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Mental hospital

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A place meant to help didn’t it made me worse

I found this site and decided it was the perfect place to tell my story . Back in 1970 my life was really bad . I was 15 and off the rails . I was using drugs bad . I had made myself so anorexic you could see my ribs and my hips through my skin you could even feel them . My mum was a teacher and my dad was a police officer . Well this all happened one afternoon when I got caught with friends by some police using pot . Mum and dad blew it and back in them days there way to fix me was to send me to a mental hospital . The day I arrived I fought so hard the whole way in . Punching and kicking at my dad and scratching at my mum . I made it look so worse . I got taken to a section of it . There was a reception desk and a long row of like 20 rooms . I got put in a room . It had a toilet and bed . I got told I’d been seen by a doctor the next day as they all had their appointments for the day . Well at night shift change all the doctors and nurses leave and a tallish and stocky guy takes over . ” Good evening ladies let’s have a good night and no trouble ” he says down the hallway . He walks down it with a sheet marking off each rooms name . I’m in the last one . ” Well well what do we have here some nice fresh meat ” . He unlocks and opens my door . ” Well you better come with me so we can do some paper work ” . I didn’t know better . I followed him to a room . It looked like some medical room with draws , a weird chair with a big movable light above it . ” Get your pants and top off please ” he says . I just look at him confused . ” I really do not like asking people to do things twice ” he said in such a angry voice . I did it . ” Hmmm let’s see . No tattoos and no piercings ” as he writes something down on a piece of paper . ” Blonde mid length hair and blue eyes ” again writing it down . ” Well now what size are these damn things . I don’t think they are even titts yet ” he smirks . ” Sir I’m still in a pre teen training bra ” I saw as I’m turning red . ” So I’ll call you no titts ” he laughs . ” Now please sit in the chair for me ” . I do as he asks . My arms are put on these long arm rest things and are strapped down . My legs are put into some legs things and are spread and tied . ” let’s have a look he says ” . I’m turning so red . I’ve never been naked like this in front of a guy . Well once in a game of truth or dare last year I had to strip but cloths right back on not like this . ” Well I must say that is one nice cunt you have . It really looks nice and tight . Bet you would be a screamer ” again he writes stuff down . I watch as he moves his body down alittle between my legs . ” Ok a really tiny ass here . Now sorry this might feel uncomfortable but I need to ” . I feel his hands touch my ass cheeks and I squirm . I feel my cheeks being spread . ” Oh wow that it one tiny bud you have . I can’t remember seeing on so small ” . He gets up and walks to a desk and gets one of those icy pole sticks . Comes to my head . ” Open your mouth please ” . I do and he holds my tongue down with the stick and shines a light . ” Ok well I think all of you must be small as that looks like a nice little throat you have ” . He finishes writing and unties me and says ” You may get dressed now ” . He leads me back to my room and tells me it’s all so if I try and run they have a full description of me as some have done that some even without clothing on . I understand but feel he could of been nicer . Soon he brings me in a bowl of custard and says it to make me feel better . Maybe he is nice . The next day I have to start seeing shrinks and doctors . I hate it . I don’t want to do this . I want to go back to my life . I’m not going to tell them shit . They again the night shift starts and he is back again and starts the cell/room checks . This night is when everything changed in my life . He opened my door and told me to come with him to the room again . At that moment I didn’t think a thing of it . We got to the room and again I was made to strip . Again strapped to the chair . I was feeling really uncomfortable . This time he had spread my legs so far apart it was causing my hips real pain . You could see the bones poking even further out through my skin than normal . ” I could not stop thinking about you all day . You see I take one of them girls as my own . Now I’m abit sick of the one I’ve been having the last two months and seeing your sexy ass and knowing your a virgin I decided it was time for a change ” . He says with the biggest smile on his face . ” No way in hell. Let me out of here . If you don’t ill tell everyone . My dads a police man ” I scream at him . He is laughing ” you are in a mental hospital . Been using drugs . Who will they believe me or a druggie and mental girl ” . OMG he had a point . What do I do . ” look this can be easy or hard . You don’t want the hard way ” . He says to me . Then started my first night of terror . He started off by toying with my nipples with his fingers . I did not want myself to give him any reactions or satisfaction . But the more he rubbed them the harder they got . My titts were tiny at best but I could not believe how hard and stiff my nipples were getting . ” Please stop it’s hurting ” I say but he keeps rubbing them . The hardness of them now was alittle painful . They had never been like this . I couldn’t help it I let out a moan . ” That’s it . See you like this . See you need