Oblivious Cuckold 6 Cont..

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After a long walk I headed back home, to walk in and find the girls taking to Claire. Claire Jr had overheard her mum talking to Simon and went and told Sam what she heard. They had come down to question her what was going on. It was the worst moment of my life, there I was faced with Claire and the girls all looking at me, and the girls looking for answers. Claire asked them to come into the lounge and told them to sit down. What I am about to tell you is something that both your dad and I have consented too. I looked at Claire hoping she would not tell them everything, but she felt it was right not to hold secrets from the girls. It was the most embarrassing conversations of my life, girls are supposed to look up to their dads, and I didn’t want them thinking less of me.

Claire explained that we had drifted apart in parts of the marriage and she had needs that I couldn’t give her. She told them that I didnt satisfy her sexually and that she was seeing other men. I couldn’t lift my head to even look at any of them, she told the girls that Josh was someone elses not a donor but a guy she was seeing and wanted another baby. She went on to tell them that I know and I didnt want to walk away but keep the family together. The girls listened and was happy I didnt walk out on them but wanted to know why. I had speak I said its hard to explain but your mum and I had talked about it alot and for us to stay together your mum needed this part of it in her life.

At the time Claire Jr and Sam were 13 and 15 respectively, so was alot to take in and embarrassing for me. They were quite understanding of their mums needs, and asked if I was ok. I was honest and said that I was upset at first and was hard seeing there mum get ready for other men. They started aiming alot of questions at Claire, like how many guys she has slept with since it started, who were they, who is she seeing now etc. I kind of felt left out at this point as they were curious. The conversation went on for a while and then Claire said she had to get ready as she was meeting Simon. What happened next took me by suprise, Sam said do we get to meet him, I shot a glance across to Sam and said I dont think so. But Claire said I don’t see why not it’s in open now and as I’ve said before it’s best that way. She called Simon and told him to come over, I was a little nervous and said what if the neighbours see him.

About 20 minutes past and he pulled up outside, I knew about him but she never said how he looked. He stepped out the car and he was tall not slim not big just a nice build wearing a bright white casual shirt and jeans and looked well groomed. He walked with confidence to my front door and pushed the bell. Claire told me to answer it and the girls said go on dad. I opened the door and he didn’t even say hello, the only words that left hes mouth was wheres that fine looking woman of yours. I wanted to so much to hit him right at that point, but could instantly tell I would have regretted it. As he stood up close he was well built and took care of himself. As Claire asked him to come in he walked to her and gave a her a kiss, and grabbed her waist. He hadn’t noticed the girls standing there, and when he pulled away he turned to face me but seen them. Hi girls your mum has told me alot about you two and never said how pretty you both were. Your mum and I dated many years ago and is great to catch up again. Come on we have to go, dinner is booked. With that he grabbed her hand said bye to the girls, and the girls said have a good time mum.

Claire looked at me as she walked out and said don’t stay up, I might go back to Simons after. I shut the door behind them as they left and walked back to the lounge. Both the girls commented on him and said he seemed nice. They both kissed me and headed off to their rooms. I sat there embarrased and confused. How do I change things about, where do I go from here. I sat up watched a film and headed off to bed around midnight. She was not coming home I guess so I locked the door and turned the lights out. Sam knocked on my door and came in to say goodnight, I take it mums staying at Simons. Looks like it princess, if ok to ask dad are you going to leave us. I started to cry and held her close and said no, I know its a bit fucked up Sam but sometimes people do things in life that you may not want to or think you ever would. But I love your mum and a part of the marriage isn’t there. Its was a little embarrassing but I said you know I can’t have kids and for many years now I have become very premature and suffer with erectile dysfunction. I know a bit open but it was a big part of the issue and your mum enjoys sex.

We spoke about it and decided this was the best way to keep everyone together. With that Sam gave me a big kiss and snuggled up to me…it was lovely we laid watching TV and she fell asleep in my arms. I woke up in the middle of the night and she was gone, went to the bathroom and went back to bed. It was about half 6 in the morning , Simon dropped her back and I heard the front door shut. I could hear chatter, I thought at first he’s only just dropped her off and now on the phone. But it was Sam she was down getting a drink as her mum came in. I opened the door a little more, and i heard Sam say how was your night. Claire said it was a lovely evening nice dinner and went back to hes. Yes but how was the night she said again with a slight giggle, Claire just said it was amazing young lady that’s enough for your ears and they both laughed .

To be cont…

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  • Reply Minw ID:4mxhhxwd1

    I’ve been in a previous cuckold relationship. I’ve ended it after having an unusual request from my former other half that I was not comfortable with. At the end of the day, cuckolding has to also be emotionally satisfying to a certain degree. Your journey on this path, is different from what I’ve witnessed or experienced. I wish you much happiness.

  • Reply Minw ID:4mxhhxud4

    It is about making your partner happy sexually, keeping things open for your family is a good thing too. I just don’t know if I would have physically introduced the children or speak about them to any of the men that are sexually in your and your love’s lives. I’m glad that she loves you. Cuckolding can turn into abuse quite easily and take on a whole new level where you can lose your partner if boundaries are not discussed. I’ve been faithfully waiting for your continued stories, I’ve never heard/seen a cuckolding couple include an open discussion and physical meet with both their children and one of the men that the wife is having sex with. It’s different and I’m having mixed emotions about it but still want to read more. Thank you for your response. It has helped bring a little bit of your perspective to light.

    • CuckedHubby1970 ID:2nhivgxrzj

      Hi Minw, once again thank you for your comments. Yes I too have mixed emotions. May I ask are you in a cuck relationship?. The inclusion of the girls was more accidental, due to Clair Jr overhearing a conversation. We had no intention of openly telling them, but we seen no reason to lie once questioned. It could have turned out different. Out of all the meetings they had only met Simon, and Kevin. Thank you though its nice to get others perspectives. Matt

  • Reply Nerddom88 ID:bo1uhdn43

    I’d never have put up with this shit. She is belittling and degrading him in front of their kids now. She’s a selfish bitch. I wouldn’t stay.

    • CuckedHubby1970 ID:2nhivgxrzj

      Hi Nerddom, thank you for reading my life stories and putting your views across. Easy to say if not placed in that position. Its not a choice that was easly made, but alot to give up after so long. The easiest thing anyone could have is walk away but also I think the weakest. But I fully understand your point and thank you Matt

  • Reply Minw ID:4mxhhxud4

    At this point none of them really give a shit about him so maybe a little part of an attraction of another woman for him? I thought cuckolding is also about really loving your cuckold not including the kids on it to? Maybe I’m wrong? I would’ve left

    • CuckedHubby1970 ID:2nhivgxrzj

      Hi Minw, thank you for your comment. As you will see as I write my story, the girls are aware of our lifestyle there not included. Both Claire and I would never put them In that position. But we are a close family circle and to have that it was nice it was in the open and not hiding secrets. Between Claire and I we have done a few things now and she loves me dearly as a cuck. You are not wrong at all, and I’ve asked myself many a time why didn’t I leave. But sometimes you do things you never think you would and my wife is happy and thats what its all about isnt it making your partner happy…maybe I’m wrong ?