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I was getting fucked while I was younger and passed out and took a while for me to notice

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My name is Lucas, and I started taking some antidepressant meds when I was young, was bit strong, made me sleepy so I would always take them before I went to bed, and my dad got married again, we all started living together, and I had to share a room with my step brother, who was 4 years older than me, his name is Andre. We didn’t get along at first, he would always get in trouble and would end up on me, my dad would only listen to my step-mother and always do whatever she said, so Andre would get everything the way he wanted.

When I was around 10 I started waking up with my but sticky, and after few days of that I started waking up with a lot of pain in my butt, I told my step-mother and she gave me hemorrhoid cream to apply, since she thought that was it, and I did as she said, and it helped a lot, made it numb so most of the pain went away, but had to use for a while since I was still waking up with pain, but after a while it mostly went away, was still waking up with some discomfort but soon passed, but still waking up a bit sticky, to which got used to it, and never really talked about it since it was embarrassing.

When I was almost 12 I got home tired, since I was out playing, and I forgot to take my meds, just went straight to bed, and dozed off. Suddenly Andre laying in my bed with me, I was laying sideways and he was as well behind me and I was waking up with him holding my waist and humping me, I noticed that my underwear was pulled down and just felt something inside me going deeper as he was humping me, and that moment I finally started to get awake and I noticed that he was thrusting his wet and slippery dick in me, and I realize he was fucking me, and I just froze, didn’t know how to react so I ended up not reacting at all and continued as I was sleeping.
He was already going bit fast, like he was doing this for a while, so soon he stopped, he pushed me over so I laid faced down, and I thought he was finished, but then felt him sit on the back of my legs, and I felt the weight of his dick on my butt, so I felt him groping my but as he was getting comfortable, then with his hands he pushes my butt cheeks to open my butt, and suddenly shove his dick in me again, I just couldn’t believe how easy it was for him to shove his dick in me, and started going back and forward, and I could feel his balls going back and forward between my legs, all I could do was feel everything that was happening I couldn’t think of anything, he would push my butt cheeks open with his hands and he was thrusting, and then just grab it hard and started thrusting faster and faster, and I could hear him breathing deeper and deeper
Suddenly he laid down on my back, held me tight and started going as fast as he could then suddenly just started going on totally different rhythm, he was bit slower but was thrusting deep and stronger with every thrust making a bit of noise of his waist hitting my butt and just felt him going balls deep pulsating non-stop, to what I figured he was cumming inside me, and going a bit slower and slower trembling a bit, to the point he stopped, and just stayed there pulsating a bit but soon stopped, felt him pull out, and got up, pulled my underwear back in place, cover me and left to his bed, soon as he left, with my hand I just felt my butt all wet and sticky, then I just started thinking of what happened over and over in my head, I could feel his cum inside me, I didn’t do anything so it stayed inside me, I could not sleep, just kept thinking, and couldn’t believe how easy it was, didn’t hurt much, and just started thinking how many times he did this before, and when I could finally think straight I figured, it probably started the time I was waking up with a lot of pain in my butt, then I noticed that I forgot to take my meds and that is when all made sense, my meds made me a deep sleeper, and he fucked me while I was passed out. I didn’t sleep much, so spent most of the night after that thinking of it over and over in my head.

Next day he acted like nothing happened like always, I was bit ashamed and scared about telling anyone, besides I think they would think I was lying since my dad always listens to my step-mom and she always takes his side so I did the same, didn’t tell anyone and acted like nothing happened, but I couldn’t get it out of my head, it was all I could think of, and everytime I looked at him, I would think of him fucking me.