this . When in this room you will call me daddy . I’m your new daddy ” he says to me . ” Yes daddy ” I say back to scared not to . ” Now daddy is going to play with your little cunt is that OK ?” . I sat it is knowing there was no point in saying no it would just mean trouble . I was scared as no one had ever touched me there . I had not even masturbated . I always believed my husband should be the first person to ever touch there even before myself . But that dream was going to be over . He moved between my legs . I felt two fingers go to my clit . They started working in a circle motion around my clit . Soon I could feel it . My little clit was starting to come out of its hiding spot . Soon as it did I jumped as a finger touched it . The first two on one hand still going in circles and one of the other hand working my clit . The more he did it the larger and more sensitive it got . As much as I did not want to give him anything I could not help it as much as I tried . My sexual stuff took over . I could not help but give out moans . My body betraying what I wanted . ” That’s it your pussy is getting nice and wet ” he says with a smile . I could feel it as well . I could feel the more he did it the moister I got inside . By now it was so stiff . It was sending shocks through me as he rubbed it . ” Please stop daddy it’s to much I can’t take it ” I moan at him . ” Hell no not yet ” he grins . It’s such a overload for my body . Then all of a sudden I feel something weird in my body . Guess he could tell what was coming as he worked that clit harder . I started breathing so fast . I could feel the muscles in my pussy contracting . It felt like a huge pressure inside me and then it hit me my first ever orgasm . It was so intense . I screamed out loud . My body spasms . My legs shaking like crazy . Soon as it was over I felt so betrayed by myself . He let me finish then again untied and sent to my room . I couldn’t sleep at all I was so full of anger . Then next day was again the same type of meetings but felt I was hardly talking . Probably going into my shell . I couldn’t say what happened I’d just make my life worse . Again shift change and soon my door opens . ” Do I need to tell you ” he says . ” no daddy . To the room and strip and in the chair ” . ” Good girl now get to it ” . We get to the room and I strip . Put my self in the chair and strapped in . ” Well seeing you had so much fun last night I borrowed something to get you to orgasm again . I get to watch that pussy of yours have it’s fun ” . I didn’t know what was about to happen . Soon he showed me this little box . It has 4 leads coming from it . He then attached small square pads to the ends . ” This is what they use sometimes for smaller shock treatment . This box send a current to the pads . It has 0ne to five . One is minimal and five is well painful . I’m going to put these little sticky pads around your clit . First I’ll get it nice and hard so they can touch it . He proceeds to rub my clit . I soon give out a few moans as it starts to react to the finger . Then I can feel it start to stiffen and get hard again . ” Well here we go he says . I feel as he places one above my clit . It covers my hood and part of my clit . One at the bottom part of it covers my clit . Then one each side . My clit almost covered . ” Here is one ” he says . I hear the click . It feels like one of those gentle massage machines . It sends waves of pleasure through my clit . I can’t help but give a few moans . I can feel the dampness starting to form in my pussy . I can see the large clock on the wall and 5 minutes had passed . He then tells me it’s time for level two . I hear that click and that massage feeling gets more intense . I start moaning more . My clit is pulsing so much its nearly to much . I can feel that dampness is now turning into wetness inside my pussy . I can see him just looking down at my pussy . I know he is loving seeing it getting wet . I moan out really loud as I feel that cramping feeling coming over my pussy . I know what’s coming . I grip the arm rests as a massive wave of pleasure sweeps over me and I have a massive orgasm . I lay back and moan so loud as it sweeps my body . I could not believe how strong it was . Now I hear that click sound and he puts level three on . That massage feeling was gone . I could feel this tingle feeling going through my clit and into my pussy . It felt weird . My clit started to get this tingly feeling going through it . I was having trouble getting my breath back after that orgasm . I could feel my pussy leaking . His smile just kept growing watching what my pussy was doing . I thought of God not again as that feeling came back again . But this time it felt different . My pussy was contracting . I started moaning more and more . What was happening to me . This overwhelming feeling came over me and bamn I felt all this liquid squirting from my pussy . I felt dazed due to the overwhelming feeling that took over my body . ” That’s it squirt for daddy ” he says . I had heard of it but omg I just did it . Click it goes again . ” Omg omg omg please no stop ” I scream at him . That tingle is now hurting . This level isn’t nice . My clit has sharp shooting pain passing through it . My pussy is feeling like it’s being shocked . My moans are now moans of pain . The whole five minutes he had it on four was so painful I was hoping he would not use five . I again hear the click and I instantly scream out in pain . ” Stop , Stop , Stop ” I’m screaming at him . My clit is in more than agony . This is pure