Hotel Robbery

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On June 16, Victoria, a married 48 year-old from Ohio, was staying in Room 1718 at the M. Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, while she was in town to attend a conference of the National Athletic Trainers Association.
At approximately 9:00 p.m., an emergency alarm went off in the hotel. In response to the alarm, Victoria left her room, went down the stairs, and exited the hotel. Shortly thereafter, the hotel occupants were informed that they could return to their rooms. Victoria went back inside the hotel and got on the elevator to return to her room.
When Victoria exited the elevator on the seventeenth floor, two men that had been standing next to her on the elevator also got out of the elevator and began following her down the hall. The men were both black and about five feet seven inches to five feet, eight inches in height. Uncomfortable with being followed, Victoria allowed the men to pass her and proceed down the hall in front of her. When Victoria reached her room, unlocked the door and started to open it, she heard one of the men say:
“Get her.”
At that point, one of the men tackled Victoria and pinned her arms to her side while the other man finished opening her hotel room door. Victoria yelled and tried to escape, but the men held her down, covered her mouth, and threatened to kill her if she did not “shut up.” The men then dragged Victoria into her room on her stomach, holding her head down so she could not look at them. Once inside the room, the men blindfolded Victoria, gagged her, and bound her hands and feet with torn-up bed sheets. The men asked Victoria how much money she had, and she told them that she had about $200.00 in her purse. The men untied Victoria’s hands to get the backpack-style purse she was wearing off of her back and then retied her hands.
After taking the purse and dividing the money, one of the men turned Victoria over on her back and dragged her across the room. The other man unhooked her jeans and pulled them off. They then ripped off her bra and started groping her tits.
The two men argued about which one of them would use the only condom they had purchased. The man who was going to use the condom told the other to go into the bathroom and find something plastic to use. From underneath the blindfold, Victoria could see one of the men, kneeling on the floor, opening up the condom wrapper, but she could not see his face. The other man was in the bathroom at that point.
The man with the condom tore off Victoria’s panties and fucked her cunt. After a few thrusts, he rolled Victoria over and attempted to penetrate her in the ass but he had some difficulty. The first man asked Victoria if she had any Vaseline, and she said no. At that point, the second man told the first man:
“Spit on the bitch.”
In response, the first man spit on Victoria’s asshole and licked it. He then successfully penetrated Victoria.
While the first man was fucking Victoria’s ass, the second man knelt by her head and started stroking her hair. When Victoria started praying, as her voice grew louder, one of the men said:
“Are you praying?”
“Yes,” Victoria answered.
The man told her to stop and hit her in the head. As the first man finished fucking, the two men dragged her onto the bed on her stomach. The second man got on top of Victoria and then penetrated her asshole without condom. Subsequently, the two men moved Victoria across the room and bent her over the desk. At that point, the second man again fucked her, depositing his load of cum in her ass. Eventually, the men put Victoria on the ground, bound her legs, and tightened all of her other bindings. They then obtained a wet washcloth or towel and attempted to clean Victoria’s cunt and asshole. One of the men then tried to take Victoria’s wedding ring off but was unsuccessful. As the men prepared to leave, they talked about putting Victoria in the closet or in the bathroom. One of the men said that he had already killed two people and he would kill Victoria The men then removed the mattress from the bed and placed it on top of Victoria The men instructed Victoria to stay underneath the mattress and not to move. One of the men said that he was going to wait five minutes and come back to the room and check on Victoria and if she had moved, he would kill her. The men departed the room.

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