me to stay. He said the numbers had to be even and he wouldn’t be able to stay either if I left. He said I was almost naked anyway, and he would help me through the session. He did warn me that once you start the session you have to finish it, or loose your money, and you must take the requests that are given. I figured I still needed more cash, and was standing there in a thong only anyway, and knew they were all going to be naked with me to, so finally nervously agreed to stay. I did notice another couple were leaving and it now was just 2 guys and 2 girls. That did make me wonder what I was getting myself into.
The 3rd session started where the other stopped. Guy-girl poses and I was still in my thong. Finally the request came to do a few poses with panties coming down or almost off, but not completely. The guy I was working with, said he had an idea, and unhooked just one side of my thong. By doing this, it hung covering just the opening between my legs while it showed some. I did know what was coming next, and sure enough it was panties and guys briefs completely off and total nakedness. Before I could even think or react, my partner unhooked the other side of the thong and threw it off the stage. I was totally nude with the others.
I just figured I was going to just do the poses they wanted, get my cash and be done. What I didn’t know was the poses were to become very sexual. After a few standing naked poses, me and the other girl were asked to lay on our backs and the guys standing by our heads held our ankles and spread our legs for a bunch of very intimate and “open” shots. I was showing everything and the people taking pictures were getting plenty of real good closeups!! Laying on my back, with my legs spread wide open, and held by my partner, made me feel very vulnerable. Then we were asked to do some simulated sex shots that required a lot of contact between our sex parts. I noticed and felt my partner getting hard, but didn’t realize that it was all part of the plan for the shoot. I was getting turned on and not sure if from excitement or nerves. Finally we were asked to do a few blowjob shots. I never dreamed this was going to go so far. My partner explained that for these I would take just part of him in my mouth but for the pictures he wouldn’t be moving. I noticed the other girl already had her partners dick in her mouth, so I just agreed, knowing I couldn’t back out and let him put it in mine. I was quite surprise how large he felt!!
Finally for the last part of the session we were asked if we would do a few shots of full sex penetration with the guys erect dicks in our pussies. I Froze!! My partner explained again he would only go halfway in so his cock shows in the pictures in my pussy. He said there is no movement and not real fucking. I again looked over at the other couple and the girl was already on all fours and the guy had already put himself in her. Having really no choice, I allowed my partner to put me on my back, and then open my legs, and felt him climb between my wide open legs,and place his cock between my opened and wet pussy lips and slid himself in me. I should tell you only 1 guy have I ever had sex with only happened 1 time and we never truly finished. I never thought I would be doing this and in front of so many people, or going this fair. We posed for about 20 minutes in all kinds of positions with him in me. It was a bit frustrating because I was really turned on and started wanting him to really do it!!. I wanted to feel it all the way in me deep and the in, out action.The last requests were for group foursome pictures. The other couple came over and said they thought the newbie should be initiated. With that, they laid me on my back, while my partner went into my pussy with his cock again, and the other guy went into my mouth. The other woman was licking my nipples. It was supposed to be a few gang bang shots with me getting it. The last pose a few people wanted a DP!! I didn’t even know what they were talking about. My partner explained and said don’t worry. I was put on my knees and my head downwards., my ass was pointed high up. I felt the first guy slide in my pussy and then to my surprise, felt my partner straddling my naked ass that was stuck high in the air for everyone to see, and start working half his cock in my butt..thank God he was good at getting it lubed well. To finish the picture the woman put her pussy next to my mouth and I was told to put my tongue in her. I just went with it. I never dreamed of having a cock in my butt before, and it hurt!!!! The sessions ended and I ended up with $650.00. I made a good friend with the guy I posed with, and we have gone out since then. Yes, I did let him get me totally bare-ass naked on our very first date and give me a real good pounding for real that night. It was as great as I imagined. I just had to feel it in me for real!!! People have asked me if I would ever do that again. …….MAYBE!!

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