pain . It’s electric shock after electric shock passing through it . I can feel them same painful shocks running through my pussy . They are running up my spine and down my legs . The moaning is gone as it’s now nothing but painful screaming . My whole body is going numb . Tears cover my face . I want this over now . But for some reason another orgasm takes over . I can’t see how I’m having another orgasm with this pain . My orgasm finishes and he undoes me and I’m sent back to my room . For I don’t know how long I just layed on my bed and cried . The pain in all body would not go away . My clit and pussy were feeling so sore but my clit mostly . It continued for hours . Painful thump after thump coming from it . I don’t know if I feel asleep or passed out but soon there was a knock on my door and breakfast call . My day went as normal . Meeting after meeting . Again knowing not to say a word . They were all trying to get me to open up more but I couldn’t . It felt like I was going to be stuck here . I was dreading the swap over and what he had installed for me . That time came and my door opened . He just smiled at me and didn’t even have to say a word I just walked to the room , stripped off and got myself in the chair . He did up the restraints . I finally asked him ” What is this chair normally used for ” . ” Well you see some of the girls here love to fight us . Some need medical checks in certain areas . We have even had pregnant ones . So they need to be in this chair to have medical things done so they don’t hurt nurses or themselves ” . He answered. I understood that but now it’s being used so I could be hurt . I had tried today to talk to the one that was before me but all she said was she was happy it was now me and not her . So how bad will this get . He strip’s his cloths off and walks to me . ” So what do you think of daddy’s cock ” he says with a laugh . I don’t even know why it was my response but I said ” How big is it daddy ? ” ” Well daddy is going to fucking you with his nice 9inch cock . Oh and it’s nice and thick for you as well ” . I thought omg I can’t have that in my holes . ” Well you get to decide what tonight’s game is . Daddy can fuck your pussy or daddy can fuck that mouth . Just remember two things . One is that if you decide mouth I will be fucking your mouth till I’m deep in that throat . Two is that if you bite my cock you won’t be eating for along time as I’ll break that jaw and you won’t have teeth left . So what do you want ” I thought my mouth can’t be as bad as losing my virginity and my pussy was still alittle sore . Maybe I’ll get out of here before he can . ” Daddy you can fuck my mouth ” I reply . ” Ok get ready to eat my cock ” he says with a smile . He undoes the restraints and I get out of the chair . Next I’m in shock . He holds up a straight jacket . ” For this I am going to put you in this ” he says . I reluctantly say ” yes daddy ” . He puts me in it and does up all the straps . It is so uncomfortable . My arm joints are killing . My arms tied behind my back in a awkward way . He pushes me down onto my knees . ” Now open that cute mouth of yours and do as I tell you ” he says looking down at me . I open my mouth and he slides his half stiff cock into my mouth . ” Now use your tongue and lick the tip of my cock ” he says . I start doing that with his cock in my mouth . It starts getting bigger as my tongue plays with his cock . As it gets bigger I have to make my jaw stretch more . He was nearly full erect when he told me to start moving my mouth up and down . I did that . He start to grunt and was getting so hard . My mouth was getting sore from stretching so far . Soon he grabbed my head . ” Ok enough of that . Time for me to fuck that throat . I don’t care how much you cough and gag I won’t stop till I fill your stomach with my cum ” . He held my head tight as he started moving his cock back and forward in my mouth . I coughed as I felt it hit the back of my mouth . I could stop coughing as he kept working his cock back and forward . Then I tried to yell but nothing came out . Tears started running down my face as the tip passed that point and found my throat . Bit by bit more added . I was between coughing and gagging . I could hardly breath . My saliva running down my face mixing with my tears . My throat starting to burn . More and more he fucked my throat . That hard cock nearly getting to the bottom of my throat . ” That it take daddy’s cock ” he kept saying . Soon I felt him bury his cock as deep as he could . I felt his cock start cumming . The warm liquid running down my throat . Some running out the corners of my mouth . It felt like forever for him to stop cumming . Once it was all over he tool me out of the straight jacket and I got to go . I sat beside the toilet and threw up like six times . I hated having his cum in my body . Again same routine the next day . I did try alittle more as I really wanted out . I have no idea what these people want from me . The day ended and I think I just waited for that sound and it soon came . Again I just knew and walked to the room . Again stripped and sat in the chair . Again he stripped naked . ” Well tonight daddy has something special for you . Daddy is going to fuck that pussy . Daddy is going to pop your cherry ” he says with a huge grin . ” Please you are to big . You will hurt me ” I said crying . ” You think daddy cares ? I want to rip you to pieces ” . He moves between my legs . I feel his huge cock moving up and down my slit . ” Oh you feel so good already ” . I feel the tip