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BLM Rioter beat the shit out of me(F26)

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During the 2020 BLM riots they beat the shit out of me and my BF in our own shop

It has been 2 years, I still shake when I think of that evening. I’m Bella (26yrs), and we used to live in New York. My BF(32 yrs) and I won a small building at the corner of the street. It was not a very popular street and usually has homeless people and of course black drugged-up people. The building is on a 600sfqt area with a shop on the ground floor and a studio apartment on top of it. It was handed down by his parents. We both run the pawn shop below and try to make the ends meet.

During the 2020 BLM riots, everything was so charged up. It was so unpredictable. Since there was a lockdown for all white people we were not able to leave NY in time and our family also couldn’t visit us. The business was also down. We both we were liberals’ but not very politically involved. We thought this ain’t going to affect us. I was wrong. After a month of lockdown, we started to open our store discretely and help out other neighborhood families, as well as they, were selling their stuff to buy food.
One evening around 5 pm, I heard loud BLM chants on the street. I looked out the window and saw some black people.
“Honey, I think we should shut the shop down, these assholes are coming to this area, not sure what they are going to steal.”
“Ok, Hurry up, I’m locking the back door,” He said.
I jumped over the counter and went out to bring the sign boards inside. By that time the rioters had reached in front of the shop and walked past us. I was just about to hook the shutters and bring them down when a rioter screamed. “White ass Bitch, closing the shop and hiding thinking she need not pay for her ancestors.”
He grabbed my hands and pulled me out.
“Guys, guys, let me go, I am all for your cause. Please let me go” I said with a nervous smile and he kept dragging in into the crowd.
Most of the group kept walking only 6 men and 2 women stayed behind holding me in a circle.
“Why are you so afraid bitch? You know it’s time to pay, don’t you bitch?” A woman hit in my gut and spit on my face, all the while holding my blonde hair. I was not a huge girl. I was 5′ slim with 28D boobs and a normal ass. I was wearing a white shirt and Jeans shorts. No bra. When the other woman saw this woman hit, she came behind me and kicked my ass. The first woman pulled my hair down and was shoving me to the payment. I screamed in pain.
Hearing this my husband ran out with a baseball bat and started to swing around to clear the crowd. He missed every time. One black dude, 6’3″ caught the bat and punched him in his face. It was so hard that my husband was knocked out. They didn’t stop and kept kicking him. Seeing this the women started to bash my head and kick me in my abdomen. I was trying to cover my face and get my hair back from that woman. They tore my shirt and punched my ribs and boobs as I lay in a fetal position with my eyes closed. One of the black guys picked me up and with a choke hold pinned me to the glass door of the shop.
“Your husband tried to kill us, you white trash.” He said.
Both hands were trying to make his one-hand grip lose but in vain.
With other, she started to hit my boobs repeatedly.
The other two women started to pull off my jeans shorts and red underwear. One of the other men kicked me in the crotch so hard that the glass door shattered and I fell inside.
I was bleeding because of the cuts on my back. Again I was in the fetal position crying, one hand in the air trying to gesture to stop with an open palm. All just entered the shop and ransacked the place. Took whatever they want. In the meantime, those two women kept beating me with their hands and kicking me in my ass and crotch. In desperation, I pulled the metal self of the chips display, close to me to save me, but that resulted in hurting the black fat woman on her legs while she was about to kick my bare ass.

She cried in pain holding her legs. This angered everyone. I knew I was done today.
The dude again held me up, he was his bf I guess. He featured his friends holding my hands and spreading my legs, Now I was like Da Vinci’s sketch of the Vitruvian man. With my legs spread apart and my hands pulled open by the other two.
“So you want to save your pussy from my wife’s kicks, bitch” He said.
I was too much in pain to keep my eyes open, It was all a blur.
With one full swing, he kicked me in my crotch.
It felt like my pussy has ripped apart. Now my eyes were completely open. Before I could even breathe it in. Another kick came from behind. The other guys kicked equally hard. His feet landed perfectly on my pussy lips. They took kicking my pussy and saw, again and again, taking turns. They had so much anger in their eyes for white bitched like me. The other woman was constantly pulling my nipples and making bite marks on my boobs. They kept gathering free stuff as well.

My pussy was bleeding now. But I guess that was not enough. The fat black woman whose legs got hurt was now feeling a little better. She stood up and looked here and there. She saw a novelty knife on display in the checkout counter. She pulled it out and came towards me. I was still being helped all spread open.

She cut my hair randomly to make it ugly. “You think you are pretty, you white, pasty whore?”
Then she pinched my nipple and pulled it as far as she could until I let out a cry. Then she cut it off. I screamed. They all laughed. She held the other one and pulled it. And with a swift stroke, she cut my other nipples too. “You white ass kids do not need to drink their mommy’s white milk,” She said as she threw my nipples in the trash.

Then she went to her knees. She brought the baseball bat lying on the floor close to her. She spits on it and looked at me. Then she tried to shove the thicker side inside my pussy. It was not going in.
“Lizzo spread open that pussy for me.”
Lizzo inserted her fingers inside my pussy, 2, then 3, then 4 then her whole fist, and moved inside out a couple of times. It was painful in the beginning, but it was also arousing.
Then she spread the pussy with her both hands and made way for the baseball bat. With one huge push, the bat was inside me. I scream. The fat woman didn’t stop, she kept looking me in the eye and shoving it deep inside me.
The pussy lips were so spread apart that the color changed to little pink. She held the bat there and took back the knife back in her hands. The bat was so long that it was touching the floor and I was forced to sit on it. She looked at me again. Then she pinched my Clit with one hand. And with other, she cut my clit out.
Blood just oozed out on her face. She started to laugh. Everyone joined.
“Now, sex won’t be the same for you, your white ass, oppressive bitch.”

She pushed me to the floor. With the bat still inside me, I curled and held my clit with my hands. It was very painful.
They just kicked me in my ass and took off with all the stuff.

I cried and called 911. They rushed to the hospital.
I was never the same again.

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  • Reply 🤷‍♂️ ID:3zxjrjpy20k

    Ngl this is something that the blm rioters would’ve actually done frfr

    • penis jimmy ID:3zxjfgbtb0c

      “would’ve” and yet it never happened, crazy. i guess you can just say anything to jerk off your own fox news brain rot

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1fto8yxwhl

    P.S The only part I liked was were they kicked you pussy by spreading your legs apart.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itald4

    Shame on u for posting this bull shit!

  • Reply MIT ID:s49dg0zl

    Love the pic

  • Reply Want More ID:99wekc4z

    Needs a part 2, ells about recovery, reopening the shop, seeing some of the people that hurt you or just watched, you sex life after.

    MORE Please

    • BellaW ID:1fto8yxwhl

      Thanks. Will sure do.

  • Reply Mr shade ID:2xn8vrle20k

    Mmm I loved this story shame they didn’t use your husband to

  • Reply Mr shade ID:2xn8vrle20k

    Dang I jerked to this hard

  • Reply BlackBull23 ID:1fto8yxwhl

    They way you are talking about black people, you deserved, every bit of it. You white trash

    • Mr shade ID:2xn8vrle20k

      They got off easy I think

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    • A ID:fx7itald4

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