When it was time to go to bed again, I this time didn’t take my meds on purpose since I wanted to know if he was doing it again, laid down, and since I just laid there for what felt like forever, since I couldn’t sleep, and just kept thinking if he was coming again or not, but eventually I hear him coming, that just gave me this freezing feeling on my chest, got scared, I was laying sideways, felt him touching me, and my heart was beating so fast and I got scared, all I could feel was this feeling on my chest when I get afraid, felt him pull my underwear down again, and even though I wanted to do something, again my line of thought ended, I didn’t know what to do and I could not think straight, my heart was beating fast, and just froze again, and felt him laying down on my bed again, and felt him start groping my butt and felt his hot dick start touching my butt, again he opens my butt cheeks and start to dry hump me as I felt his dick getting harder, felt his dick sliding and rubbing through between my butt cheeks, but soon just like before I felt him stop, open my butt cheeks and felt his dick all wet and slippery, poking my ass and forcing it in me and I just felt my ass slowly opening easily, as he slowly pushed it in with bit of pain of discomfort that I could manage, and after it got a bit of it in, he just grabbed my waist, moved a bit closer and start to hump me again, and thrusting his dick deeper and with each thrust, and when it about all in, he held tight my waist and went on fucking me.

All I could do is feel him doing it, him inside moving back and forward as he held me, to sometimes would feel him groping my legs and butt, my leg that was on top was bent since it is how I am used to sleeping, I feel him holding it as he was fucking me and pushing it so it got even more bent, and went on going faster and soon again he stopped felt him pull out, but this time he didn’t push me, he sat on my leg that was straight and opened my butt cheeks and shoved his dick inside me again, that I had to hold my breath, and held my other leg and started going faster and faster that was making bit of noise again of his waist hitting my butt, but he went on going faster and faster soon I could hear him starting to deep breath, he soon pulled my leg so I was again facing down with both my legs straight together, held on my waist and butt tight started going as fast as he can, breathing deeper and deeper to suddenly he was holding me tight he pulled me down and thrusted balls deep very strongly making noise again, and repeated that going a bit slower and slower, to the point he again stopped balls deep and groped my butt and pushed it open few times as he still trembled a bit as he pulsated slowly and then just fell on my back and kept humping slowly as he was recovering his breath, and could feel his dick getting smaller and softer, and soon he pulled out, felt he was bit sweaty as he was getting up, he again just pulled my underwear back into place covered me and went to bed and I couldn’t sleep, just kept thinking about it over and over in my head.

Next day again he acted like always and I did the same, I acted like nothing happened but I could not get my mind about what was happening, I was way tired because I didn’t get much sleep, but same time I wasn’t sleepy, everytime I looked at him it was all I could think of and didn’t really care about what was happening around me or what they were saying to me that day, just couldn’t get my head to think of something else, I felt like I was going to have a crisis again, I hadn’t taking my meds in few days and might give me side effects, I can’t suddenly stop taking them, and since I felt like having a crisis again, I went back to taking them, and I got way better again, slept well, but almost every day I’d wake up with my butt sticky, and I knew that he had fucked me again.

After a while it happening, I started to hit that stage in puberty that I would get hard so easily, and every morning I wake up, feel my underwear stuck in my sticky butt, I’d think about what happened and I’d get hard, I don’t know why but thinking of would get me hard, sound crazy but the thought of him using me at night made me hard to the point I’d jerk off in the bathroom thinking about it, so when I was almost 13, I again started to sometimes not take my meds, and went back to feeling him do it, and after a while like this, got to the day he noticed I woke up.

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  • Reply Jeff ID:1eo4qsxevgbr

    Fantastic story and got me rock hard. It reminded me of when my uncle used me at night. Looking forward to the next edition.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1duhgz16vgco

    What a perfect little slut

    • Vir Khanna ID:1e0j1yahmg91

      This is such a Eureka moment for me. Thanks for sharing your story. This is such a good way to train girls and fags. Rape can be eliminated from the world.
      Train them while they’re drugged up, they get used to the dick, then do it when they are sober. They will enjoy it too.
      Andre, my respects to you. Even the stepmom for enabling him.

  • Reply Greasemagnet ID:1bfepuyz6ib

    Post more please,a lot more.
    I.loved reading about you getting raped night after night.