find my TINY TINY hole . I squirm around in the chair . He pushes hard against my hole . ” Please stop ” I yell . ” no way ” he says back . I can’t believe the pressure on my hole . It’s hurting as he pushes . Soon I feel my little hole give in and start to open to let him . I feel the head start to go in . Once it was in I feel my hole grip around it tight . He groans . I watch as his hips are moving back and forward . I start to cry as he forces even more into me . It feels like he is tearing me apart . The muscles of my hole are near ripping . Soon my body jumps as he hits my hymen . ” oh daddy is going to love ripping through your cherry ” he says . He pulls back and rams into me . I scream as I feel the intense searing pain shoot through my body as my virginity as ripped from me . He keeps buried in for a minute . As he pulls out I see my blood on his cock . Then he pushes right back into my pussy . ” I’m going to fuck you brutally till you squirt on my cock . Get ready to have that cervix of yours broken ” . I was so scared . He was not joking . His cock started ramming my pussy worse than I thought possible . I was not moaning I was yelling and screaming in pain . My pussy was being broken . At one point I literally felt my hole snap and tear . I knew he had broken me . Each thrust hit my cervix so hard . The force was pushing me back in the chair and the restraints . He kept pounding away . ” You better cum for me soon ” he says in a nasty voice . I knew he could hurt me worse so I tried to forget about the pain . It sort of worked . I could feel my pussy getting wet . I decided to try something . ” Daddy fuck me slower ” I said . I was hoping him not fucking me so hard might make Mr cum and get this over with . I was right soon I felt that feeling come over my body and I was soon having a orgasm and squirting . As soon as I started squirting he cummed into my pussy . Once we were both finished he pulled out of me . I heard this horrible popping sound . His cock was covered in cum and blood . He undone the restraints and I went to get up but feel to the floor . I could hardly stand . He helped me back to my room . After he had gone I tried to go to the toilet but as I started to pee it burnt so badly . I put my hand at my pussy and could feel how swollen my lips were . My little hole still gapping . My hand covered in red coloured cum . I hardly got any sleep as it hurt each move I made . The next 3 nights he did the same thing . Think he had worked out how to get all he wanted out of fucking me . He started by fucking me so hard and deep that it hurt and made me cry . Getting his enjoyment out if my pain . Then slowing down till he made me cum . Him knowing that he got my body to betray me . By the end of the fourth fucking my pussy was ruined . That tight little hole I had come here with was no longer so small or so tight . After being fucked so hard by his big cock it was now not finger size . Even I could fit 3 fingers into it . The next night comes and well of course right back to that room and do the same as always . One in the chair he says ” Well I’ve got a surprise for you tonight . I think you are going to love this ” he says with this huge smile on his face . He goes to a draw and pulls this thing out . It looked like it was at least 20 cm long and thick . To be honest it looked like a metal penis just smooth and no cock head . He then got that box again . A lead from the box was attached to that metal thing . ” WTF Is that ” I asked him . ” Well you know them pads I put on you ?” I nodded . ” Well this is a metal probe style . I’m going to be pushing it all into your pussy and it will go in deep . Then I’ll turn it on ” . I’m in shock . ” please I can’t take that in my pussy . It hurt on my clit ” I say back to him . ” oh your going to get it and I won’t turn it off till that pussy of yours has had at least 3 orgasms and both squirted and cummed . I don’t care how long it takes . And for questioning me I’m putting it right on 5 ” . I started balling instantly . He goes between my legs and I scream as he forces it into me . I feel it hit my cervix and think that’s it but I buck and yell at the top of my lungs as he pushes and it breaks past that . ” Good girl you took it all ” . He turns it on and my body instantly starts to shake and twitch like it never has before . The shocks are not only going through my pussy but my whole body . I’m crying so much and yelling ” Please please stop ” but he won’t . It’s causing so much pain I start peeing . I can’t believe I’m peeing . The pain is near unbearable . He loves what happened next . It was causing so much pain to my whole body it causes me to fit . After my fit he does not care . I close my eyes and try to drift off to somewhere else . It really didn’t help much . I knew the only way to stop this pain was to get my self to orgasm . ” Daddy rub my clit please ” I ask him . Knowing it would probably be the only way I’d cum . He didn’t need to be asked twice . He vigorously rubbed it . By the time 3 hours of this tourture had finished he had me have 2 orgasms and well a multiple orgasm of three one after the other so he was satisfied . This night there was no way I was walking back to my room . I was happy it was a Friday night and two days without meetings as no way could I hide this . He had to accully carry me to my room . That night I could not even make it to my bed . I slept on the cold floor all night . The whole Saturday I stayed on that floor as still could hardly move . He was accully nice enough to not touch me that Saturday night or the Sunday night . But I payed the price . That Monday to Friday he would rape my pussy and mouth each night . Two of them nights after raping my pussy with his cock he would use that machine . I thought he can’t make my life any worse than he has but I was so wrong . The Saturday night came . I was strapped into that chair and when he went to that end I felt him adjusting it . Then I felt a finger go to where it was not meant to ever . ” Don’t you fucking touch me there . You can’t go there its not allowed ” I screamed at him . ” Nothing is off limits to daddy and tonight your little ass is mine . I’m going to make you bleed so much you might die ” . ” Please no not in my butt anything but that ” I pleaded so much . I could feel his middle finger probing at my anal bud . I started to cry . I knew this was going to kill me . His finger worked and worked on that bud till it loosened up enough to let it in . The ring snapped shut around his finger . ” Fuck me I can’t move my finger you are that fucking tight . But I’m still going to fuck this ass with my cock I don’t care what it does to you ” . He moved it alittle bit . ” Hey you know Brittany don’t you ? ” . ” Yes ” I said . She was another young girl . She was in a wheelchair . Had been since I had been here . ” Well the reason she is in that wheelchair is well I sort of did this to her ass . You see I caused well some damage and she is in that now . That ended our fucking time . Maybe you will be the same . ” he said with a laugh . I didn’t want to end up like that . I kept groaning and crying as that finger was moving around inside my ass . The pain already starting . There would of only been the tiniest bit of his finger in but it was still hurting . He roughly pulls it out . Then my fear really sets in as his cock lines up against my anal ring . I feel so much pressure on the ring as he starts pushing . I grunt and grunt as he puts more and more pressure on it . He had trouble getting his finger in how is he going to get his cock in there . What damage will that cock do . Soon I yelped out in pain as the head started to open that little ring up . Then pop the head was inside my ass . The ring wrapping tightly closed around the base of the head . ” Damn baby girl this is going to be the best ass fuck I’ve ever had . You are tighter than anything my cocks ever been in ” . He moves the head around in my ass . I feel it has filled up my ass already and it’s only just started . My face covered in tears . He starts moving his hips in like a circle . I can feel this movement is doing what he wanted it to . I scream as more slides in . ” Fuck I’m not half way in and that damn ring of yours has started to tear ” he angrly says . I’m in fear of what’s happening . ” That’s it I’ve had enough of this ” he says . I feel him pull back then everything in my head get dizzy as he rams in . I scream and scream so loud . I feel what I had been scared of I knew instantly my ring was ripped to shreads . I could feel I was bleeding from my ass . It was more than on fire . My spine felt like it was going to break . Mt hips felt like they were going to snap.
After another hard trust into my ass the pain got to much I passed out . When I came to he was ramming my ass hard and pushing I’m as deep as he could . I could see around my belly button area and each thrust in you could see the outline of his cock . It was causing this weird pain in my stomach. The look on his face said it all he was loving hurting me so bad . Soon he was pulling all the way out and ramming back in . ” That’s it prolapse for me ” . I didn’t understand till he told me that my insides were coming out and he was fucking them back in . He pushes in so deep . Then the unthinkable happenes . I have to close my eyes as I couldn’t even think of seeing it . I started to shit . The worst part was he just kept ramming me as my body just let out 4 huge shits . Soon he cummed in my ass . It felt like it was going inside my stomach . The sound of him pulling out I will never forget . That horrible slushing sound . Again I could not move to my room he had to carry me . I spent the night bleeding and in a ball crying due to the pain I was in . In a way I got lucky as medical was called and I was rushed to hospital . Even with doctors and police asking me who had done this to me I wouldn’t say . I ened up having to have a few surgery procedures to fix what he did to me . He really had changed me as a person . No matter how much I tried to respect myself I couldn’t . I thought of my body as something guys could just use as they wanted . So till this day it’s how I’ve lived my life . I have never married . I ended up going to pubs and drinking just to find a random guy to abuse me . That is what that one guy caused . Instead of being fixed the place made me worse .

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    What a lucky girl you’ve been. You’ve given such sadistic pleasure to a sexy maniacal pervert

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    Just reread this for the 3rd time, it seems to get better each time.Feel sad you haven’t added a part 2 yet. Still hoping

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    That was interesting and it probably happens

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    That is an interesting story

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    This is horrid, if people,get off to this, then they are sick people, get help, I wish you luck AJ

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